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Two Night Break to Amsterdam with your Lover

Romantic two nights break to Amsterdam


When you come with your lover to Amsterdam what can you do if you only have two nights to experience the full magic and romance of the city? Amsterdam is absolutely overflowing with beautiful activities perfect for couples. Amsterdam’s smaller size makes it just right for visitors, here you can walk around, hire a bike, visit museums, wander through markets or float on the charming canals, all without travelling far. Actually, there is just too much to do but let me share with you the three activities you simply must do on your two night break to Amsterdam and they are perfect for couples. 


Incredible Culture 


My first pick is why not visit a museum? Amsterdam has an abundance of museums, the most famous ones are the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and the Rijksmuseum, but there are also so many charming, quaint, cool and cute museums that are most certainly worth a visit. Curious about museums that look at the second world war, or feel overjoyed about exploring the Pianola, the museum that gives a spotlight to the piano? It’s all here in Amsterdam and more. you would like to know more you can read my blog The Best Museums for Couples and discover one that suits you best. 


Break to Amsterdam with your lover

Escape the daily routine with your lover and take a dose of culture by visiting a museum in Amsterdam. Photographer: Frans Ruiter



Local Culture


When you are in a city with your lover and you imagine how it is to walk hand in hand, immersing yourselves in the local culture,  a morning at one of our local markets might be your choice. It certainly is mine, at a market you can wander the streets, take in the local sights, sounds and smells, taste delicious produce and yes Amsterdam is positively brimming with markets. There are an amazing amount of markets for you to choose from, but I can share my personal favourite – The Noordermarkt taking place every Saturday in the centre of Amsterdam. It is an organic farmers market where you can taste local cheese or buy some fantastic fruit, eat fresh oysters whilst drinking bubbles or simply marvel at the bounty on offer every Saturday. It is my favourite but if you are drawn to a different type of market, you can download my Free Guide for romantic things to do


Amsterdam break with your lover

Enhance the local Dutch culture by going to less touristic places. For instance, a local market. Photographer: Papuan



Amsterdam with it’s one hundred and sixty-five canals is a magical city of water also known as the ‘Venice of the North’. You might not consider Amsterdam a romantic city but it is my belief that you will be truly enchanted by her and even more so when the light falls and night time visits the canals. Here at night, when the city slows and unwinds,  all along the small canals, the charming little bridges come alive with light, their reflection sparkling and dancing in the water below. It is mysterious and marvellous and THE time to take a dreamy stroll, arm in arm, heart to heart with your lover or take a romantic cruise. Tucked away in your own romantic boat, floating under the bridges, you will be transported into a gentle atmosphere synonymous with our tours and with Amsterdam canals. Would you like to know more, here is our Romantic Canal Cruise. 


Break with your lover to Amsterdam

What a beautiful way to go through your weekend – exploring the magical Amsterdam on a canal cruise. Photographer: Ronald Kempff


I hope you have enjoyed the three must-do activities in Amsterdam when you are on a two-night break with your lover.  This beautiful city welcomes you with a warm embrace should you decide to journey here to take in its romance and delight. If I can guide you in any way during your stay, do let me know.


With love