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12 Fun Facts About Amsterdam

fun facts about amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a city full of charm and beauty, but did you know that there are many little known, interesting and fun facts about Amsterdam? Here are 12 Amsterdam fun facts. 


Fun 4 two Amsterdam

Did you know that The Netherlands is the first country in the world to legalise gay marriage? The first ceremony with three male couples and one female couple was here in Amsterdam on the 1 April 2001. Now there are 28 countries around the world who have done the same. And, yes all of the couples are still together and I am so happy and proud that the Netherlands were pioneers, leading the way, bringing more love and tolerance in the world.  

One Million Fun Facts About Amsterdam

fun fats about amsterdam.


One of the most little known facts about Amsterdam is that there are a huge amount of trees. Over one million in the city and you can find them everywhere, from the romantic canal pathways to the city streets, to the amazing city parks, they are everywhere! Also, it has the biggest Elm tree forest in the north of Amsterdam and when you go there it is like a jungle. Another fun fact about Amsterdam, the city even has more trees than people, with only 863,000 living in the city right now we have a very green city. 



The Smell of the City

Amsterdam even has it’s own perfume, did you know that? It is a specially created perfume by two artists from the city which they made from the Elm trees that line the canals here.  They really are able to capture the leaves, the trees, the life bustling in the streets in this perfume. I share the whole story on my Romantic Boat Tour, please join me and you can experience this sensory journey into the heart of Amsterdam. 



watch here the video about 12 interesting and fun  facts of Amsterdam



Poles apart


fun fats about amsterdam.


Another fun fact about Amsterdam is that many of the gorgeous old houses in the city are built on wooden or the newer ones on concrete poles. The reason for this is to raise them above the water and swampy, damp clay earth that lives beneath. Another Amsterdam funny fact is that one of the reasons why some of Amsterdam’s older houses are so picturesque and are a little crooked is because of these poles, adding to the charm of this fascinating city. 



Parks all around Amsterdam


fun fats about amsterdam.


Amsterdam is a super green city, did you know that we have 40 parks here? The most famous park is Het Vondelpark (named after the poet Joost van Vondel). A great place to step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and walk with your loved one. Or perhaps even a place to propose? Read here about the best places to propose in Amsterdam 



Dutch Windmills


fun fats about amsterdam.


One more fun fact about Amsterdam, did you know that there are 8 very old windmills here. Originally built on industrial, reclaimed land, they have survived throughout the years. Many of them are still in use today and you can even visit some of them and see how they work. 



Amsterdam Museums


fun fats about amsterdam.


An amazing fun fact about Amsterdam is that they have more museums per square metre than any other city! The Museumplein is where most of them are located. The Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum, Contemporary Art Museum, Moco Museum, Diamond Museum, all within 5 minutes walking distance from each other and there are of course many other museums all over the city. So if you are looking for a city where you can see art from throughout the ages, create lifelong memories gazing upon priceless famous paintings or marvel at modern creations all in one weekend or even one day, then come to Amsterdam. It is an art and culture lover’s paradise. 



Bells Are Ringing for this Fun Fact About Amsterdam


fun fats about amsterdam.


Carillons are exquisite ancient bells of 4 or more situated at the top of churches, did you know that Amsterdam has more carillons than any other city? We have 8 in the city and each church has its own player and regularly give concerts, playing all different styles of music. One of Amsterdam’s unique experiences is hearing the carillons chime their sound throughout the city. It is truly magical. 



One of the interesting Amsterdam facts involves a Bird 

One interesting and Amsterdam fun fact is that they have a huge population of Ring-necked parakeets living wild in the city. There are thousands of these tropical Dutch love birds making their home here in Amsterdam. So when you visit the parks in the city, you might hear them squawk above you and if you look up, you might see these colourful birds that are beloved inhabitants of the city. 


Cat Boat on the Amsterdam Canals

An Amsterdam funny fact is that we have a Cat Boat, yes you heard that correctly, a Cat Boat! This is a refuge set up for stray cats in Amsterdam, giving them a home. Check out their website The Cat Boat if you would like to know more about the project or even donate. 



A Poetic End

This is an interesting Amsterdam fact and one that shows the caring side of the Dutch people. Did you know that if you pass away here in Amsterdam and you have no family or friends to claim your body and give you a loving funeral, that they ask a poet to write a poem for the one passed? Someone will read out the poem during your funeral.



Dutch Way of Life


fun fats about amsterdam.


Cycling is embedded into the DNA of Dutch people, with bikes and bike paths second to none in every city, town and village, it is difficult not to notice this if you visit the country. Did you know that in Amsterdam there are more bikes than people? With 1.2 million bikes and only 863, 000 people, that’s a LOT of bikes, with many people having more than one. Also, 63% of the population use their bikes every day and you can see that in the city with the thousands of cyclists on Amsterdam’s city streets, it adds that unmistakable character and flavour that is Amsterdam. 


Thank you for reading my 12 Fun  Facts about Amsterdam. I hope you found it entertaining and it has encouraged you to visit our exciting and engaging city. It is my pleasure to compile this list as I am truly passionate about Amsterdam and offering visitors a new perspective of the city. I also extend an invitation, should you visit, to take a guided tour throughout the city with me as your guide. A lover’s walk through the city, with my History Walking Tour perhaps? Or if you are looking for the perfect place to propose and don’t know where in the city to ask, I specialise in creating bespoke Marriage Proposal tours on the canals in Amsterdam, that are unmatched in the city, with well over 100 couples being engaged at Romantic Tour Amsterdam. So if you are interested or have any questions, about this or any of our tours, you can contact me here. 

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