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Best Gifts From Amsterdam for Couples

couple gifts amsterdam a man smelling his wife with a great parfum

When you are visiting the stunning city of Amsterdam, what are the best gifts to buy? What gift speaks of the true essence of this memorable place? And what can you bring home from your travels to share with friends and family and delight them with your memories? Here are a couple of our suggestions for the best gifts from Amsterdam


A Unique Gift the True smell of Amsterdam 


best Gifts Amsterdam parfum eau d'amsterdam

Eau d’Amsterdam is an Unique gift to give


Did you know that smell evokes memory? Amsterdam has its own unique scent. Populated by 1.2 million trees (more trees than people) and in particular the Elm tree over 77 000, that lines the atmospheric and romantic canals in the city, has a very distinctive smell. As you travel by water or by foot alongside the canals you are treated to that natural scent of Elm. To celebrate the Artist collective Tijdmakers and Perfume Lounge  have created both a perfume and a candle absorbed with the essence of Amsterdam, the Elm tree. Found at Eau d’Amsterdam, could this be the best gift from Amsterdam for you? You can hear the full story on our Romantic Private Canal Tour, where you and your loved one can gently journey through the gorgeous canals, nestled beneath the pavement, drinking bubbles and eating delicious snacks, under charming bridges with the essence of Amsterdam, the Elm, creating memories to last a lifetime. 


Give a Traditional dutch gift: Cheese


chesse is best gift amsterdam

Cheese is a special gift to give which you can bring home


What says more about The Netherlands than cheese? Our cheese, born out of the lush verdant grass fed to farmland cattle, is creamy and delicious and a fantastic gift to return home from your time in Amsterdam. You can find great cheese at the Noordermarkt, an organic market filled with character and charm that is held every Saturday which sells amazing artisan organic cheeses from the local farmer. Download here my free guide with my favorite markets and other romantic things to do in Amsterdam. I love to visit there and you can also get a sense of Amsterdam life as you buy your tasty gift. If you would like to savour the cheeses with some wine at a tasting whilst you are enjoying the city then why not take a stroll to De Reypenaer. Taste many varieties and enjoy a lovely glass of wine, perhaps bringing a delicious gift home as a reminder of your stay in this eclectic and romantic city. 



Private Romantic Canal Tour in Amsterdam


Amsterdams best gift is parfum and a candle

Eau d’ Amsterdam is the only true smell of the city


Thank you for reading the best gifts in Amsterdam. I’m Rocco from Romantic Tour Amsterdam and I love to invite guests visiting this delightful city to meet the undiscovered romance in the natural elegance and charm of her tree lined canals and streets.  Guests are drawn to Romantic Tour’s uniquely gentle and atmospheric style which fits perfectly for lovers who come to the city to propose marriage. Would you like to know more? Here is our Amsterdam Proposal Canal Tour.  


With love from Amsterdam