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Romantic Night Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Experience the Magic of Amsterdam at Night completely Corona-proof

Per Couple

Would you like to do something special in Amsterdam with your lover during Corona?

We are open for tours

Romantic Night Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Would you like to do something special in Amsterdam with your lover? In wintertime days are short and night comes early. When the sun has set thousands of lights are turned on, the gorgeous merchant houses twinkle in darkness, the lights glitter on the world-famous canals, and the city comes alive with nocturnal activity. This gives way to a moment of wonder and romance making it a truly magical place. 

On this Amsterdam night canal tour, we will take you on a little adventure through this intimate landscape. Picture yourself in Amsterdam when the night has fallen. All the bridges light up and you and your loved one sit closely together with a warm glass of mulled wine in your hand and a warmly heated boat.

Our small, comfortable and quiet electric boat will make it feel you are the only ones cruising the Amsterdam canals. Nestle under warm blankets and drift past the impressive 17th-century canal houses, underneath the famous Amsterdam bridges and see how the locals live in their houseboats

While you listen to the sound of the rippling water, your captain and guide shares heartwarming stories. Think of Amsterdam legends and tales of love, and sharing fascinating details about the streets and architecture of this unique city. Often accompanied by a selected song that makes the experience complete. We promise, after your evening canal cruise, we will leave you and your partner set for a cosy night together. And yes, cruising the Amsterdam canals at night is as romantic as it sounds.



Highlights of the Night Canal Cruise through Amsterdam:

  • Thousands of lights
    During the night you see thousands of lights highlighting the many bridges and the iconic canal houses.
  • Seven Bridges
    We sail under the famous Seven Bridges: a spectacular view where you can see 7 bridges lit all at once. 
  • Romantic Stories
    Listen to stories of Love and Romance related to Historical landmarks along the route.
  • Skinny Bridge
    We sail under the Iconic Skinny Bridge lit with hundreds of Lights
  • Smallest House
    See the smallest house in Amsterdam only 180 cm wide.
  • Floating Houseboats
    Take a closer look at the houseboats and discover how they live
  • Shortest Canal
    Sail over Shortest canal of Amsterdam
  • Peaceful Canals
    Discover Amsterdam when it is quiet and peaceful on the canals at night. 


Completely Safe during Corona

The evening boat tour is completely safe during the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic. We have taken the following measures for maximum safety during the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic:

  • The skipper always keeps a minimum distance of 1.5m
  • Disinfectant gel and masks are available onboard. 
  • The boat is disinfected before each private boat tour
  • We fully adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM


Details of Night Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Duration: 50 min. (We recommend a 90 min tour)
Language: English, Spanish and Dutch (inform us before which language you would like?)
Meeting point: Herengracht 124
When: Click on the agenda for availability
Price: For 50 min. (from €59,- per person including national and local taxes)
Max: 2 people on the tour.


Inclusions on the Private Night Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

  • Your romantic Storyteller is also your boat captain
  • Your journey is accompanied by a small bottle of Bubbles
  • Delights for your tastebuds: including local Cheese, Grapes and Crackers and a famous dutch Waffles.
  • A silent small electric boat: with a retractable roof and windows. In spring/summer and with nice weather, the boat is open. In autumn/winter or bad weather, the boat can be fully covered.
  • Blankets and heated seats so you can snuggle with your partner. And heated seats, so we can keep you warm and comfortable at any time. 
  • Especially for winter, we have heating onboard that keeps you nicely warm.


Expand your Evening Canal boat tour with our additional options such as:

  • Add a bottle of Champagne 
  • Extend to a 1.5-hour tour for just a little extra and see the old harbour with the many lights, some of the quieter canals, the full route or the romantic tour, the river T’Ij to see the modern harbour and Amsterdam North.
  • Any special requests you might have.

Read here what we do to prevent our guests from COVID-19

Rocco’s boat tour is a lovely experience

Rocco’s boat tour is a lovely experience. We had just arrived in Amsterdam and this was a great way to see the city at night. Just perfect!

– Lisa Walters, United Kingdom
This tour was even better than we expected

This tour was even better than we expected. Cruising the canals at night is very beautiful. We were offered a warm drink. Great stories were told. It was small and intimate. Would recommend 100%!

– Tara Muzio, Italy
Everything you could wish for!

This tour is everything you could wish for a romantic night in Amsterdam! Just perfect, thank you Rocco!

– Katharina, Germany
My husband and I loved this experience

My husband and I loved this experience. We went after dark (recommended), as the lights on the canals and buildings after dark were very comfy and romantic. Rocco has some pretty cool stories to tell. Super glad we did it.

– Roxanne, United States
My husband and I had a lovely evening on Rocco’s boat tour

My husband and I had a lovely evening on Rocco’s boat tour. It was intimate and we really enjoyed the stories and music along the journey. I’m so happy we did this tour over a large boat tour that was cheaper. Rocco crafted a wonderful night and presented Amsterdam to us in a beautiful light. Thank you, Rocco!

– Carly, United States