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What a tour!

“If you want to experience something totally different, go with Rocco!”

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Very different!

“It's for people who want to see other places than the usual ones that are described in every guidebook”

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“Rocco is a wonderful guide , who does his job with lot´s of passion…. Wonderful!!!!”

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Love is attention and devotion

“And Rocco breathes and exhibits both in this most romantic of tours.”

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“I’ve been in Amsterdam for 15 years and I know it pretty well, but thanks to the tour I looked at it with new eyes.”

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Visit Amsterdam with this intimate journey of discovery along the canals as the city winds down and reveals itself at its most alluring. This voyage is ideal for couples looking for a more personal way to discover the city than is possible with standard group tours.

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About Me

Hey, I’m Rocco – nice to meet you! My passion is helping curious travellers to visit Amsterdam  with fresh eyes.

If you’re seeking an Amsterdam experience that lies above the standard tourist script, my  tours are for you. Are you open to discovering different ways of seeing the city? Meeting a true local? Finding beauty in unexpected places? Then come with me, and let’s start exploring these magical streets together! Visit Amsterdam like you never seen it before.

I draw on my experience as an artist and dancer to choreograph creative, intimate tours that transform the pavement into a stage and reveal stories behind every stone. I see travel from every angle.

I was born in The Netherlands and have danced and choreographed my way around the world, while having lived in three countries and travelled to over 25 countries! Upon returning to Amsterdam, I fell in love with it all over again. For the past four years, I have directed my passion into guiding. Let’s visit Amsterdam together!

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Mention “Amsterdam” anywhere in the world and people immediately think of drugs, Heineken and the red light district. Few are aware that the city harbours a wealth of romantic tales and secret places, all awaiting discovery by curious travelers like yourself.

The best way to visit Amsterdam is either by foot or boat. Join us on a stroll or cruise through these pockets of stillness, and learn about the rich history, art and stories that remind us of our shared need for love.