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10 things to do in Unique Amsterdam as a couple

fun thing to do in Amsterdam for couples

What are the best things to do in Unique Amsterdam? The city is well known for exceptional nightlife beautiful canals, wonderfull houses and so much more. If you are a couple looking for adventure, romance and unique activities, look no further than Amsterdam. Here are 10 things to do in Unique Amsterdam as a couple.


Something different something Unique in Amsterdam: Electric Ladyland

Are you looking for an activity in Amsterdam that takes you on a fluorescent voyage of discovery that you thought might exist only in your wildest imagination? Electric Ladyland, the world’s first fully fluorescent art gallery invites you to interact with their brightly coloured installations, learn about minerals that are naturally fluorescent and take a trip into 60’s psychedelia. It’s also easy to locate on a tiny street, situated in the Jordaan, in the heart of the city. Jordaan is so delightful to walk around, visit the cafes, see the tree-lined canal walkways, visit the quirky shops and bars. Well worth a visit for a great thing to do in Unique Amsterdam.


A day trip from Amsterdam

fun thing to do in Amsterdam for couples

For those couples who love nature, the sea and an endless white sandy beach, well only 30 minutes from Centraal train station is the seaside village of  Zandvoort Aan Zee. On summer days you can take a picnic and enjoy the warm weather, maybe even take a dip in the sea. Watch out though it’s a little cold! Also on Spring or Autumn days and sometimes also in summer, the beach can be windy, why not rent a windbreaker and stay there sheltered from the wind for as long as you desire. Or why not walk over the amazing picturesque sand dunes? An ideal romantic adventure for couples visiting Unique Amsterdam.


Cheese Tasting in Amsterdam

fun thing to do in Amsterdam for couples

When you visit a country and would like to experience a fun activity to do in Unique Amsterdam and live like a local? Well, why don’t you try some Dutch cheese? We have so many varieties, the Gouda, Edam, Maasdammer and Beemster cheeses and much more. In Amsterdam you can visit the Reypenaar, taste the authentic Dutch cheeses and take them home vacuum-packed. Bringing back home the taste of Amsterdam.


Visit Rotterdam

fun thing to do in Amsterdam for couples

When you are visiting Amsterdam and you love modern architecture? Why don’t you consider taking the train to Rotterdam? It is a unique place, as 75% of the city was destroyed in the Second World War, making this a totally new city and an experimental paradise for architects. In the middle of the city is a great river, weaving throughout the centre and these magnificent modern buildings. Ideal for couples looking for fun things to do in Amsterdam and beyond.


Visting Unique Amsterdam is visiting a Brewery

If you love beer and locally brewed here in Amsterdam? We have so many microbreweries in the city and I’ll highlight two well-known breweries for you to enjoy a fun afternoon together.  The first is De Prael  located right in the middle of the city. It is a project enabling people with physical and mental disabilities to have a career and of course brew high-quality beer. The second, a little more outside of the city is the Brouwerij Het Ij, where you can delight in the locally made beer with tastings too. You can take a short trip by bike or by tram 14 to arrive there. A fun thing to do in Unique Amsterdam together.


Day Trip out of Amsterdam

fun thing to do in Amsterdam for couples

Amsterdam is a city buzzing with life and full of fun things to do, but have you ever considered taking a day trip out of the city? The surrounding areas are breathtaking, you can discover ancient windmills, picturesque villages, amazing waterways, nature, parks, islands, fields and farms. It is abundant with options and well worth considering especially if you are here for a few days. Here is a blog with the best day trips from Amsterdam for couples.

Moco Museum

If your idea of a fun thing to do in Amsterdam is visionary, modern art? Well, the Moco museum is a new, privately owned gallery situated in the Museum District in Amsterdam, next to the Van Gogh museum. It has shown artists from Banksy to Warhol, Haring and Basquiat, it is a great addition to the other amazing galleries and museums we have here in Amsterdam.


Red Light District

fun thing to do in Amsterdam for couples

I know this might be surprising, but if you are visiting Amsterdam, I recommend that you go to the Red Light District. A beautiful part of the city, with architecture from the Middle Ages and the oldest part, it has an extraordinary atmosphere. Of course, there are many women there offering their services (about 290) and if you are drawn to engaging with them, some of the women do work with couples. There are also live sex shows for those of you looking for a wild and fun activity in Unique Amsterdam.


Strolling over a Local Market is a Unique thing to do in Amsterdam 

I believe that a visit to this beautiful city is not complete without a trip to one of the historic local markets. We have so many on different days all over the city and I have described my favourite seven markets in my free guide for a romantic weekend in Amsterdam, which you can download totally free. We have so much variety at these markets, from antiques to vintage clothing, from food to books, there is something for everyone and a rare glimpse into local life here in Amsterdam. At food markets you can try cheese, fish, eat stroopwafels (syrup waffles) and kibbeling (fried fish) and soak up the atmosphere. One particular favourite of mine, open on a Saturday, is the Noordermarkt, an organic market. Imagine yourselves there tasting delicious cheese, meat, fish and vegetables from some of the best producers in the country. I wrote a whole blog about 11 Dutch traditional Foods you must try in Amsterdam Well worth the visit and really a romantic and fun activity to do in unique Amsterdam together.


See the skyline of Amsterdam a Unique view

fun thing to do in Amsterdam for couples

For those couples looking for a little daring adventure in Amsterdam, why not visit the Adam Lookout? It has a spectacular 360-degree view AND “over the edge” Europe’s highest swing. Imagine yourselves swinging over the building, the city and soaring through the sky with the birds. Afterwards, why not try the spectacular Moon, a slowly revolving restaurant with a 360-degree view. An exciting and memorable end to our list of fun things to do in Amsterdam.


Well, I hope you enjoyed our journey through the 10  things to do in Amsterdam as a couple. The city is fascinating, alive and is so much fun. There is so much on offer for you to really jump into the unknown and create lifelong memories. I’m so passionate about Amsterdam, the romance and unique atmosphere in this beautiful and historic city that  I spend my life guiding couples into this little known side. I specialise in creating beautiful tours on the magical canals here and I would like to share two of my most popular.


Imagine this? You are snuggling with your beloved in a beautiful little boat, water lapping over the sides producing a gentle soundscape along with the sounds of the birds when you realise the busy streets seem miles away. You open your eyes and the picturesque  17th-century buildings are your landscape for what must be Amsterdam’s ultimate romantic evening. At Romantic Tour Amsterdam, I offer both group and private romantic tours and also our hugely popular marriage proposal tours. I offer these to guide you on a gentle adventure that includes love stories, bubbles and h’or d’oeuvres that add a little magic t0 your romantic weekend in Amsterdam.

It was my pleasure to share this with you and I look forward to meeting you in this Unique city called Amsterdam someday.

With love