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Private Romantic Evening Canal Cruise – Original 90 min. Experience

Private Tour for 2 people
Every additional person

Immerse yourself in the nightly atmosphere of Amsterdam on a romantic evening canal cruise with your partner. Join the full original 90-minute experience!

Romantic Private Evening Canal Cruise – Original 90 min. Experience


Evening in Amsterdam. You are together with your special someone on a private evening canal cruise sailing through the city’s iconic historic centre. The day is coming to an end but for you two an adventure is about to begin. You are welcomed on board by your private guide who shares with you a selection of romantic stories and music designed to pull on your heartstrings. The history of Amsterdam revealed from a unique angle. Surrounded by hundreds of lights, glowing through crooked windows and sparkling on the water, you feel the nocturnal side of the city. A journey the two of you will cherish forever.

Although famous for it’s exciting nightlife, this evening canal cruise aims to immerse you in the tranquility of Amsterdam’s canal district. Your guide takes you on a trip through the smaller, more intimate areas of the city on a silent electric boat.

Whatever the occasion, the private Romantic evening canal cruise is the suitable choice for those looking for a special way to enjoy Amsterdam’s canal district at night. Are you celebrating an anniversary? Are you on your honeymoon? Are you visiting the city and looking for an evening canal cruise specifically for couples? Or are you looking for a way to spice up your date? Look no further!

This 90-minute evening canal cruise is the original version of the Romantic Tour Amsterdam. The full 1 and a half hours allows you to sink fully into the stories and music presented by your guide. Experience more than what is featured in the shorter 50-minute version. Hear all stories and visit all locations including the old harbour, the Seven Love Bridges and the last defence tower of the city’s old border. Book our highest rated tour in the evening hours when Amsterdam is at its finest!

Highlights of the Private Evening Canal Cruise Amsterdam

  • Tales of Romance
    Featuring the full set of stories from the original 90-minute tour. 
  • The Medieval Harbour and the Last Defense Tower
    Learn the bitter-sweet love story of the last remaining defence tower of Amsterdam’s historic centre and get an open view of where the old harbour once was.
  • Historic Drawbridge
    Visit the location which inspired the famous artist Monet to paint one of the most iconic paintings set in Amsterdam.
  • Bridges of Love
    Get a breathtaking view of all Seven Bridges of Love and find out what the legends say happens if you sail under all of them.
  • Skinny Bridge
    See this iconic wooden bridge light up at night as you sail the Amstel river.
  • Traditional Houseboats and Tiniest House
    See the creative ways Amsterdammers build their homes and learn about life on a traditional houseboat.
  • The Smallest and Quietest Canals
    Sail the shortest canal and find your way in the more private corners of the canal district, including a spot from a famous film.

    Inclusions on the Private Evening Canal Cruise Amsterdam

    • An experienced guide with a passion for the hidden and the romantic, who is also your captain.
    • This is a private tour, with only you and the captain on board.
    • Enjoy the night spectacle with a refreshing small bottle of Prosecco.
    • Have a snack with your drink, featuring quality local cheese, grapes, and crackers.
    • The roofs and windows can be taken off when the weather is good and closed when it rains, adapting our silent eco-friendly electric boat for all weather conditions.
    • Blankets and heated seats so you can snuggle with your partner.
    • Especially for winter, we have electric heating onboard that keeps you nicely warm.


    Make your Evening Canal Cruise Amsterdam special with optional extras:
    • Bouquet of 11 red roses: €45,-
    • A big bottle of Prosecco: €29,-
    • 750ml Champagne Boucche Pere Et Fils – Cuvee Reservee brut: €54,-  (a small bottle is also possible)
    • 750ml Champagne Veuve Cliquot Brut: €89,- (a small bottle is also possible)
    • 10 Polaroid pictures: €40,- (per polaroid  is €4,50 )
    Details of the Private Evening Canal Cruise Amsterdam
    • Duration: 90 minutes. Get even more from your time on the canals by extending to 2 hours.
    • Language: English or Dutch. Please inform us which language you prefer in advance. On request Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish are also possible.
    • Meeting point: Herengracht 124
    • Custom pick-up location: Your guide can pick you up at a requested location for an extra price. The location must have a safe docking spot.
    • Time slots: Please see the online calendar for the latest available spots. If unsure, send us an e-mail.
    • Price: Please see the online calendar.
    • Capacity: This boat tour is for 2 guests if you like to come with more people contact us for options.


    Do you still have questions? Click here to see our FAQ or to contact us directly.

Rocco’s evening boat tour is a lovely experience

Rocco’s private evening boat tour is a lovely experience. We had just arrived in Amsterdam and this was a great way to see the city at night. Just perfect!

– Lisa Walters, United Kingdom
This private canal tour was even better than we expected

This tour was even better than we expected. Cruising the canals in the evening is very beautiful. We were offered a warm drink. Great stories were told. It was small and intimate. Would recommend 100%!

– Tara Muzio, Italy
Everything you could wish for!

This evening tour is everything you could wish for a romantic night in Amsterdam! Just perfect, thank you Rocco!

– Katharina, Germany
My husband and I loved this experience

My husband and I loved this experience. We went after dark (recommended), as the lights on the canals and buildings after dark were very comfy and romantic. Rocco has some pretty cool stories to tell. Super glad we did it.

– Roxanne, United States
My husband and I had a lovely evening on Rocco’s boat tour

My husband and I had a lovely evening on Rocco’s boat tour in Amsterdam. It was intimate and we really enjoyed the stories and music along the journey. I’m so happy we did this tour over a large boat tour that was cheaper. Rocco crafted a wonderful night and presented Amsterdam to us in a beautiful light. Thank you, Rocco!

– Carly, United States
What will you see on the Evening Canal Cruise Amsterdam?

On this evening canal cruise in Amsterdam lasting 90-minutes you will get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Dutch capital in a special way. When the sun sets the iconic canal district puts on a new look. This evening canal cruise brings you to the top highlights of Amsterdam and provides an exciting narrative showing you why this city is one of the most romantic places in Europe.

A core part of this evening canal cruise of Amsterdam is the combination of special stories and locations not featured on any other boat tour. This is the only tour revealing the secrets of the Seven Bridges of Love, a location hidden in plain sight. An evening canal cruise is also the best way to visit the glorious Amstel river, the river which gave Amsterdam its name and see the famous Skinny Bridge, which at night is lit up with hundreds of lights.

Unlike the shorter version of the evening canal cruise of Amsterdam, the full 90-minute duration allows you to enjoy all stories and locations available on the original Romantic Tour offered before the pandemic. Moreover, on this tour, you can request special features, such as a specific drink or a location you would like to see. Let us know and we can see if this can be arranged!

Why is the Evening Canal Cruise Amsterdam offered?

Amsterdam is special at night and we believe an evening canal cruise is the best way to enjoy its beauty. Romantic Tour Amsterdam is the only organization offering an evening canal cruise which focuses on the romance and intimacy of the canal district. The captain, who will also be your guide, is an expert at showing you the small details which other tours usually omit.

What is included on the Evening Canal Cruise Amsterdam?

The evening canal cruise Amsterdam not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam at night with a refreshing drink and snack on board. The tour features a sparkling big bottle of Prosecco/Cava, some softdrinks and water accompanied by crackers, grapes and some fine Dutch cheese.

The food and drink choices of the evening canal cruise Amsetrdam can be modified to your liking! You can consider expanding with the standard upgrades by adding a small or big bottle of champagne, upgrading to a big bottle of veuve clicquot or adding a lovely bouquet of 11 red roses to decorate the interior. If there is something special you would like to add, please let us know and we do our best to arrange it!

When is it possible to book the Evening Canal Cruise Amsterdam?

You can join an evening canal cruise throughout the year. You can see an up to date calendar with availability and book directly through our website. If you would like to book a slot not featured there, please let us know by sending an e-mail to It may well be possible to arrange a tour!

The evening canal cruise of Amsterdam is a great choice if you are in the city in winter. The Dutch weather can be a challenge as it does get quite chilly in the evening, but on the upside, that is when the canals are generally more quiet and intimate. Joining this evening canal cruise is a great way of concluding a full day of exploring!