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Romantic Private Small Boat Tour – Original 90 min. Experience

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Discover the romance of Amsterdam’s iconic canal district on an intimate small boat tour. Experience the completely private original 90-minute trip!

Romantic Private Small Boat Tour – Original 90 min. Experience


Imagine being on a small boat tour in Amsterdam. You are sitting in a gentle embrace with your special someone. Just the two of you and your private tour guide. Waves are flowing against the sides of the boat. The sound of their ripples echoes as we sail below the arches of Amsterdam’s breathtaking bridges and bask in the magnificence of its well-preserved 17th-century canal houses. The romance of the gorgeous canal district is unveiled before your eyes. You feel connected to all the couples who have lived their love in one of Europe’s most romantic city.

For the heart to open, silence is ideal. To ensure this we sail through the small, tucked away canals on our quiet solar-powered boat. This private boat tour will show you the most famous canals but take extra time to include the less-traveled, but certainly more intimate and charming corners of Amsterdam’s city center.

This small boat tour in Amsterdam’s beautiful historic centre is a fantastic choice for a special occasion such as an anniversary, honeymoon or celebration and makes for a truly unforgettable date! 

A unique blend of love stories carefully researched and compiled by your guide is the backbone of this one-of-a-kind experience. This is the original Romantic small boat tour. Whilst the mini 50-minute trip offers only a selection, on this tour you get to experience all the stories and get the complete narrative. The full 90-minute duration allows for just the right time for you to sink deep into the romantic atmosphere of Amsterdam and makes it possible to visit locations such as the oldest defense tower, all Seven Bridges of Love and the old harbor. We highly recommend booking the original experience as it is undoubtedly the one our guests enjoy the most!


Highlights of the Romantic Private Small Boat Tour Amsterdam

  • Romantic Stories
    Experience all stories of the Romantic tour, including the hidden message of love in Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Night Watch.
  • The Seven Bridges of Love
    Get a breathtaking view of all Seven Bridges of Love and find out what happens when you sail under all of them.
  • Skinny Bridge
    Experience the glory of the river Amstel and sail under this historic wooden bridge with a romantic story.
  • Monet’s Bridge of Love
    See the best view of the Bridge of Love captured by Claude Monet in one of his most famous paintings.
  • Shortest Canal and Hidden Canals
    Experience the quieter hidden canals, including a spot from a famous movie and sail on the shortest canal in Amsterdam.
  • Smallest House and Floating Houseboats
    See the smallest house and learn what it’s like to live on the water on a traditional houseboat.
  • Oldest Defense Tower and Historic Harbour
    Learn the bitter-sweet love story of the last remaining defense tower of Amsterdam’s historic center and get an open view of where the old harbor once was.


Inclusions on the Small Boat Tour Amsterdam

  • The tour is led by a passionate romantic storyteller who is also your captain.
  • This small boat tour is private.  Only you and your partner.
  • Your journey is accompanied by a small bottle of prosecco, with the option to choose from an extended selection.
  • Enjoy a carefully selected platter of Dutch cheese, grapes, and crackers which satisfy your tastebuds.
  • A silent small electric boat: with a foldable roof and windows. In spring/summer and nice weather, the boat is open.
  • In autumn/winter or bad weather, the boat can be fully covered and includes heated seats for guaranteed comfort.


Expand your Romantic Small Boat Tour with our additional options such as:
  • Bouquet of 11 red roses: €45,-
  • A big bottle of Prosecco: €29,-
  • 750ml Champagne Boucche Pere Et Fils – Cuvee Reservee brut: €54,-  (a small bottle is also possible)
  • 750ml Champagne Veuve Cliquot Brut: €89,- (a small bottle is also possible)
  • 10 Polaroid pictures: €40,- (per polaroid  is €4,50 )
Details of the Private Small Boat Tour Amsterdam
  • Duration: 90 minutes. For an even more exciting experience consider extending to the 2-hour tour and adding more customized features.
  • Language English or Dutch. Please inform us which language you prefer in advance. On request Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish are also possible.
  • Meeting point: Herengracht 124
  • Custom pick-up location: For an extra fee your guide can pick you up where you please. The price depends on the desired location. Please be aware that a docking spot must be available.
  • Time slots: Flexible. All up-to-date availabilities are on the online calendar. If not available contact us we might be able to accommodate you. 
  • Price: Please consult the online calendar.
  • Capacity: This small boat tour is for 2 guests if you like to come with more people contact us for options.


Do you still have questions? Click here to see our FAQ or to contact us directly.

Rocco has a pure romantic soul

“I was overwhelmed with emotions when he was telling us one love story after another on this small boat tour — all of them with great passion. It's been some time since I felt such honesty and intimacy.“

– Denis, Russia
Once-in-a-lifetime experience

“It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you for the wonderful ride on your small boat, Rocco!“

– Jason, United States
Forget Paris

“I've never expected the small boat tour to be that unique! Rocco chose a perfect route to see more of the city than only the tourist attractions. He told us very nice romantic stories, some of them with regard to Amsterdam, and he even created the perfect playlist to emphasize the beauty of the moment. Rocco was also a perfect host and made us feel very welcome! If you are in Amsterdam with your beloved one-Forget Paris! Book this tour and you will feel like never wanting step off the boat! It made our last evening in the city to an unforgettable one”

– Sonja, Germany
Perfect way to celebrate

“I booked this small boat tour for mine and my partners 9 year anniversary and it was the perfect way to celebrate it, as well as getting to see Amsterdam on our first day in the city. Rocco welcomed us and made us feel comfortable on the boat. Although it is included in the price, the spread of food and drinks was brilliant and really made the whole expierence feel more luxurious and romantic. He had stories and anecdotes also about why specific food was on the table which was sweet and it made it feel more personable. On the tour itself, Rocco was full of knowledge and you can tell he is truly passionate about what he does. He has a bank of information he obviously plans for the trip and route round the canals but he was also really open to sharing stories or information about things people asked on the boat (like I asked how the city was reacting to the Eurovision win, which he played the winning song and he also shared the story someone asked about Anne Frank and Peter). We could not fault the tour or Rocco at all and would love to come back to do it all over again the next time we're in Dam!”

– Lauren, United Kingdom
What can be seen on this Small Boat Tour Amsterdam?

Does a small boat tour in Amsterdam of the beautiful historic centre sound like your cup of tea? Would you like to sail on a private small boat just for you and your partner? On this experience offered by Romantic Tour Amsterdam we fully immerse you in the iconic landscape of Amsterdam, sailing underneath the historic bridges and between the 17-century canal houses and sharing romantic stories of their residents. The stillness of the canals offers a unique atmosphere offering intimacy not found elsewhere in the city.

The smaller and more hidden canals are the focus of the tour, locations which are not visited by most canal tours. The small boat tour pays a special visit to the breathtaking seven bridges which are only visible from the canals. We sail on the magnificent river Amstel, the namesake of the city, where the iconic Skinny Bridge is located. All along the route of this small boat tour we share stories from across the ages.

This small boat tour is not complete without visiting the The Canal district which is Unesco world heritage site, which is often called the most famous city district in the Netherlands. The cruise sails along the municipal building, the location of the first gay marriage in the world. The small boat tour can be customized to your wishes so if you would like to visit a special location do let us know in advance. Whatever the route, you are sure to not be disappointed!


Why was this small boat tour of Amsterdam created?

A small boat tour is one of the most popular activities for visitors, however many of them tend to be very similar. We decided to create a special small boat tour with a focus on the intimate and romantic side of Amsterdam. All skippers are locals with a strong passion for sharing the stories of the city they call home.

The small boat tour by Romantic Tour Amsterdam aims to give you and your private group an in-depth introduction to the greatest romantic highlights of Amsterdams. All from a front row seat on the canals. We can tailor the route to your wishes, so if there is something special you would like to see, let us know at the beginning of the boat tour. This tour can be extended to 2 hours or longer. Reach out to see what is possible to


What are the inclusions of this small boat tour of Amsterdam?’

This small boat tour in Amsterdam can have everything you wish. If a special delicacy, aperitif, drink or snack is something you desire, let us know in advance and we will do our best to arrange it for you. As we strive for an intimate, romantic experience, why not add special decorations or a fresh bouquet of flowers? To top it off you can also request a photographer to help you remember your trip forever!

On this small boat tour we already include some drinks and snacks. Big bottle of Prosecco/Cava, some soft drinks and water to enjoy alongside some crackers, local Amsterdam cheese and grapes. If you would like extras, please let us know!


When do you recommend booking the Private Canal Tour in Amsterdam?

The romantic tour on a small boat is available throughout the year. If the online calendar doesn’t have your preferred slot, please contact us and we will make sure to let you know as soon as possible if it can be arranged. If you are wondering what time of day is most suitable, there is really no right answer, as each part of the day is special in its own way and might be the best for you.

If you want a quiet, peaceful experience on the canals of Amsterdam, then a small boat tour in the morning is the best choice. The afternoon slot is best combined with other activities. It is a great option if you have some time between museum visits or general sightseeing. For the best photos and a unique look of Amsterdam, two hours before sunset is best. You can enjoy the golden hour which is the ideal time for pictures due to the natural light. Once the sun sets the night lights light up and the city transforms.  

If you are interested in the evening option and want to enjoy the golden hour, make sure to check when sunset is as it varies largely based on the time of year. In the peak of summer, it is actually around 22:00, but when the cold winter comes it gets dark as early as 16:30. Plan accordingly!