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The 3 Best Things to Buy in Amsterdam for Couples

best things to buy in amsterdam colorful tulip flowers


When we visit and enjoy a beautiful place, bringing home a memento of the vacation and the city can be very special for us. A little keepsake, to cherish our memories, something that we can use in our everyday lives or plant in our garden or have intimate connections with, items that speak both of the place and the moments shared there. Amsterdam is so vibrant, full of culture and freedom, what could you buy? Here are my favourite and perfect 3 best things to buy in Amsterdam for couples. 


Things to buy from Amsterdam

Best things to buy in Amsterdam: The traditional Dutch wooden shoes. Photographer: Silvia Trigo


Flowering Love

When you stay in Amsterdam with your loved one, flowers are the ultimate way to express your love, the flowering, the blossoms, flowers are nature’s poetry and a reminder that beauty exists in the world. When we think of love and romance, roses may come to mind. But what about the quintessentially Dutch flower, the Tulip? Brought here from the mountainous regions of Turkey around 400 years ago, this flower has become synonymous with The Netherlands. One way to take them home (or order them if you are travelling at a different time of year) is in bulb form, you can buy them, planting them in September to December for a colourful romantic and magnificent addition to your flower garden or on a pot on your balcony. The places to buy the best quality bulbs are in the Tulip Museum or The Local Flower Market (Not to be confused with Floating Flower Market. Do not buy any Tulips here, The quality is appalling after they did extensive research they found that many tulips were sick and never even blossomed) The Local Flower Market Market is only on open on Mondays  And when they begin to flower in the Spring, you can see Nature’s poetry flourish in your garden, reminding you of a wonderful vacation and city.


Things to buy Amsterdam tulips

The best place to buy quality tulip bulbs is the local flower market. Photographer: Paul Einerhand



Go cycling in Amsterdam

When you visit Amsterdam you will be amazed by the sheer number of cyclists here and I encourage you to join them, hiring a bike and discovering the city and countryside around. Our all-purpose Dutch store, HEMA sells so many different things and is frequented by locals and it also sells bike accessories. Would you like to come home with a lovely ringing bell that reminds you of cycling though the amazing cycle paths here? Take a trip to the HEMA


Best things to buy in Amsterdam

A good book is always one of the best things to buy. Photographer: Donatella D’Anniballe


Free and Safe

Amsterdam is a place that celebrates freedom. The sexual, political and social freedom’s that were first initiated here in the last century heralded a wave of change in our world as a whole. But with all great sexual freedom comes more responsibility and care for others when we have sex or when we make love to not pass on any diseases. Amsterdam has the first and oldest condom shop and has the most fun range of gifts. More a museum than a shop it displays all different forms of condoms and they have some really romantic gifts too. So if you want to walk on the wild side and have some fun together during your visit here, come to the condomerie . Your mind will be blown 🙂


Things to buy from Amsterdam

The oldest condom shop in Amsterdam. Photographer: Inessa Akhmedova

Here you have a map so you can find these places:


Well, I hope you enjoyed my 3 best things to buy in Amsterdam for couples, small, personal and a wonderful memento of your vacation here.


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With Love