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11 Dutch traditional Foods you must try in Amsterdam

traditional dutch food a person sitting at a cheese store

You’re in Amsterdam with your loved one, after a romantic afternoon in the city and you are peckish and curious about what you should eat in Amsterdam? Well look no further, I’ve compiled a culinary adventure of must-try Dutch traditional foods in Amsterdam that I love and invite you to try together. From pancakes to herring and from Edam cheese to apple pie there is enough choice. If you, like me, enjoy exploring cities through the senses you will discover what Amsterdam food is known for. They are a truly authentic taste of the city. Here are my favourite 11 traditional dutch foods for you.


A strange but tasty Dutch traditional food 


herring from amsterdam


Not the most instantly appetising street food of the Netherlands, but certainly the most famous and for those of you brave enough to give this a try I recommend it. Dutch herring is a dish steeped in our culture and heritage, going back to the Middle Ages and our seafaring ancestors and is a raw fish pickled and served with raw onion. Offered from old wooden stands throughout the city, this is a must-try for the adventurous culinary couples. 


A Dutch traditional food that is very tasty


a plate of pancakes


One of the most popular traditional dutch foods for young and old alike in the Netherlands are Dutch pancakes or pannenkoeken. Of course, pancakes are known throughout the world with many cultures using flour to make these yummy treats, some have them for breakfast or as a snack, which of course you can and for breakfast, I recommend another Dutch classic Hagelslag or chocolate sprinkles on your pancakes to truly eat like a local. What makes pancakes unique to the Netherlands are the way they are made. They are thicker than French crepes and we eat them especially for dinner, with savoury additions like meat or vegetables resembling a pizza, or sweet with fruits. A wonderful place to enjoy pancakes in Amsterdam is at the pancake bakery, situated in a delightful old Dutch canal house, you can relax, enjoy local dutch food, surroundings that are equally delicious as they are picturesque. And for the gluten-free diners, there are options for you to eat there too. Pancakes Amsterdam are a definite must-try dutch food.



Dutch Apple Pie


a close up of food on a apple pie a traditional dutch food


For a mid-afternoon treat, why not try the famous Dutch Apple Pie? The Netherlands grow amazing apples, with the right amount of sweet, sour and acid to make the perfect apple pie! Served with a generous slice with a squish of cream, together you can take two forks and share an apple pie and create a romantic moment. I can recommend two places in the Jordaan area, Winkel 43 and Cafe Hegeraad, both next door to each other serving delectable plates for you both savour. Must-try food in Amsterdam. 



Waffles Amsterdam


a close up of a stroopwafel


A uniquely and traditional Dutch cookie is the Stroopwafel, two baked cookies made with a waffle press with sweet golden syrup inside. Thought to have been created originally in the 1800s, it is very popular here still. You can buy them freshly made and in different sizes from street market stalls all over Amsterdam, my favourite waffles in Amsterdam is Van Stappele. You can also buy smaller pre-made wrapped ones to take home and share with friends and family, the supermarket Albert Heijn has shops all over the city and a really lovely selection.  



Kibbeling Amsterdam


fried kibbeling fish from amsterdam


This traditional Dutch food is for fish lovers, very popular and easily available throughout Amsterdam is kibbeling, perfect to eat together on a romantic evening walk through the city. Kibbeling is white fish, dipped in batter and fried, what is typically Dutch is that the fish is cut into bite-size pieces, fried in batter and served with a selection of dipping sauces.  A dish made for sharing, laughter and Amsterdam nightlife. 

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Edam Cheese


gouda cheese from amsterdam


Of course, a culinary visit to Amsterdam would not be complete without sampling our delicious cheese and Edam is our most popular throughout the world. Preserved in its instantly recognisable red rind, it is a mild cheese made in the village of Edam. There are still many ancient cheese markets all over the Netherlands and in Amsterdam, if you are here on a Saturday you can visit the Noordermarkt where they have an amazing selection of organic cheeses of different taste strengths from all over the country. And if you would like to visit a traditional cheese shop here in the city, Reypenaer is the cheese lover’s paradise with tastings, several types of cheeses and you get a taste of traditional food in Amsterdam.



Street Food in Amsterdam

Street food in Amsterdam at its most traditional and unusually Dutch, kroket are a sausage-shaped bitterbal, but served in hatches around the city at Febo. Put in your coins, open the hatch and your kroket is inside. A great snack to enjoy on a late Amsterdam night walking home to your hotel, enjoying the quirky, practical example of  Dutch food culture.  



Bitterballen Amsterdam


a plate of food with bitterballen from amsterdam


Dutch bitterballen are one of the most popular local street foods and traditional food in Amsterdam, served in many cafes and bars, these meat and ragout meatballs, fried in breadcrumbs are adored by meat-eaters throughout the country. They are widely served with beer, a great choice to accompany an evening of Amsterdam bar culture and nightlife. 



Dutch Fries

Dutch fries or patat as they are known here are exceptionally famous, eaten by locals and visitors alike, what makes them so special? The way they are cooked, twice-fried to bring that extra crunch and crisp that can make fries so delicious to eat. Served with an amazing array of sauces from the traditional mayo, to patat oorlog, which means fries war, which is a mouthwatering blend of fries with some chopped onion, sate sauce from the Indonesian heritage here and mayo, it truly is a special treat and a popular street food in Amsterdam. Vlemincx is the perfect little fries stand to showcase all of this potato creativity and culture combined.  



Best Poffertjes Amsterdam


someone making poffertjes


This Traditional Dutch Food are a little like tiny pancakes, the size and shape of a coin, they are made often with yeast and buckwheat flour to puff the pancakes into their distinctive shape. Served with butter and powdered sugar, these are the unsung sweet heroes of local dutch food. Try them at the pancake bakery, you will not regret it. 

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A traditional Food from the Netherlands

A Traditional Dutch Food speciality is Stamppot, a simple but delicious meal of mashed potato and vegetables and if you like accompanied by meatballs or sausage. This is served at a very lovely and quaint restaurant Sonneveld, unmistakably Dutch and very yummy. Or the whimsical Moeders, both serve delicious, traditional Dutch cuisine and sensational Stamppot. A must-try for couples seeking a true taste of Amsterdam. 

Now you know what traditional dutch food is and where you can like a local in Amsterdam. Thank you for reading this lekker (dutch for yummy) list of local Dutch foods couples must try whilst you are here in Amsterdam. It has been my pleasure to take you on this journey through the sweet, savoury, fried and more unusual sides to our food heritage and I hope this will be an invitation for you to visit Amsterdam and try these with your loved one. 


market in edam with edam cheese


My love for this city and the sensory experience of it, has led me to create gentle and romantically based tours, right here in Amsterdam. I serve one of our listings Stroopwafel on our  Romantic Waters Boat tour, a gorgeous 90 minute getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, gently travelling the canals. And if you would like to try some local Dutch cheese, we can include this in our Historical Walking Private Tour. If you would like to know a little more you contact me and I or my team will be glad to assist you. 


With Love,