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Amsterdam Marriage Proposal

A Magical Surprise in Amsterdam

Basic Package

Inspired by nature within Europe’s most Romantic City

huwelijksaanzoek picknick amsterdam


Your Perfect Moment

What if you could have YOUR perfect moment? That moment where you fall down on one knee and propose to the one you want to marry? Imagining them saying “YES’ in Amsterdam, Europe’s most romantic city!  Surprising your lover with all the little details lovingly considered so that they are in total bliss and delight at the romance and magic of your proposal! An inspired idea, but How do you do all of this in a city that might be unknown to you?

A Magical Surprise 

At Romantic Tour Amsterdam we know very well how challenging it can be to create a proposal memory that lasts a lifetime. One that is a delicious surprise and has all of the elements you could dream of. From our experience we know a proposal can be one of the most anticipated moments in a couples lives. So in resignation of that we are delighted to introduce ‘Amsterdam Proposal’, a one of a kind proposal planning service where you can relax and let us do all of the work for you. Romantic Tour Amsterdam is known for curating gentle and romantic atmospheres and at Amsterdam Proposal we have taken that one step further with elegant, yet rustic styling on our experiences, sumptuous food and drinks, fantastic for insta-friendly lovers. You can choose our starting package or you can let your imagination run wild and we will work with you every step of the way to make your perfect moment become YOUR reality. 

The Best Moment is Now

And, if you choose to visit Amsterdam now, you can be assured you will arrive when the city is at its most exquisitely romantic. Due to corona measures, it has never been so quiet in Amsterdam so you can plan your proposal with us and absorb the romantic atmosphere to the maximum. This unique opportunity to experience the city in silence will never return. Also we will never have to cancel since this experience fits in perfectly within the rules the government has made regarding corona. 

Historical Amsterdam 

And as a setting for these magnificent experiences, we knew that the most treasured backdrop to any proposal story that lasts a lifetime is one set in natural or historic locations in the most romantic city, Amsterdam. We have several locations to choose from in all seasons that can bring your proposal to that place of magic. Here are our selection of sensational locations.

Location options:

  • A quiet spot in one of many Amsterdam’s beautiful parks (incl in our starting package)
  • A tulip garden in Spring
  • A private sunken tropical garden
  • A rooftop filled with lights
  • A dahlia garden in late summer
  • A cozy yurt on a winter’s day
  • Overlooking the canals on a historic Amsterdam Bridge
  • A classical theahouse in a hidden garden
  • Secret wine cellar below a 15th century church

Perfect Proposal Picnic

Imagine you are in one of Amsterdam’s fabulous and romantic parks walking with your loved one, you chance upon some petals on the ground beneath you, you decide to follow and discover an exquisite spot nestled in the trees. There our team has styled and designed the most gorgeously boho inspired proposal picnic. Seasonal flowers, a carpet, cushions, delicious nibbles and bubbles are presented beautifully, inviting you to sit down and dive into the delicious spread. A few minutes into the picnic at a pre-arranged time, one of our team, a professional photographer comes by to capture this once in a lifetime moment of joy and love. Travelling home, you can relive the magical moment with your family and friends relaxing in the knowledge that we have taken care of every detail to ensure your pictures are as memorable as your time in Amsterdam.  


Marriage Proposal packages

Package 1: Boho Stylish
A unique setting with special details for you both.

  • Customized to your Wishes
    A dedicated planner to go over every detail of your proposal with you.
  • Unique Location in an Amsterdam Park
    A romantic location in nature away from the crowds just for you and your lover.
  • Special Boho decorations
    A dried flower arrangement and a boho-inspired styling.
  • Romantic picnic
    Bubbles and delicious local snacks including a cheese plate, strawberries and chocolate.

From € 295, –


Package 2: Especially for Her
(most popular)
Specially created for you in an exclusive private location for extra intimacy.

Everything from basic package 1 and….

  • Private garden or indoor location
    A private location specially chosen for you, look for options above. If you have ideas of your own, contact us.
  • Professional Photographer
    To capture the moment including 25+ Edited Photographs.
  • Short Videos
    Would you like short videos of the experience our photographer will add it.
  • Bouquet of flowers
    Decorate it with an extra Bouquet of Flowers or two to make the pictures really pop.
  • Champagne
    A bottle of champagne to celebrate this special moment.
  • Drinks of your choice
    Indicate what kind of drinks you want and we will make sure that it is ready, e.g. local beers, special wine, non-alcoholic bubbles and/or soft drinks.
  • Food of your choice
    Indicate what you want for the picnic. Think of tasty spreads, luxurious nut mix, local cheese platter and/or special sandwiches.

From € 495, –


Package 3: The sky is the limit
Exclusivity and luxury are central, the sky is literally the limit

Everything from basic package 1 and 2 and….

  • Exclusive private location
    An extra special location eg. Classic tea house in the garden of Waldorf 5 * Hotel or wine cellar.
  • Arrival on a private boat (temporarily not possible due to Corona)
    We take you by boat to the location where the marriage proposal takes place.
  • Dinner in a luxury restaurant of your choice
    Indicate what type of restaurant you are looking for and we will make a selection of restaurants and make the reservation. We can bring you there by boat. Read the blog Restaurants for after a marriage proposal.
  • Special Decoration
    We decorate the place just the way you want, for example by flower decorations, a large heart of rose petals or a room filled wih a thousand candles.
  • Videoshoot
    Movie of your marriage proposal by a professional filmmaker specialized in wedding proposals.
  • Romantic Dinner on a boat 
    Sailing over the canals of Amsterdam while enjoying a private dinner on a boat.
  • Romantic private Canal Tour 
    Discover Amsterdam during an intimate journey along the canals, while listening to tales of Love and discovering romantic highlights.
  • Private photoshoot in the city
    Photos taken by a professional photographer through the picturesque city of Amsterdam.
  • Live music
    Live music while you propose, for example, a violinist or a guitarist (tell us your favourite song for example the song when you first saw each other).
  • Arrival on a private boat
    We take you by boat to the location where the marriage proposal takes place.
  • Dinner in a luxury restaurant of your choice
    Indicate what type of restaurant you are looking for and we will make a selection of restaurants and make the reservation. We can bring you there by boat. Read the blog Restaurants for after a marriage proposal.  

From € 750,- to € 5000,-


A mix of the different elements from the packages is possible. The packages indicate the different options. The most important thing is that we adapt it to your wishes.

We are totally in love with creating an experience unique for couples so please make contact with us with your wishes and budget and we will do all we can to make your dreams a reality. 

Book your expert planner call now. 
Call us on +316 -249 015 52, send an email to: [email protected] or fill in the form below and we will contact you.


Completely Safe during Corona

This proposal package is completely safe during the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic. We have taken the following measures for maximum safety during the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic:

  • The photographer will always keep a minimum distance of 1.5m
  • Relevant surfaces will be disinfected 
  • Facemask will be worn by photographer during photoshoot on request. 
  • We fully adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM

Read here what we do to prevent our guests from COVID-19

Amazing tour!!

I was visiting my girlfriend and took her on the walking tour. Rocco was absolutely amazing and helped me plan a surprise proposal at the end. The night and tour were magical and Rocco has really put in a lot of effort. I would highly recommend these to any couple out there who want to make a day feel magical.

– Leil, Texas United States
Vital to my proposal

Rocco gave us a private tour, made recos, and coordinated with a photographer to make the day unforgettable.

– Mertie, Illinois United States
Wonderful Experience

I had the pleasure of working with Rocco over email to plan a very special evening... proposing to my longtime girlfriend. As we are currently living in California and had never been to Amsterdam, I put a lot of trust in Rocco and he exceeded all of my expectations. Long story short.... she said Yes! And Rocco went above and beyond to make our evening one that we will not soon forget. His delivery, warm ambiance, and attention to detail makes the romantic canal tour one worth taking. Highly recommend! Thank you Rocco!

– San Jose, California United States
Romantic Private tour

I booked the boat to propose to my partner and the experience didn’t disappoint the boat is great very comfortable and modern on the inside. Our Captain Rocco was great very informative and professional throughout. I could go on and on.. but all in all it was great the weather was unforgettable we got it all Rain, thunder and lightning this made the moment even more special and I will definitely be booking again when I return in the summer.

– Derby, United Kingdom
Rocco helped us with the most special night

I cannot recommend Rocco highly enough. When I put the idea of proposing to my girlfriend back in January, he called me up and spent half an hour going over with me how to make the experience as special as possible. He carried out the plan perfectly, with food, drinks and music to match the night, as I popped the questions and my partner said Yes! He was happy to take pictures and relay stories of Amsterdam to us throughout, which made the night even more memorable... Do not hesitate to book, you won't regret it.

– Joe N, United States
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