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Amsterdam is a great Romantic getaway


Hey, I’m Rocco – nice to meet you! My passion is helping curious travellers to visit Amsterdam with fresh eyes

If you’re seeking an Amsterdam sightseeing experience that lies above the standard tourist script, my tours are for you. Are you open to discovering different ways of seeing the city? Meeting a true local? Finding beauty in unexpected places? Then come with me and learn why more than 4000 travelers went before you and let’s explore these magical streets together!

I draw on my experience as an artist and dancer to choreograph creative, intimate tours that transform the pavement into a stage and reveal stories behind every stone.

I see travel from every angle. I was born in The Netherlands and have danced and choreographed my way around the world while having lived in 3 countries and travelled to over 25 countries! Upon returning to Amsterdam, I fell in love with it all over again. For the past 5 years, I have directed my passion into guiding. I bring my own cultural experiences to my guiding work. I draw on my experience as an artist and dancer to choreograph creative, intimate tours of Amsterdam that transform the pavement into a stage and reveal stories behind every stone. Amsterdam is not only my home, it’s the city I love deeply, and in the 7 years I’ve lived here I’ve studied it in depth. Visit Amsterdam and discover these places with me.

Love and art are at the centre of everything I do. I’m driven by my deep love for Amsterdam, simply one of the most special places I’ve ever been.

This city is a playground for anyone with an aesthetic bend, with centuries’ worth of creative energy spread in every corner. It has a unique power to move people; but to feel its full force, you need an imaginative approach and a lot of insider knowledge. Some of the places to visit in Amsterdam are simply hard to find. Even for locals. That’s where I can help. My goal is for you to leave my  Amsterdam sightseeing tours with your heart beating a little faster.


Do you want to know why Daily Mail considered the Romantic Walking Tour one of the best things to do in Amsterdam! Read more here.

I believe tourism can have a heart. But I know how impersonal and unrewarding large-scale tourism can be. That’s why I offer a spontaneous, authentic, intimate, and artistic form of guiding building a relationship with you as a traveller. I don’t want you to see the city. I aim to make you feel the city.

It would be a pleasure to visit Amsterdam with you and discover some of the must see places to visit in Amsterdam, but don’t believe me read why we are n.5 of Top things to do in Amsterdam on Tripadvisor

My passion is to let curious travellers feel the magic of Amsterdam. I believe Amsterdam is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Come with me, Visit Amsterdam as you’ve never seen it. Let’s start exploring these magical streets together!



linda romantic tour amsterdam

Hello! My name is Linda.

In 2023, I joined the Romantic Tour Amsterdam team. I am so happy to be part of the team as I can use my unique broad range of knowledge specialising in management and operations. In addition, like my colleagues, I am also creative and have been a commercial photographer for many years.

I was born and bred in New Zealand, and like the majority of Kiwis, I have always been curious about the world. I have travelled around the globe and visited over 50 countries. I have lived in 5 cities and 2 countries before moving to The Netherlands. My obsession with travelling led me to my calling. I went to Amsterdam for the first time in 2017. I instantly loved it. My first impression of Amsterdam was that it was a very romantic city. Romance follows you everywhere from the abundance of flowers, narrow picturesque streets and the beautiful surroundings in general. I was mesmerised by this city. It was difficult to overlook the plentiful canals and city fairy lights that line the streets.

Along the way, amongst the charming city, you have striking architecture and an in-depth, rich history to explore. There is something incredibly captivating about Amsterdam and I’m very pleased to call it my home after moving in late 2019. Amsterdam is a vibrant, magical and romantic city that offers something for everyone to enjoy.

I am pleased to be part of the proposal planning team. I am excited to help you create the most magical proposal for your partner. Please feel free to email me anytime and we can discuss how I help you further.

With love,


Hello, My name is Valentijn Dirk, but most people call me Dirk.


I am pleased to introduce myself as one of the skippers at Romantic Tour Amsterdam. I was born and raised in beautiful Amsterdam. I worked in the IT industry up until I met Rocco in 2022. At that moment, my career changed and I became part of the Romantic Tour Amsterdam team.


Amsterdam is such a romantic city as it is well-preserved and has an abundant history which displays itself unapologetically when you wander through the city. This is also one of the reasons why I love sharing this experience and my knowledge of Amsterdam with our guests.


One of the many things that I love about being a skipper is meeting our guests.  From local Amsterdammers to guests who have traveled from the other side of the world.


I look forward to meeting your and sailing together over the canals of the calming waters of Amsterdam. I can’t wait to give you a warm welcome on board and show you the beautiful city where I was born and raised.


With Love Valentijn Dirk

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