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Marriage Proposal in Flower Garden

Propose in a garden full of Flowers

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A magical flowery scenery for a proposal


Imagine: together with your partner you’re walking through a colourful tulip field. Nobody else is there. The sun is almost setting and a magical golden light is shining over the scenery. It is just you, your partner and an ocean of beautiful tulips. Your partner is unsuspectingly picking the most lovely flowers in her or his favorite colors. You are completely surrounded by thousands of tulips, the Dutch flower of love.

Then, at the moment the sun sets, in the middle of the flowers, you go down on one knee and propose to your partner. Your partner couldn’t be any happier and hugs you while exclaiming a big ‘YES’! A professional photographer is secretly capturing this once in a lifetime moment of joy and love, so you will have images of this special moment to treasure forever. You toast to the moment with a bottle of champagne which you drink in a private picnic place especially decorated for you. You bring the flowers home, they are shining for days making you remember this special life event.


Proposal in Flower Gardens

How will we shape your magical moment?

Is this the perfect way for you to propose to your partner? Then we would be delighted to help you make your proposal a life-lasting memory. We work together with different a qualified flower farms, which provides the perfect surroundings for your proposal. Between half of March and half of May you can find flowers there, and between half of August and half of October Dahlia’s.

Would you like to celebrate your proposal with champagne, a picnic, or remember this moment with the help of everlasting pictures made by a professional photographer? Everything is possible! Below you can find our packages with different possibilities.


Package 1:
Just for Her
A Proposal in the flower fields with a photographer

  • Propose in a Tulip Field
    Depending on the season, you can propose in a garden full of Tulips or Dahlias.
  • Couple Photoshoot in the Flower Fields
    Capture this moment and have pictures to always treasure this moment. More info on the Photoshoot package.

from: € 450,- 

Package 2:
A Moment in Time (Recommended)
Customized to your wishes

  • Private location
  • During certain times we can reserve the entire place for you and your lover.
  • Customized to your Wishes
    A dedicated planner to go over every detail of your proposal with you.
  • Couple Photoshoot in the Flower Fields
    Capture this moment and have pictures to always treasure this moment. More info on the Photoshoot package.
  • Propose during sunrise/sunset
    Imagine proposing with the sunset in the background. (ideal for pictures)
  • Champagne
    Add a Bottle of Champagne to celebrate this special moment. 
  • Create your own bouquet of Flowers
    Walk in the garden and pick your own bouquet. 

from: € 1000,-

Available in Spring and Autumn. Contact us for exact dates. 


Expand your proposal in Flowerfields with our additional options such as:

    • Private Photoshoot
      Photos by a professional photographer. See our different packages here
    • Live music
      Live music, for example a violinist, guitarist, singer or saxophone player many more options. We have a wide range of musicians in our network. 
    • Bouquet of Flowers
      A bouquet of flowers from the local garden. 
    • Champagne
      Bottle of champagne to celebrate this special moment
    • Videoshoot by smartphone
      A simple unedited video of your proposal made by a smartphone. 
    • Professional Videoshoot
      A film of your marriage proposal made by a professional filmmaker specializing in proposals.
    • A private and Romantic Picnic 


If you would like to book, please fill out this form. We will get back to you within 48 hours by email to confirm your booking and discuss how we will shape this beautiful moment exactly to your wishes. Do you have any questions before you want to book? You can always reach out to us at



We are totally in love with creating an experience unique for couples! Please make contact with us with your wishes and budget and we will do all we can to make your dreams a reality.