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The Best Gay Hotels in Amsterdam – LGBTQ Friendly

the best gay hotel in Amsterdam two girls kissing eachother.


Amsterdam was the first city in the world where same-sex couples could be legally married. So on the 1st April 2001, four couples were married, a female couple and three male couples and that was the day that opened the door for countries around the world to make legally possible marriage between two men or two women. That celebration of freedom documented by journalists from around the world on 1 April, affirmed Amsterdam as a place of tolerance and liberty. Amsterdam has in fact since the 1600’s been a more tolerant city to minority cultures and this continues today. As a city we are relaxed and open, you are free to be together in any hotel, to show your love and affection, so every hotel is possible of course. That being said I would like to share with you The Best Gay Hotels in Amsterdam to help you make a selection that enriches your stay in this celebrated city of freedom.


Amsterdam gay hotels

You can always feel the freedom of love in Amsterdam hotels. Photographer: Nick Karvounis


Mister BNB 

A worldwide room, b&b and apartment hub with spots all over Amsterdam.



A cosy hotel, right in the heart of the city, famous for the LGBTQ friendly atmosphere and welcome. 


Best Amsterdam Gay Hotels a couple kissing eachother

Come to Amsterdam if you want to feel the real LGBTQ friendly atmosphere. Photographer: Renate Vanaga


Mauro Mansion

Great private rooms with views of the canals.

Amsterdam canal tour in the night

Canals in Amsterdam are a must-see at least once in your life


Perhaps if you are drawn to the romance and magic of the canals and walkways of Amsterdam, why not take a captivating cruise gliding on the water on your own private boat, with bubbles, snacks, love stories and a gentle atmosphere to bring home long-lasting memories of this great city. You can read more about this here. 


Male couple kissing just after he proposed

Celebrate your love on a private romantic tour in Amsterdam.


In Amsterdam you can just be as you are, you don’t have to hide. That’s what I love about this city, you can see a punk or a prostitute, you see a skater, you see a trans person, you see all colours of people, all types are welcome, free and will not be looked at or judged for who they are. So realising that Amsterdam is a must-visit place as an LGBTQ couple and I welcome you and hopefully see you on our boat!


Romantic couple kissing on the boat canal tour in Amsterdam

The perfect date on a boat with your loved one. Photographer: Lightbox


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With love