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The Best Cheese Store in Amsterdam

Best cheese you can find is in Amsterdam



When you think of the Netherlands you think of green rolling fields and cows, lots and lots of cows 🙂  In the past half of the country was reclaimed from the sea and on that land, not much could grow but lush green grass perfect for grazing cows. These large cows produce milk that makes cheese tasting like no other, creamy light and soft and so incredibly distinctive to this cheese-loving country. So, when you are visiting Amsterdam you might want to pay a visit to a local artisanal cheese maker or store. Where they sell real and authentic local produce where you know the quality is second to none and comes from a farm closeby. Here I’m going to recommend three-cheese stores I love and one to avoid. So let’s dive in to discover the best cheese store in Amsterdam.


The Reypenaar

On the edge of the widest bridge in Amsterdam, sits a charming little store, the Reypenaar. A family-owned business that has been delighting customers with their delicious cheeses for decades, it offers a staggering range of artisan cheeses from light to mature flavours. And if you are drawn to stay a while in their ancient cellar, you can while away an afternoon with a wine and cheese tasting with your lover. Deliciously romantic. 


Amsterdam cheese is the best you can try

The Reypenaar is a local cheese store you should definitely try. Photographer: Stiv


Cheeseshop to Avoid

All around Amsterdam you see hundreds of cheese shops and the most famous one and in my opinion, the one to avoid is Henry Willig. The cheese is good, I admit, but it is a big brand and wouldn’t it be more enjoyable and wonderful to support the local artisans and sellers here? It is a place that caters to visiting tourists and is full of them, which is great, but if you would like to follow a less trodden path here in Amsterdam, avoid Henry Willig. 




When you are in any city or neighbourhood you know that one of the most alive places that hold the true flavour of the city is their local markets and Amsterdam is no exception. The one I particularly love and where I go every Saturday to buy my shopping (as do many other locals) is located on the streets outside the Northern Church. The Noordermarkt small organic market with three, maybe four different artisanal cheese sellers. What a sweet romantic Saturday morning you can enjoy with your loved one there, tasting cheese and bringing home a beautiful memory. 

Amsterdam is full of different and various type of cheese

Trying artisanal cheese can be a memorable experience in your couple. Photographer: Matheus Frade


At Romantic Tour Amsterdam, we focus on creating an ambience alive with a gentle romance on our tours, so perhaps after your visit the market on Saturday morning, you would like to take a canal cruise with us? On an exquisitely intimate boat with bubbles and nibbles, love stories and the splendour of Amsterdam’s canals and architecture you will sink into the beauty of being together here in this marvellous city. You can book or discover more about it here. 



Amsterdam private romantic boat tour

Discover Amsterdam on water on a private romantic tour is always a good idea. Photographer: Ronald Kempff


Farm Cheese


If you are looking to travel outside of the city I recommend that you hire a car and visit the charming Clara Maria. A picturesque farm opened by a couple, The Farmer Dutch and one the Farmers wife American that offers the most scrumptious artisan cheese made on the farm. You can even take a tour there, fill yourselves up with the delicious cheese, the charming location and Dutch farm life. 


Trying various cheese in Amsterdam

Enjoy a sweet weekend with your love by trying local cheese in Amsterdam. Photographer: Filip Mishevski


Thank you for reading my favourite places to buy and devour our distinctive Dutch cheese here in Amsterdam. I hope it enriches your stay here in our charming city and if you would like to know a little more about what I offer you can take a look at all of my tours here. 


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With love