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Romantic Tour Amsterdam

Canal & Walking tours & Marriage proposal

Book A Romantic Boat Tour

Looking for a more personal way to visit Amsterdam? Discover the romance of Amsterdam’s iconic canal district on an intimate small boat tour. Experience the completely private original 90-minute trip!

FROM € 290,-

Romantic private bout tour in Amsterdam a man and woman almost kissing
romantic canal proposal in Amsterdam

Romantic Marriage Proposal Canal Tour

Are you looking for a unique way to propose to the one you love?
Picture this… You and your partner are snuggled together. The sound of water lapping softly against the sides of the boat as we drift beneath Amsterdam’s iconic bridges and past its magnificent 17th-century canal houses. Suddenly you drop on your knee and ask her to marry you. She is overcome with surprise and full of emotions, she looks into your eyes and says… “YES”!

From €235

About Me

Hey, I’m Rocco – nice to meet you! My passion is helping curious travellers to visit Amsterdam  with fresh eyes.

If you’re seeking an Amsterdam experience that lies above the standard tourist script, Romantic Tour Amsterdam is for you. Are you open to discovering different ways of seeing the city? Meeting a true local? Finding beauty in unexpected places? Then let’s start exploring these magical streets together. Visit the city with Romantic Tour Amsterdam and you will see it like you’ll have never seen it before.

I was born in The Netherlands and have danced and choreographed my way around the world. Upon returning to Amsterdam, I fell in love with it all over again. Now I draw on my experience as an artist and dancer to make creative, intimate tours that transform the city into a stage and reveal all the fascinating stories.

These days I do the tours of Romantic Tour Amsterdam together with my friend and colleague tour guide Monique -originally a writer, with a great sense for romance. We hope to see you soon!


Why choose our Romantic Amsterdam tours?

Mention “Amsterdam” anywhere in the world and people immediately think of drugs, Heineken and the Red Light District. Few are aware that the city actually harbours a wealth of secret places and romantic tales, all awaiting discovery by curious travellers like yourself.

On our tours at Romantic Tour Amsterdam, you can discover a more intimate side of the city. We travel beyond the familiar sites and allow you to experience the city in a more personal way.

You’ll find that the soul of Amsterdam lives in the city’s peaceful, hidden corners. We believe it is a truly enchanting place, and we share some of Amsterdam’s most captivating stories during our canal and walking tours.

Our Romantic Boat Tour Amsterdam is ideal for couples looking for a more personal way to discover Amsterdam than is possible with standard group tours. It’s also perfect for your honeymoon or even a marriage proposal!

Our romantic canal tours are sure to make your visit to Amsterdam unforgettable.

Give the Gift of Romance on and book a tour with Romantic Tour Amsterdam

Top-Rated Tours in Amsterdam

You won't be disappointed

"My wife and I went to Amsterdam for a few days to get away from all the noise and reconnect. This romantic canal boat ride was just what we were looking for." Thank you so much Romantic Tour Amstedam.

– James and CarolIne, U.S.A
Very relaxing

"This experience was so much more personal, peaceful and intimate. The host of Romantic Tour Amsterdam was really positive and made us see Amsterdam in a different light."

– Audrey and John U.S.A.
Love was in the air!

"We really loved this romantic tour a small boat! by Romantic Tour Amsterdam, Good company, an excellent host, great atmosphere, nice treats and drinks and some love songs made an intimate setting."

– Stacey and Jim U.K.
Amazing experience

"The views are wonderful, but the efforts of Rocco for making you feel comfortable and in romance mood are outstanding." THANK YOU ROMANTIC TOUR AMSTERDAM

– Paul and Karoline Germany

"I contacted Rocco to plan a very special evening... proposing to my longtime girlfriend. He exceeded all of my expectations. Long story short... she said Yes!" Great service Romantic Tour Amsterdam

– Eva and Tim U.K.

Plan your trip to Romantic Amsterdam with our Free E-book

Our free e-book “Your Romantic Trip to Amsterdam” contains highlights, tips and our favourite romantic things to do in Amsterdam. Get it now!

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