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20+ Things to do at Night in Amsterdam as a couple

things to do at night in amsterdam

So you are with your loved one in Amsterdam for the weekend and you’re looking for things to do at night in Amsterdam. Perhaps you didn’t know that in Amsterdam, as the sun sets and the lights come on, twinkling on the shimmering canals, the city truly comes alive. A magical landscape of romance, culture, and enjoyment, there are so many amazing locations and activities to delight in with your loved one. Here are lots of inspirations with some of the best things to do at night in Amsterdam.


date night in amsterdam

Christmas lights in Amsterdam


See Amsterdam from the Sky on your date night

How to start your date night well in Amsterdam, If you are looking to create an atmospheric and special night in Amsterdam for your loved one, why not see the city with a birds-eye view? Amsterdam has several rooftop bars, restaurants, and even a club for you to enjoy together. 


Light Up the Amsterdam Sky at Night


date night amsterdam

stunning view of Amsterdam at night from the skylounge


A gorgeous rooftop bar and restaurant in central Amsterdam is Luminair. Close to the central station. It has a roof to ceiling windows and an outside terrace to relish the views over the water and the lights on St Nicholas Church. A date that promises to be full of love, with flavors of history, beautiful architecture, and light. 


Light Sculptures in the winter

During the Winter nights, the whole city will be lit up with Christmas lights. Below is a map with all the Lights and Licht Sculptures in and around Amsterdam during Winter.


See Amsterdam at night with locals

An amazing and inspiring place to visit in the eastern part of Amsterdam, Canvas is a must for those looking for a romantic evening together away from tourists. In this building is a rooftop terrace and restaurant, a hotel, it has events, exhibitions, yoga, hot tubs, movies, and club nights. An amazing way for lovers to discover Amsterdam at Night with locals together. 


Soak in the Amsterdam at Night


amsterdam evening canals

Amsterdam canals in the evening


Get cozy together in the middle of the city at the glamorous W Lounge rooftop bar, with a pool. Inside a luxury hotel with lovely intimate areas to cuddle up after your romantic swim and savor your Amsterdam night together

w amsterdam hotel night

w hotel amsterdam


Daring to Soar on your Amsterdam Night


things to do in amsterdam at night

things to do in Amsterdam at night


For those couples looking for a little daring adventure on their date, why not visit the Adam Lookout? The highest of the picks boasting a 360-degree view AND “over the edge” Europe’s highest swing, you can see the city and each other in a totally new way. Afterward, or for those enjoying more stability underfoot, the spectacular Moon, a slowly revolving = restaurant with 360-degree panoramic views, will be a magical night in your Amsterdam date night.


Romantic private evening canal tour in Amsterdam

Picture this, you are floating down the canals at night, snuggled up with your loved one. All you can hear are the sounds of the water and all around are lights on the bridges and the majestic 17th-century buildings. As you pass under the Seven Bridges of lvoe, you look into each other’s eyes and fall in love a little more. 


Romantic two nights break to Amsterdam

romantic night on the canals of Amsterdam

We offer private tours, just for you and your lover. Amsterdam when the sun has set is truly magical with the lights on the bridges and reflected in the water. A must-do is sailing over the canals and if you want it to be romantic do it at night. Especially for those looking to share a gentle, intimate journey. We offer two different tours in the evening a full 90 min private tour with all the stories and more time to soak in the stunning canals and a 50 min tour for those with less budget but still want the magical experience. 

Light Festival in Amsterdam

From the 3oth of November 2023 till the 21st of January 2024 there is the Annual Light festival in Amsterdam. During these winter nights, there is more excitement in Amsterdam’s center than you might expect. For a brief time during the winter season, the breathtaking landscape of the historic city center is transformed by over 20 light installations scattered across the canals just waiting to be discovered. The theme this year is LOADING… Revealing Art, AI, and Tech. How do technology and artificial intelligence (AI) affect our everyday lives? All artists were asked to create an artwork around this idea. We organise a Light ‌Festival‌ ‌Boat‌ ‌Tour‌ to help bridge the gap between you and the art itself. The background of the pieces will be presented to you featuring unique insights. You can join on a private tour or join our small grouptour with other guests up to max. 10 people.


light festival boat amsterdam

light festival boat amsterdam


couple kissing each other wedding ring amsterdam


Perhaps you feel inspired to propose in this way? I would love to guide you through this process with our team we create wonderful marriage proposals in Amsterdam just for you and your lover on the magnificent canals of Amsterdam. Seeing Amsterdam at night from the canals will not leave you disappointed.


Here is a short impression from the private boat at night in Amsterdam



Visit a Theatre on the night of Amsterdam
romantic theatre in amsterdam at night kopie

romantic theatre in amsterdam at night


A theatre is a place full of magic, you enter and merge into another world, leaving the ordinary reality behind, and discovering new things about yourself and as a couple perhaps along the way. My background is in theatre and it is a place I always felt inspired by and I would love to share this inspiration with you. One of my personal favorite things to do at night in Amsterdam.


Art Deco Wonder during your evening in Amsterdam


date night in amsterdam tuschinky

date night in Amsterdam in tuschinky


A dazzling Art Deco movie theatre, Tuschinki Movie Theatre is a must for a romantic date night in Amsterdam. If you make a reservation you can even sit together in a ‘love seat’. A chair built for two, with no armrests, perfect to cuddle up and be transported. a very romantic thing to do in Amsterdam at night. Tuschinki was voted by Time Out Magazine as one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world in 2021. I think it is the most romantic cinema in the world. So this should be on top of your list of things to do at night in Amsterdam.


See a dance performance at night in Amsterdam

For those of you who are lovers of ballet and opera, this is an opportunity to see performances in one of the biggest stages in the country. I performed there as a dancer and I recommend this if you are looking for something purely romantic on your night in Amsterdam. Check out their program National Ballet and Opera.


Another great theatre


theatre amsterdam romantic

international theatre amsterdam

An inspirational venue for theatre and dance, the Amsterdam International Theatre hosts from large performances to the very intimate. A great place to be and enjoy your passion for the performing arts and the romance of the location. 


Sounds of Love from one of the best Concertshall in the world

Would you like to be inspired with your partner listening to the best classical music Amsterdam has to offer on your Amsterdam date night? The Concert Hall is the main classical music theatre in the city and has many different performances running at any one time. It is famous for its beautiful acoustics and for classical music lovers one of the best things to do at night in Amsterdam. 


Take a Night walk by the canals of Amsterdam


night in amsterdam

stroll by that canals at night in Amsterdam


As I’ve said, Amsterdam at night is quite breathtaking. Why don’t you take a stroll walking hand in hand through the stunning and atmospheric streets of the Grachtengordel ‘canal belt’? Created originally in medieval times this is a subtle and intimate landscape. With the lights over the canal bridges in the evenings and the open curtains and lit-up rooms of people’s homes, you are given an up-close and personal snapshot of the locals and life in this beautiful city.


To inspire you and show you how romantic and magical Amsterdam is at night here a short video:


Comedy Nights in Amsterdam

Some might say laughter is the way to your heart and laughing together, listening to funny stories creates a wonderful light-hearted joy on your romantic weekend together. Here are some fantastic venues where you can giggle your way to fond memories of your time in Amsterdam at Night.


Laughter is the Food of the Heart


date night in amsterdam

Comedy date night in Amsterdam


Comedy Cafe is a venue with international shows four nights a week, check out the link for more information on who is performing. You can also enjoy food and cocktails there too and if you go there, say hello to my friend Arthur as he is doing the technique for most of the shows. They have English-speaking performances almost every night in Amsterdam.


Homegrown Amsterdam Comedy

A homegrown comedy collective, Comedy Embassy features comedians from all over the world and in several locations around the city. Some of the local comedians are also tour guides by day, including my friend Tim, one of the creators of the group. Perfect for a playful date night in Amsterdam


Local Stories

Not only a comedy venue, but Mezrab is also an amazing location for storytelling, dance, and music events. A little out of the center of the city, but if you are looking for a memorable evening filled with laughter, story, and romance that is a hub for locals, look no further. One of the fun things to do at night in Amsterdam.


Live Music in Amsterdam on your date night


music night in amsterdam couple

music night in amsterdam

As Shakespeare said, “If music is the food of love – play on”. Music goes hand in hand with romance and life music especially so. If the venue is picturesque and enchanting, or intimate then you are sure to have an Amsterdam night full of beauty and memories. I’ve selected for you three possibilities that offer something unique and special for couples.   


Houseboat Heaven

A magical live music venue Hidden Concert in a Houseboat created, curated, and performed by my friend Dean. With a maximum of 35 guests and you can reach with a free ferry from the central train station. It is set on a houseboat, you can spend a romantic night listening to amazing musicians local and international, gazing into each other’s eyes, transported into the gorgeous sounds. When I went here I simply loved everything about it and this one is high on my list of things to do at night in Amsterdam.


What to do in Amsterdam at Night hoaseboat concert in Amsterdam

intimate houseboat concerts


Secret Concerts

Sofar Sounds create secret live music gatherings all over the world. They bring international musicians into intimate locations in Amsterdam and they aim to bring people together to hear the very best new music. Perfect for those looking for well-known artists playing for smaller audiences or to find new undiscovered talent to inspire you on your weekend getaway in Amsterdam.


Heart Warming

HeartFire Concerts promote concerts that inspire and uplift the heart. With musicians performing from all over the world with a focus on love and upliftment in stunning venues around Amsterdam.


Cocktail Night in Amsterdam


cocktails in Amsterdam on your date night in Amsterdam


Amsterdam offers a delicious array of cocktail bars around the city. With dreamy and glamorous buildings and decor, you can soak in the Amsterdam nightlife with a cocktail or two on your date. 


Color and Cocktails



The Bluespoon restaurant and bar, situated in the Andaz Hotel is a delightful and quirky spot, serving award-winning cocktails. 


A place for lovers of Cocktails


tastinga cocktail is a wonderful date night out in Amsterdam

enjoy a cocktail at night in Amsterdam


This is a great place, Labyrinth is loved by locals. I know the owners and they are so passionate about what they do. Inspired by Afro-Caribbean flavors, the cocktails are created in-house and also have food and poetry evenings. It is close to the Vondelpark and it is a must when visiting Amsterdam for a romantic getaway, a real gem and for sure a must thing to do at night in Amsterdam for cocktail lovers. 


Inspired Design

Hotel 27 is an inspiring and glamorous location with gorgeous decoration, furniture, and design. A new hotel on Dam Square, the very center of the city, with lovely cocktails and a date night to remember.


Small and Perfect

A must for couples, the Jordaan is the most well-known area of the city, with bars, shops, and restaurants, this bar is one of the most beautiful, Cafe-T-Smalle is a delightful cafe next to the canal, a place to watch the world go by with your loved one. If you are sitting on their terrace by the water have a look near the edge of the water and you see a small sign on the floor that says “we fell in love here”. Love is created everywhere in Amsterdam. 


Discover the Red Light District 


red light district at night in amsterdam

red light district at night in Amsterdam


Not the most romantic date tip, but if you are intrigued by the famous red-light district and have a leaning to spice up your relationship some of the women are open to couples if you go to them. Also, there is the famous Casa Rosso, an erotic theatre that has been running live sex shows for over 50 years. This is a must thing to do for the more adventurous couples visiting Amsterdam at night. 


Museum Night Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam at Night

picture by: Frans Ruiter


There is an abundance of amazing art and culture in Amsterdam and it has the most amount of museums per capita than any other city. Many of them are open in the evenings and might be just the thing to do at night in Amsterdam for your special date. 

Dance together at Vincent Van Gogh on Friday evenings, with DJs, creative talents, and the art of this extraordinary artist. 

Both the Stedelijk Contemporary Art Museum, Amsterdam’s hub of contemporary art has sometimes activities in the evening check out their website for up-to-date information. and the EYE film museum and cinema are open until 10 pm. Wonderful for couples who like to take a late evening stroll around the artworks, or to see an arthouse film.


eye museum amsterdam



Nighttime walk at the zoo


a bird sitting on top of a body of water

Visiting the Zoo at night


If you are an animal lover and can picture yourself walking together on a summer’s evening with your loved one, then you will be happy to know that the Amsterdam Zoo is open on Saturday evenings until 10 pm. 

These are some of my best things to do at night in Amsterdam for couples. I hope they are helpful to you and they enhanced your stay in this most romantic city. I hope through these tips that your time together has been enriched by my local knowledge and passion for romance and Amsterdam. Do let me know what you think?

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With love from Amsterdam at Night