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Why you must choose Amsterdam for a 3-day break as a couple?

Musuemplein tijdens een gezellige koude winterdag


When you are considering where to enjoy the quintessential romantic European city break, perhaps Paris, Barcelona or Milan comes to mind, but I am happy to let you know that Amsterdam is my favourite choice. I have travelled throughout the whole of Europe, visiting and experiencing nearly all of the cities that are particularly romantic for couples but Amsterdam is often overlooked and in my opinion, this is not fair and certainly not true! Amsterdam has so many charming canals, so many lights that sparkle in every season, a naturally vibrant and cultivated into the heart of the city with parks in all corners and a multitude of all varieties of boats on the waterways. This is truly an undiscovered gem of a city, perfectly romantic for couples. So when you are choosing your location for your three-day trip, do consider Amsterdam. In this blog, I’m going to share with you the highlights of what you can enjoy in Amsterdam on your 3-day break.

Magical Museums

My first reason why I believe you should visit Amsterdam is in exploration and enjoyment of art, the universal language uniting lovers over millennia. Amsterdam has more museums than any other European city. Some of these are the famous Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank House, but there are so many more. Imagine you and your lover gliding dreamily together through a museum, art is all around you, from masters to unknown painters and as you walk you are transported through their perspective into a deeper appreciation of life and each other. I wrote a whole blog about the many different museums here in Amsterdam, have a look here. 


Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Photographer: Frans Ruiter


Sensational City

There is a saying that ‘good things come in small packages’ and for Amsterdam, this is certainly true. A city with only 870,000 inhabitants but still having the allure, grandeur and mystery of the bigger cities like London, Paris, New York, Barcelona it is hard to beat. The atmosphere of the city is so very special, with charming small canals and quaint old houses that frame both the canals and the tree-lined streets, you are embraced by an intimacy not known in the larger European cities. Even as you look upon the map of Amsterdam and see the canal girdle, you (and the city) are literally being held by these ancient waterways.  So worth a visit to experience this for yourself and your loved one. 


Coming here during Corona? Read here with lots of tips of things to do during Covid-19


Charming canals of Amsterdam

Charming canals of Amsterdam. Photographer: Irena Carpaccio


The Water of Life

The third reason to choose this delightful city is canals. At the canals, poetry, stillness and beauty vibrate throughout the city and generates a quietness, unlike any other. Amsterdam is a silent city and I often hear visitors say that the sirens here are so loud, but in fact, it is because the city herself is so still, especially in the early morning or late afternoon. Most magically in the evening when the city winds down, the lights illuminating the canals, being on the water is an extraordinarily memorable thing to do.


evening tour on the canals of Amsterdam

Enjoying the silence of Amsterdam in an evening boat tour. Photographer: Florencia Jadia


I offer Romantic Tours, and here on the canals, I offer boat tours where we create an atmosphere of love and romance that truly represents the magic of this city. If you are planning to propose to your lover we offer special packages for proposals.


boat tours is a perfect activity for couples

Marvellous boat tours on the canals of Amsterdam. Photographer: Melissa Askew


These are my three reasons why I believe you as a couple should choose Amsterdam for your 3-day break here. The undiscovered gem if you are searching for a romantic destination.

With love from Amsterdam,