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The 5 Craziest Things to Do in Amsterdam

craziest things to do in Amsterdam


When you are visiting a city like Amsterdam as a couple, filled with beauty, charm and romance, of course that is perhaps your first idea for things to do, but what if you were to do some crazy, fun and unusual things? Activities that bring you together through laughter or by exploring the city and your minds in a unique and novel way all the while discovering each other all over again on your trip? Sounds like fun right? Here is my blog: The 5 craziest things to do in Amsterdam


Plastic Whale Amsterdam

The plastic crisis is a planetary one and Amsterdam’s canals are no exception. Plastic Whale have found a solution, a tour on the canals where you go plastic fishing! If you would like to find out more check out the website of Plastic Whale


Micro Magic

Microcopia is a museum devoted to displaying the weird world of microorganisms. Did you know when you kiss you exchange thousands of microorganisms? Check it out the  Microcopia Museum


Dine in the Dark


ctaste blindfolded to restaurant in amsterdam

Ctaste is a Dinner completely in the Dark you are served by blind people


What would it be like to eat in total darkness? With only your other senses to guide you? Imagine yourself there together in the dark at CTaste, where you are served by waiters who are blind immersing yourselves in this extraordinary sensorial experience. Deliciously weird and wonderful. 


Tea Time in Smallest House
high tea in smallest house of Amsterdam

Have a Tea with your lover in the smallest house of Amsterdam

What about having high tea in the smallest house in Amsterdam? Cute and quirky and a little bit romantic, the Smallest House is a tiny tea shop right in the heart of the city. 

Take a Peek Inside

Hundreds of houseboats decorate the canals of Amsterdam. The Houseboat Museum is the only museum of it’s kind that celebrates and illuminates what it is actually like living on a houseboat. 



I hope these crazy things to do in Amsterdam have inspired you to take a trip here and take a walk on the wild side with these fun, unusual and delightful activities.