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Where to Propose in Amsterdam?

Romantic Tour Amsterdam is the expert in romantic tours in and around Amsterdam. Want to spend a romantic day with your lover or are you looking for a spot to propose? We have collected a list of our favorite spots in Amsterdam for you to visit.
We also offer ready-made and tailor-made tours and wedding proposals at these and other great spots .


Couple after the Romantic Marriage proposal Canal tour in Amsterdam

The happy couple after a marriage proposal in Amsterdam


Amsterdam. Most Romantic city in Europe

Charming canals, pretty flower-adorned bridges and old houses create picturesque settings and insta-worthy backdrops that you just won’t be able to find anywhere else in Europe.

Amsterdam is an undiscovered destination for couples and I believe it is one of the most romantic cities in Europe and so the ideal location for marriage proposals. After having travelled the world, I returned to Amsterdam and spent the last 5 years searching for its most romantic spots.

So I know exactly where to propose in Amsterdam? Read on and start planning a romantic trip to Amsterdam with these best places to propose in Amsterdam. Prefer a fully organised trip? Check out our proposal picnic or Amsterdam Proposal Canal tour and let us help you create a romantic day with your lover.


Night in Amsterdam, boats on the canals, bridge with lights and dutch houses

Exploring Amsterdam during the night is a totally different and amazing experience. Photographer: Ansgar Scheffold


Venice of the North

Amsterdam is known as the “Venice of the North.” Its canals and more than 1200 bridges are among my favourite romantic places in the city. These are our top locations if you’re planning to propose in Amsterdam.


three people walking down a bridge in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has more than 1,200 bridges and each one has a story to tell.


Leidsegracht/ Keizersgracht bridges

Leidsegracht canal has some of the prettiest tree-lined streets and old houses, oozing with romance. For a perfect Amsterdam proposal, stroll arm in arm with your significant other across the bridge at the intersection of Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht canal, taking in the charming views across the river.

There’s no better time to visit this idyllic spot than during colourful sunsets. The darkness enters slowly while the bridges lit up and create a magical atmosphere reflecting the lights in the waters as you voice the words. Make sure to check the exact sunset times to catch that perfect moment whatever the season.



colourful boats on canals in Amsterdam and dutch houses in spring

Brouwersgracht bridge during the flower season in Amsterdam


Brouwersgracht bridges

Brouwersgracht canal is located in the beautiful Jordan district. With its two flower-decorated, old metal bridges it offers a relaxed setting for an intimate engagement.

This is a perfect backdrop for a romantic moment, especially in late summer and early autumn, when the bold sunsets over the water will simply take your breath away. There couldn’t be a better proposal place to guarantee a “yes” from your sweetheart.


View our video about the Jordaan:



An old bike on a bridge with flowers in Amsterdam

Bloemgracht bridge in the Jordaan Photographer: Nick Scheerbart


Bloemgracht bridges

This canal is aptly named Bloemgracht, meaning “The Flower Canal”. More private than most other places in Amsterdam, Bloemgracht lies in the heart of the Jordan neighbourhood dotted with charming shops, galleries, and cosy restaurants.

After a romantic lunch, go for a leisurely stroll along Bloemgracht bridges, a true oasis in the bustling city. Take a moment to ponder upon the timelessness of love before you go down to your knee and propose to your beloved.


Prinseneiland bridges

The quaint island of Prinseneiland is a beautiful setting, devoid of all tourist crowds. It will not fail to impress your beloved as you announce your love. What si special about these bridges is that they are only big enough for pedestrians so no worries about the cars driving past. 

Stroll around, wandering hand in hand through tiny cobblestoned streets, among pretty Dutch houses and narrow old wooden bridges.



two people in love looking at each other on a bridge in Amsterdam

A private romantic tour for just both of you in Amsterdam – an experience you want to share once in your lifetime



red heart lock on a bridge in Amsterdam

Celebrate and share your love in the romantic city of Amsterdam


Groenburgwal canal

On the Groenburgwal canal, you will find the Staalmeestersbrug, a gorgeous picture-perfect 18th-century stone arch bridge with a beautiful view of the Zuiderkerk.  Embrace your beloved one as you take in the view of the crooked Zuiderkerk, that inspired generations of artists, including Claude Monet.

Staalmeestersbrug is the famous Amsterdam’s love lock bridge. Tradition dictates, lovers, attach locks symbolising their eternal love and then throw the key in the canal, although the locks are periodically being removed by the city. 

It’s best to visit early in the morning to avoid the tourist crowds, or late in the evening to catch the magical lights of the illuminated Zuiderkerk.


two people kissing in winter on the skinny bridge in amsterdam

Visit Amsterdam with your couple and kiss on the Skinny bridge


Skinny bridge: Diamonds Are Forever

The Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug) is a beautiful narrow pedestrian bridge across the Amstel river. You might recognize it from the film Diamonds Are Forever.

Its dreamy atmosphere makes it a place made for romantic strolls. To make sure their love lasts forever, lovers traditionally kiss while passing on a boat under the Skinny Bridge. We are sure the magic will work if you kiss on top of the bridge, too. If you do like to go underneath then come on our Romantic canal tour 

For an unforgettable proposal, come here at night when the bridge lights up with more than a thousand light bulbs.


Are you Curious about more romantic bridges in Amsterdam? Read my blog about: Where to find the lovelock bridge in Amsterdam? where you find the real lovelock bridge and all other bridges related to Love and Romance.


Off the beaten track

Courtyard with flowers and green grass with dutch houses in amsterdam

Explore the authenticity of a Dutch courtyard in Amsterdam. Photographer: Burt Kaufman



This secluded romantic courtyard in the centre of Amsterdam has been used to house Catholic women in the 14th century. It is still inhabited by old celibate women.

Tucked away in one corner you’ll find Het Houten Huis, the oldest house in Amsterdam built in timber in 1528. If you come when the courtyard opens at 8 am (Its open until 5 pm), you’ll have the place with all its romantic charm for yourselves. If you are looking for an intimate proposal this is where to propose in Amsterdam.

The Begijnhof guarantees an intimate once-in-a-lifetime marriage proposal in Amsterdam.


one couple looking at each other in love touching their faces on a boat in Amsterdam

Surprise your loved one by exploring Amsterdam on a romantic private boat tour


Romantic Amsterdam Canal Proposal Tour

What could be more idyllic than a relaxing canal cruise, holding eachothers hands and snuggling togetheron a boat as the city passes by? On my Romantic Marriage Proposal Tours, I take you on the best canal tour in Amsterdam where you can propose to your beloved one in the most romantic setting. I’ll take care of everything—romantic stories, soft music, flowers, strawberries, and champagne—so that you can just sit back and enjoy a celebratory moment after your sweetheart says “yes”.


people walking on a bridge above the canals of Amsterdam

The bridges of Amsterdam are purely magical for proposing to your soulmate


Where to propose in Amsterdam during the Marriage proposal Canal Tour?

There are two superb spots for a marriage proposal during this tour. One of them is at the end of the Seven bridges. It’s a quiet and intimate canal where you can propose in complete privacy. If you sail through the seven bridges holding hands, it’s said that you’ll be together for seven years. How romantic! Don’t miss the stunning view of the Rijksmuseum, the most beautiful museum in the Netherlands at the end of the canal.

colourful lights in the water on a bridge in Amsterdam

The famous skinny bridge with its lights during the night across the river Amstel


The other place worth a proposal is the beautiful Skinny bridge crossing the Amstel river. Go at sunset when the sky turns all the shades of red and orange before your eyes, or at night when the bridge is illuminated and sparkling lights are reflected in the water. And be sure to kiss your lover when passing under the bridge, to make your love last forever.


red balloons rose petals and candles in a cinema for a marriage proposal

Let the romance and love be spread out through creativity and small gestures


Club Cinema – A Private Amsterdam Proposal

For couples who share a passion for movies, Amsterdam’s private Club Cinema is a truly unique place to propose. Book a private romantic movie screening, add some personal touches—a photo memory wall, chocolate, champagne, candlelights—and you’re guaranteed a romantic moment of a lifetime.

Contact Club Cinema with your wishes and they’ll go out of their way to organise an unforgettable evening for your special marriage proposal.


Fault in Our Stars Bench

It might look like any other canal-side bench, but fans of Fault in Our Stars film know just how special this spot is. This is where the romantic scene between the two young lovers stricken by illness takes place. It’s on this very bench they promise that no matter what happens, they’ll always be there for each other.

The Fault in Our Stars Bench is located near the intersection of two beautiful Amsterdam canals, Herengracht and Leidsegracht. There are two benches; the one you’re looking for is located on your right side facing the canals. If you have enjoyed watching the film together, sitting on the bench will be a special moment to share and an exquisite spot for the most romantic of proposals.

After your proposal, you might wanna make reservations for a special place to have dinner. Read here about my favourite Romantic Restaurants in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Parks

colourful trees in the autumn in a park next to a bridge in Amsterdam

Bridges in Vondelpark are one more reason you should propose in Amsterdam. Photographer: Yoann Laheurte


huwelijksaanzoek picknick amsterdam

marriage proposal in Amsterdam photographer: Mirte Groos.


Vondelpark is the largest park in Amsterdam. With its charming meadows, tranquil lakes, and winding paths it offers endless romantic spots in its lush green surroundings.

This exquisite oasis of calm is one of the prettiest places in Amsterdam to ask your sweetheart to marry you. Make sure to bring some snacks, a bottle of wine—and the ring—and choose the ideal spot to get down on one knee.  If you like some help getting it all right and really make a surprise for her. Our team has styled and designed the most gorgeous boho-inspired proposal picnic. Seasonal flowers, a carpet, cushions, delicious nibbles and bubbles are presented beautifully, inviting you to sit down and dive into the delicious spread. A few minutes into the picnic at a pre-arranged time, one of our team, a professional photographer comes by to capture this once in a lifetime moment of joy and love. Travelling home, you can relive the magical moment with your family and friends relaxing in the knowledge that we have taken care of every detail to ensure your pictures are as memorable as your time in Amsterdam.  If you want to read more about this go to our Marriage Proposal page.


two people holding hands dancing in a botanical garden on their wedding

Be unique. Propose to your loved one in the botanical garden of Amsterdam. Photographer: Sjuul Fotografie


a bridge over the water and trees next to botanical garden in Amsterdam

Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest in the world and it is one of Amsterdam’s major tourist attractions.


Botanical Garden Amsterdam

The Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world (over 375 years old). Full of heavenly fragrances, lush greenery with thousands of plant species and a colourful butterfly greenhouse. To propose inside this garden could be like you are in another country with all the different climates and greenery they have. 

If you are on a low budget, You can also propose on the side of the Hortus Botanicus, this might be the perfect place to propose in Amsterdam. For a completely private moment, take a stroll behind the garden by the picturesque Hortus bridge and the canal.

Express your love to your special one in the midst of the verdant tranquillity, and make it a day to remember forever.



Pink tulips one of the unique spots to propose near Amsterdam

Various and huge tulip fields you can experience once in a lifetime only in the Netherlands. Photographer: Martijn Baudoin


Amsterdam Flower Fields

Around Amsterdam, you will find endless fields of colourful flowers. Tulips and other flowers are in their prime from mid-March to mid-May, and the month of April is the ideal time to plan a romantic marriage proposal. 

Getting down on your knee and proposing here is nothing short of impressive. 

If you’d like to propose to your sweetheart among beautiful flowers, there are several great options, all less than an hour drive from Amsterdam.


tulipgardens in the keukenhof



Keukenhof is one of the world’s most spectacular flower gardens with art installations and exhibitions dedicated to tulips and other flowers. Keukenhof is a major tourist attraction and thus not private, but you can work around that if you plan the proposal just before the closing of the gardens. We are offering private tours to the Keukenhof, but we can also help you plan your marriage proposal in the flower gardens.




a couple kissing on a private romantic tour in Amsterdam on the canals



Alternatively, head to the magnificent Bollenstreek (the Bulb Region) area with more than 30 km of colourful flowers. Flower fields are stunning during the golden hour when the sun is setting. This is the moment when the light is just perfect for taking newly-engaged couple photos as well. Do you want to propose in the Tulip fields or in the middle of thousands of flowers? Read here about the different marriage proposal locations and what we can offer. Or contact us directly to see what is now the best option to find flowers in the Netherlands.


a couple kissing on a private romantic tour in Amsterdam on the canals

Celebrate your love in small gestures like exploring Amsterdam on a private romantic boat tour.

Let us organise your trip

Romantic Tour Amsterdam is the expert in romantic tours in and around Amsterdam. Want to spend a romantic day with your lover or are you looking for a spot to propose? We have collected a list of exclusive and private spots in and around Amsterdam. Go to wedding proposals in Amsterdam for more info  and discover what we can do to help you.

Contact us for more information, we are happy to help! Call us at at +31 624 90 15 52 or send us a message. 


A man and a woman kissing happily on a boat tour in Amsterdam

Make your soulmate feel the most special person in the world by putting a ring on her finger


Here you find all the Romantic places where you can propose in Amsterdam.

To help you, even more, I created a list of romantic hotels in Amsterdam to stay for your proposal in Amsterdam also I created a list of restaurants to go to after your proposal. If you like we can pick you up by boat from your hotel and bring you to these restaurants.

I hope these romantic places helped you with choosing where to propose in Amsterdam. I’d love to hear about your favourite romantic place in Amsterdam. What do you consider to be the perfect proposal place in Amsterdam? For even more ideas for romantic things to do in Amsterdam, download my Free Guide now.

With Love,