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Amsterdam Proposal Canal Tour

Safely on a private canal boat during Corona

Are you looking for a special way to ask the love of your life and you don’t want to wait with your marriage proposal until Corona (Covid-19) is over?

a man proposing on a amsterdam proposal canal tour.

We are open for tours

This is the moment!

Amsterdam is the perfect place for a marriage proposal. A Magical place with historical houses and picturesque canals and beautiful lit bridges.

Now is the best time to enjoy Amsterdam at its most romantic. Although Amsterdam is slowly becoming busier it has never been so quiet in Amsterdam and you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere to the maximum. This unique opportunity to experience the city in silence will never return.

Imagine… .. only you and your partner comfortably together on our boat. The sound of gently rippling water against the side of the boat as we sail under the iconic bridges of Amsterdam and along the beautiful 17th-century canal houses. Suddenly you get on your knees and propose to her. Your lover is completely surprised and bursts with emotions looks you in the eye and says … “YES”!

Unique places and stories

We are the only one in Amsterdam that specializes in the romantic side of the city. We know the intimate and quiet places and have special stories to tell about romance, commitment and true love.

We believe that love should be lived especially during these troubled times and we have the safest and most romantic way to do so. On a boat in the canals of Amsterdam, all for yourself, safe from other people and yet in the middle of our capital.

A Marriage proposal to always remember

We like to make it extra special for you, after all, this only happens once in your life. We can meet all your needs and make it exactly as you imagine it.

Would you like a bottle of the very best champagne, beautiful flowers, special decorations, a private photographer or filmmaker and a live musician on board? Everything is possible. Also during the Corona (Covid-19) Pandemic we offer marriage proposals and make them a moment to remember. 

Highlights during your marriage proposal in Amsterdam

  • Seven Bridges
    We sail under the famous Seven Bridges: a spectacular view where you can see 7 bridges all at once. At the end is a perfect quiet, private spot that we recommend for the marriage proposal.
  • Romantic Stories
    Listen to stories of Love and Romance related to Historical landmarks in Amsterdam.
  • Skinny Bridge
    We sail under the Iconic Skinny Bridge. Kiss each other under the Skinny Bridge and you will be together forever.
  • Hidden Canals
    Discover some of Amsterdam’s quiet, hidden canals.
  • Old Harbour
    Listen to a  story of hope in the Old Harbour.

Completely Safe during Corona

The boat trip is completely safe during the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic. We have taken the following measures for maximum safety during the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic:

  • The skipper always keeps a minimum distance of 1.5m
  • Disinfectant gel and masks are available on board. 
  • The boat is disinfected before each private boat tour
  • We fully adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM

Details of the Amsterdam Proposal Canal Tour

  • Your romantic Storyteller is also your boat captain
  • A silent small electric boat: with a retractable roof and windows. In spring/summer and with nice weather, the boat is open. In autumn/winter or bad weather, the boat can be fully covered.
  • Blankets and heated seats so you can snuggle with your partner. And heated seats, so we can keep you warm and comfortable at any time.
  • Especially for winter we have heating onboard that keeps you nicely warm.
  • Language: English, Spanish and Dutch (inform us before which language you would like?)
  • Meeting point: Herengracht 124

Plan your wedding proposal

We plan together with you the marriage proposal you have always dreamed of. Since 2017, more than 100 couples on our boat have proposed to their loved one. So we know what makes a marriage proposal really special.

Based on this expertise, we have designed three packages suitable for couples with different budgets and needs for their special moment. 

Our dedicated team member plans your proposal with you, discusses your special wishes and answers all your questions. Which can by e-mail or a 30 min. call without any obligation to book.

Together we ensure that everything is correct because a marriage proposal is a memorable moment that will stay with you for a lifetime. We look forward to helping make this a special day for you and your lover.

Package 1: Simply in Love
for those with perhaps a limited budget who wish also to propose on the romantic canals of Amsterdam

  • 50 min canal tour
  • Expert skipper/guide sharing romantic stories
  • Optional bottle of bubbles
  • Limited availability contact us for more details

Between €180,- and €250,-

Package 2: Full of Love

Our most popular tour with just the right mix of extra elements

Everything from the basic package

  • 90 min private canal tour
  • A selection of local Delicacies cheeses, grapes, chocolate, crackers, peanuts and/or Olives
  • A bottle of Bubbles
  • Your favourite song or two when you propose
  • A proposal at a private location

Between €290,- €350,-

Package 3: Unlimited Love

For those who want to reach to the stars with extras to create special memories

Here are some of our more popular extras:

  • Length of private canal tour as long as you wish
  • Upgrade to a Classical Salon Boat (request us for pictures)
  • Private Photoshoot by professional couples photographer during canal tour and afterwards
  • Live Music on the boat (for example a violin player or a guitar; tell us your favourite song)
  • A bouquet of her favourite flowers on board
  • Bottle of Champagne (tell us your favourite one)
  • Dressing up the boat with flowers, perhaps Roses or Tulips, or the boat filled with rose petals
  • 10 Polaroid pictures
  • Any drinks or snacks as you request
  • Video of your Amsterdam Proposal
  • Reservation at a truly Romantic Restaurant
  • Special chocolates?Or any other special requests you might have?
  • Pick and drop off wherever your want.

between €390 to €2000,-

Expand your Marriage Proposal with our additional options such as:

  • Private Photoshoot
    Photos by a professional photographer during the canal cruise and then through the city of Amsterdam.
  • Videoshoot
    Film of your marriage proposal by a professional filmmaker specialized in marriages.|
  • Live music
    Live music on the boat, for example a violinist or a guitarist (tell us your favorite song for example the song when you first saw each other).
  • Flowers
    A bouquet of her favorite flowers on board.
  • Champagne
    Bottle of champagne to celebrate this special moment, tell us your favorite.
  • Decoration
    The boat decorated with flowers, perhaps roses or tulips, or the boat filled with rose petals.
  • Romantic Dinner
    Reservation at a romantic restaurant

…and much more. Book your marriage proposal now or discuss your wishes with us.

Call us on +316 -249 015 52, send an email to: [email protected] or fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Read here what we do to prevent our guests from COVID-19


Amazing tour!!

I was visiting my girlfriend and took her on the walking tour. Rocco was absolutely amazing and helped me plan a surprise Amsterdam proposal at the end. The night and tour were magical and Rocco has really put in a lot of effort. I would highly recommend these to any couple out there who want to make a day feel magical.

– Leila, Texas USA
Vital to my ​proposal

Rocco gave us a private Amsterdam Proposal tour, made recos, and coordinated with my photographer to make the day Unforgettable.

– Mertie, Chicago USA
Wonderful Experience

I had the pleasure of working with Rocco over email to plan a very special evening... proposing to my longtime girlfriend. As we are currently living in California and had never been to Amsterdam, I put a lot of trust in Rocco and he exceeded all of my expectations. Long story short.... she said Yes! And Rocco went above and beyond to make our evening one that we will not soon forget. His delivery, warm ambiance, and attention to detail makes the romantic Amsterdam Proposalcanal tour one worth taking. Highly recommend! Thank you Rocco!

– Jason, California USA
Romantic Private tour

I booked the boat to propose to my partner and the experience didn’t disappoint the boat is great very comfortable and modern on the inside. Our Captain Rocco was great very informative and professional throughout. I could go on and on.. but all in all it was great the weather was unforgettable we got it all Rain, thunder and lightning this made the Amsterdam Proposal even more special and I will definitely be booking again when I return in the summer.

– Derby, United Kingdom
Rocco helped us with the most special night

I cannot recommend Rocco highly enough for an Amsterdam Proposal. When I put the idea of proposing to my girlfriend back in January, he called me up and spent half an hour going over with me how to make the experience as special as possible. He carried out the plan perfectly, with food, drinks and music to match the night, as I popped the questions and my partner said Yes! He was happy to take pictures and relay stories of Amsterdam to us throughout, which made the night even more memorable... Do not hesitate to book, you won't regret it.

– Joe USA

Why we created this Marriage Proposal Canal Cruise through Amsterdam?

We believe that Amsterdam is a city of Love. When people think of Amsterdam, they think of alcohol, drugs and the Red Light District but fail to realize that the city has a hidden treasure of beautiful spots, picturesque bridges, historic houses and more than 165 canals that make this city truly romantic. This scenic backdrop makes Amsterdam a wonderful place to probably one of  the most important choice you will ever make in your life. After all, you are making a commitment for the rest of your life. That is why we want to help you to make this day special, but above all to create a moment exactly as you imagine it. We have already helped create more than 100 marriage proposals and so far they have all said YES. and we like to keep it that way. We hope that we can make this day extra special for you too.

What will you see on this Amsterdam Canal Proposal Cruise?

For this Marriage Proposal Cruise we have selected a special route that takes you along the most beautiful canals and iconic buildings, in order to bring the romance of Amsterdam to life. We will share stories of love and romance related to the main highlights of Amsterdam. If you have a wish to see a specific part of the city, we can adjust the route so that it is exactly the way you want it. A number of highlights on this route are: the Seven Bridges of Love, the building where the first gay marriage took place, the Wooden Love Bridge (Skinny Bridge) and many other beautiful highlights.

Where is the best place to propose to your loved one?

There are many wonderful places in Amsterdam where you can propose to the love of your life. Based on our experience, here are a few suggestions. The Magere brug (Skinny bridge) is a beautiful wooden bridge on the river Amstel with the legend that if you sail underneath and kiss each other, you will be together forever. It is a meaningful bridge and romantic location. Only downside is that it can sometimes be a bit busier and therefore not very private. The second location for your marriage proposal is at the end of the Seven Bridges of Love. Here is a small canal with a nice view of the two towers of the Rijksmuseum. This is the place I recommend because it is quiet and you have all the privacy you want for a marriage proposal. Third suggestion is on one of the 7 bridges in Amsterdam. We will then stop in the middle of the seven bridges and get off to walk to the bridge. This is ideal if you want to  photograph your proposal. You have a beautiful background and therefore ideal for taking beautiful photos when you propose to your loved one. We have a number of photographers who specialize in marriage proposals and with whom we regularly work.

What are the possibilities on this Marriage Proposal Cruise?

The Private Marriage Proposal Canal Tour has been specially created to realize exactly what you want. We can arrange a live violinist or guitar player or maybe you want a singer on board. A beautiful bouquet of roses or champagne. You may want everything to be captured by a photographer or video maker. We go to great lengths to make this day exactly as your imagine it. Let us know your special request and we will make sure it will happen.

When is the best time to book a proposal canal tour in Amsterdam?

My personal opinion is that Amsterdam is beautiful in a different way at different times of the day.
In the morning it is calm and quiet on the canals with a few boats.
In the afternoon it is usually nice and busy (especially on weekends) and often warmer on the water
At the end of the day, the city calms down and you can often see a beautiful sunsetIn the evening / night the city is beautifully lit and with lights on all bridges. This is the time when the true romance and magic come to life.

Let us know what you prefer.

if you want to get in touch with us simply call us at +316 2490 1552 email us at [email protected] or fill in the form above.

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