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Unique Locations

A customized and extra special experience for you

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Imagine how this would be…

Imagine… you and your partner are enjoying a private boat tour over the canals of Amsterdam, while an expert skipper is sharing the romantic stories of the city with you. You share some local snacks and wine, the atmosphere is relaxed and intimate. The boat stops, you hop off and you casually lead your partner to a door, which leads you to an incredibly luxurious, historical place. While entering this mini palace you leave the breezy summer air behind and the sounds of the city fade away. Now, everything is quiet around you.

All of a sudden, you hear a violin play. You open another door and feel like you are transported through time, standing in a baroque room with a beautifully painted ceiling. A path of rose petals is leading you to a spot in the middle, next to the cosy lit chimney. You walk over the petals while musicians play your favorite song. Then, you go down on one knee and propose to your partner. She/he is so surprised, and of course, says ‘yes’!


Together we create the most magical experience

This package is created for the ones that like to be in charge, and every detail is taken care of. If you would like a totally customized proposal, exactly tailored to your wishes, especially made for you and your lover, this is the way to go. And since we love to get creative, you are not the only one who gets excited by the idea of shaping a complete proposal from scratch! We love to think along with you, hand you ideas and make sure this will not only be a very memorable experience, but also one that completely fits you as a couple. 

The example above is just one of the many options we could create for you. We have a lot of experience tailoring proposals exactly to your wishes and have connections with more than 20 partners who offer special locations. For sure, you will like one of them! A private canal house, or a secret garden in the middle of the city, a classic tea house surrounded by green or a pier in the middle of the water, looking at the central station. The options are endless!


Over the Moon
For the ones that like this to make a once in a lifetime moment.

  • Customized to your Wishes
    A dedicated planner to go over every detail of your proposal with you.
  • Visit the location
    Before the proposal we will visit the location and talk through all the details.
  • Private location
    The locations will be reserved just for you and your lover with no one else to be. 
  • Special requests
    If you have any special ideas in mind feel free to contact us and we make sure to arrange it. We can give some suggestions to make it really special. 

Price from: € 1200,- 


Locations options 

  • Exclusive private garden
    An extra special location in a garden. Ideal in summer and late spring.
  • Classical Canal house
    On the Golden Belt, there is a historical canal house which we can organize a private proposal. (recommended)
  • Private Rooftop
    Amsterdam is magical from a rooftop and this will make a proposal truly unique. 
  • Classic tea house
    Tucked away behind the houses of Amsterdam you can find a beautiful Thea house in a garden. 
  • Pier looking out over Amsterdam
    This is a walkway into the water and is wonderful during sunset. 
  • Private garden or indoor location
    A private location specially chosen for you, look for the options above. If you have ideas of your own, contact us.
  • A hidden church
    In the middle of the city center, you can find a catholic hidden church with an interior from the 17th century. 
  • Wine cellar
    A wine cellar under one of Amsterdam’s oldest churches. 

More locations There are many more locations in Amsterdam so feel free to get in touch. 


Expand your customized proposal with our additional options such as:

  • Private Photo shoot
    Photos by a professional photographer. See our different packages here
  • Live music
    Live music on the bridge, for example, a violinist, guitarist, singer or saxophone player many more options. We have a wide range of musicians in our network. 
  • Bouquet of 11 roses
    A bouquet of 11 red roses filled with some green. 
  • Champagne with glasses
    Bottle of champagne to celebrate this special moment, let us know what is your favorite! For example Veuve Cliquot Brut or Moet & Chandon.
  • Decoration
    The location can be decorated with flowers, perhaps roses or tulips, or balloons in a heart shape.
  • Professional Videoshoot
    A film of your marriage proposal made by a professional filmmaker specialising in 
  • Arrival on a private boat
    We take you by boat to the location where the marriage proposal takes place.
  • Romantic Dinner on a boat
    Sailing over the canals of Amsterdam while enjoying a private dinner on a boat.
  • Romantic private Canal Tour
    Discover Amsterdam during an intimate journey along the canals, while listening to tales of Love and discovering romantic highlights. Or sail to the spot there by boat. 
  • Special Decorations
    We decorate the place just the way you want, for example with flower decorations, big red heart balloons, a large heart of rose petals or a room filled with a thousand candles.


Is this the perfect package for you, everything you need to make your proposal fantastic? After you have pressed ‘fill out form’, we will ask you some basic questions to get an idea of your desires. From that moment on, one of our planners will be personally in touch with you over the phone or email, guiding you through the entire process, to make sure your proposal will be a once in a lifetime experience.



We are totally in love with creating an experience unique for couples so please make contact with us with your wishes and budget and we will do all we can to make your dreams a reality!