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Three Romantic Things to do in Amsterdam for a Day

Romantic canal boat tour Amsterdam a great thing to do during your visit

The vibrant and charming city of Amsterdam has so much to offer, you could fill up a week or more with the astonishing and entertaining activities available, but what if you have one day? One day to experience the most romantic and essential things to do in Amsterdam? I give you my personal must do Amsterdam activities that are both romantic, contain the essence of the city and are COVID-19 safe. Here are my Three Romantic Things to do in Amsterdam for a Day.


 Walk of Love through Amsterdam

evening walk of love in Amsterdam

Magnificent evening walk in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is full of magic; ancient buildings, small cobbled streets, canals, bridges and cafes that line the streets inviting lovers to sit and while away the hours. The only way to truly encounter the city in this way is on foot and as Amsterdam is small in scale, it is possible to walk here and experience the breathtaking beauty and art of the city. Picture you and your loved one, arm in arm, slowly meandering through the streets of the Jordaan or Canal Gordel, drinking in the sights, sounds and atmosphere. My favourite time to walk is in the evening when the lantern poles are lit and the golden lit bridges are your landscape. The streets are still and filled with wonder. You can also stroll to one of the beautiful courtyards dotted around Amsterdam, exquisite public spaces nestled in the residential ancient almshouses that they serve. Here is a map I have created for you with some tuck away courtyards

Romantic Private Canal Tour

couple at sunset in Amsterdam

Explore the romantic side of Amsterdam; Photographer: Ronald Kempf


Amsterdam is a city of water. Known as “the Venice of the North” Amsterdam has an abundance of waterways, 165 canals built originally to transport goods around the city. What would be a day in this magnificent city so famed for her canals be, without a visit? Go, explore, linger on bridges, look out over the still, glistening waters. One extraordinarily romantic way to enjoy the canals is by boat; tucked one metre below the street and travelling down the middle of the canal you can take a look at the majestic, historical houses that line the waterways and if you travel in the evening, you can experience a slice of real Amsterdam life, with a glimpse through the open lit up windows all along the canals. A trip down the canals of Amsterdam is, in my opinion, THE most romantic thing to do in Amsterdam. On our tours, we tell some stories of romance and love  You can read more about the private canal tours we offer. 

Take a Bike Tour

Romantic bike tour Amsterdam

A magic way to explore the city

As you may know, Amsterdammers and the Dutch are synonymous with cycling. Famed for their 1000’s of cyclists making their way through city streets and over bike paths at any one moment, it is a sight to behold and in Amsterdam alone there are 1.2 million bikes. Having a bike in the city allows you to travel that extra distance and absorb the city in a whole new way. Some stunning parks for you to cycle through are The Vondelpark, Flevopark, Westerpark or Rembrandtpark. If your desire is to take an adventure to the wilderness and countryside surrounding Amsterdam, then I recommend you take the ferry over the water to the north of the city and the countryside there. The highlights here are;  you can meet cows, goats and sheep, discover an ancient and charming street built on a dyke called the Nieuwendammerdijk or a trek through a wonderful forest; the largest Elm forest in Europe is the Vliegenbos. Imagine the romance of, with your lover hiring a bike, buying some local food at a local farmers market before you leave, filling a basket with delicious food for you to take a moment in nature together. A delicious way to enjoy the city and countryside in one day. If you are interested in a guided bike tour, you can contact me here.


romantic things to do in Amsterdam

Love is in the air in Amsterdam


Now these are just the three things to do in Amsterdam for a day, of course, this astonishing city has so much more to reveal to you and if you are interested,  I have written about this here. But if I were to visit Amsterdam with your lover for just one day, these three things would sing of the beauty, romance and essence of the city. I wish you an incredible visit, enjoying Amsterdam and each other.

With Love