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Things to Do in Amsterdam for couples

Things to do in Amsterdam for Couples

Located in the Western Netherlands, Amsterdam is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting cities in the world, chock full of romantic things to do. From an intriguing culture to wonderful art, to even better food, there’s always something to do in Amsterdam. If you’re looking to go with your significant other on a romantic getaway, there’s some lesser-known things to do and places to go, without being swarmed by other tourists and making the most of the city. So, if you’re looking for romantic things to do in Amsterdam for couples, read on to find out places that are unique, and are also hidden gems!


couple on the boat tour in romantic amsterdam

Hold the hand of your love and go through the magic of Amsterdam on water.


Visit Amsterdam then you have to visit a museum


Make the most of your fabulous break with your loved one, in intimate, stunning scenes, with beautiful food, or even take trips around the city on bikes with your partner, or along the iconic canals!  What you might not know about Amsterdam is that it has more culture per capita than anywhere else! Thanks to the myriad of museums, Amsterdam beats even London on culture… but don’t mistake that for quantity over quality. Places like the Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum are full of world-class works but can often be full of tourists or large groups, which might not seem quite so romantic.

Why not make your trip an affair to remember with more off-the-beaten-path ideas, many of which are far more intimate than taking part in group tours. Avoiding the large groups means you can relax, unwind, and spend more time with your partner without worrying about getting lost, or being bothered by people you don’t know. These hidden gems are amazing little secrets and really special romantic things to do in Amsterdam, and so you will definitely find something you’d like to do! The historic city is always alive, and you can find many more secret escapes in the city by asking the locals, or by simply exploring! 

Another Romantic thing to do in Amsterdam for couples is to join one of our romantic Amsterdam tours that will take you to those places in an intimate and unique atmosphere.


Romantic things to do in Amsterdam for couples

An intimate and unique experience on a private romantic tour in Amsterdam.

A beautiful look view one of the things to do in Amsterdam as a couple

For Couples visiting Amsterdam that are looking to have a brief escape with some drinks, you might be interested in Canvas. Whilst Amsterdam is one of the flattest cities in the world, it can be difficult to get a great view of the city. But Canvas overlooks central Amsterdam and offers an exciting array of cocktails, wine, and meals, and at the weekends, you can enjoy club nights which continue all night, if that’s more your thing. Canvas boasts wonderful food and excellent service, and the drinks are exquisite, too. That sure is a romantic thing to do in Amsterdam as a couple.


Fun things to do for couples in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers you so many activities to do for you and your partner.

Things to do in Amsterdam as a Couple: Go where the locals go 

Another thing to do in Amsterdam as a couple where you can grab some wonderful drinks is de Nieuwe Anita, which regularly books up-and-coming alternative bands that you need to listen to. Even if you don’t go here for the music, this wonderful venue is famed for their cocktails. Pair that with their multiple awards for contributions to mixology, and you’ll have a great place to have some evening drinks, in a cosy environment, with some great music. If you’re looking for more entertainment, but don’t fancy drinks and bands, you can check out Pathé Tuskinksi: one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world. It’s an intimate setting, drawing inspiration from Art Deco and Art Nouveau, and they host everything from blockbuster films to arthouse movies. You might even be lucky enough to catch a movie at Pathé Tuskinski whilst they’re hosting an international film festival! The private logès in this old cinema is, in my opinion, one of the most romantic things to do in Amsterdam as a Couple.


Romantic things to do for you and your love in Amsterdam

Pathé Tuskinski is one lifetime experience you have to do as a couple.


Complete your visit to Amsterdam by going to a Park

Amsterdam is a city of culture and the  Vondelpark is undoubtedly a beautiful, and romantic urban park in Amsterdam, and during the warmer months of the year, it only gets better. Winding paths, restaurants, and meadows all come together at Vondelpark, and there’s also an open-air theatre! Why not support local arts and see a show here? Both local and international players perform there, which means you and your significant other are bound to see something unique, in an intimate setting. And there’s always food to munch and scenic areas of the park to wander off to at the end of a show. The park also boasts a wealth of history, and, for those of you that love history, it’s easy to find out more about the historic sights. A great thing to do in Amsterdam for couples if you both love parks and nature.


things to do for couples in Amsterdam

Vondelpark is the perfect place to diversify activities as a couple.


If, after the Vondelpark, you still have the itch to explore and see some wonderful sights, you should know that cycling is the main mode of transportation here and that the city has a great network of well-kept bike lanes that everyone will find easy to navigate. To make your adventures that bit more intimate, you can hire tandem bikes (there are endless rental stores throughout the city) and go exploring the famous city together. You can even go cycling on a canal-bike, so you can see the wonderful canals and still get a bit of exercise in!



Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

The famous canals of Amsterdam also provide another romantic escape from real life as you float through the city, and you can even enjoy a candlelight dinner! The iconic waterways are simply a must for every couple during their romantic trip to Amsterdam, and they’re easy to book with us. Romantic Waters Boat Tour can be taken private or in a small group of couples, where you can fall in love with Amsterdam and rekindle the love between you and your partner, and you can even take a private Romantic Walking tour! Sailing over the canals of Amsterdam is one of the most romantic things to do in Amsterdam for Couples.


a great things to do in Amsterdam is see it from the water

Dancing houses of Amsterdam – an iconic view which you must see at least once


Looking for more romantic things to do in Amsterdam that involve food, but are more traditional? If you’d love to have a romantic dinner in Amsterdam dine out in style at any of the Michelin Star Restaurants that the city boasts, and most of them are attached to some very luxurious hotels, such as the Hotel Okura and the Hotel de l’Europe. Going for a dinner date at one of the forty (yes! 40!) Michelin Star restaurants in Amsterdam guarantees wonderful ambience at the end of the day, as well as some incredible food and some of the best service in the world. If you’re looking to have a date in one of these places, though, you’ll be best to book in advance. These luxurious establishments, and their menus, intimate ambience and mind-blowing service put them in particularly high demand.

Romantic Restaurants in Amsterdam

There are other romantic venues for dinner, though. If you’d love some modern European dining with gorgeous cancel views, check out Restaurant De  Belhamel. De Belhamel boasts a lush interior with some stunning views to go with your dining experience, and the wait staff always go out of their way to make sure you’re having a great time. Specifically, De Belhamel is situated at the tranquil edge of the Jordaan quarter, and they have a wonderful, varied menu, so there’s something for even the pickiest eaters.


Romantic things to do in Amsterdam for your love

De Belhamel restaurant for you as a couple in Amsterdam


Restaurant De Kas is another wonderful venue that you can check out, too. Organic Mediterranean food will leave you feeling full after a wonderful, filling meal, and the restaurant is set in a large glasshouse. Particularly beautiful during the warmer months in the evening, you’ll be able to see the stars above you as you wine and dine with your significant other, on a memorable, romantic dinner date. Another great, unique date venue is Restaurant De Waag, in the Nieuwmarket area. It’s a restaurant/café, and it’s set in old the entry gate of Amsterdam. It’s simply stunning, and, especially during the winter when it’s snowing, it’s an exquisite, fairytale place with high ceilings and candle chandeliers. Even if you just fancy a quick coffee, it’s a wonderful place to pop into, and one of the many, simple, romantic things to do in Amsterdam! If none of these seems appealing then check out my blog with 22 Romantic Restaurants Amsterdam.


Of course, you can arrange a romantic private tour with us as well where we take you to the romantic places that match your interests.


Couple doing romantic things in Amsterdam

Cherish every single moment next to your soulmate in Amsterdam. Love is everything.

Get out of the City One of things to do in Amsterdam for couples.

Are you an animal lover? One of the cutest romantic things to do in Amsterdam involves animals! You can go and pet baby goats! A cute, inexpensive date idea, you can get yourself over to Amsterdamse Bos to play with the adorable baby goats at Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve. It’s an essential of the Amsterdam dating culture and is great fun for anyone that loves animals… especially fuzzy baby ones! The farm closes at 5 pm, which leaves you with the rest of the evening to go exploring, or even hit up a restaurant or museum (maybe even see a live show!).


Amsterdam for couples things to do

Amsterdamse Bos is such a fun place to go with your love when you visit Amsterdam


You could even hit up shopping and some brunch in the Nine streets. Step away from the hustle and bustle of tourist traps, and find the narrow streets that are full of small boutiques. Here you find all kind of shops from fashion design to gift shops, you’ll always be able to locate some wonderful things to purchase, and you can even grab a bite to eat!

Discover the Dutch Country Side

There are many good things to do in Amsterdam, but if you want to get out of the city and experience the wonderful nature of the Netherlands, then you should take a bike and cycle into the countryside! You can take the free ferry to get out of the city, and when you cycle by the water, you get a sense of what the adage means: “the world was created by God, but the Dutch created the Netherlands”. Outside of the city, you can endlessly cycle by lavish fields and see the wonderful farms that are scattered around the countryside, and even see the animals, such as sheep and goats! Unwinding outside of the busy confines of the city is easier than you think and can be such a great way to connect with nature, and your partner, on your own time, surrounded by beautiful views and fresh air. With so many things to do in Amsterdam, you can rest assured that your break will be exciting and full of activities that bring you and your partner closer together.

An amazing view over Amsterdam

After you have finished your night out as a couple, you can carry on the fun and unwind with a visit to the SkyLounge, which is easily located near the central train station. This is such a romantic thing to do in Amsterdam as the lounge overlooks the whole city centre, with windows on one side of the lounge that go from floor to ceiling, that provides you and your partner with a wonderful panoramic view of the city as you sip on some great drinks and lovely cocktails. What I really love about the SkyLounge is how you don’t have to go far to get a great view of the city, and that the SkyLounge is just close enough to the water that you can see the reflection of the lights twinkling in the water during the evening, which is a perfect way to end your romantic night in this famous city. A visit to this great place is a must-do for couples in Amsterdam as you can wind down in style. While the prices of drinks are slightly more expensive here, that isn’t something that should put you off visiting the SkyLounge – you and your partner are definitely worth it! The SkyLounge also offers a curated selection of snacks to munch on if you fancy a bite to eat, too, with their all-day menu being served until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. The SkyLounge also regularly holds concerts at the venue, and you can check out their scheduled events at their Facebook page. If you are looking for a romantic way to take your relationship a little further, the SkyLounge is also an official place to get married, and a romantic venue to propose to your lover – so for couples looking to get married in a beautiful venue, the SkyLounge may be the place to go!

If you’ve still got the itch to experience the magic of Amsterdam’s waterways, and you’re still looking for romantic things to do in Amsterdam, book the Romantic Canal Tour through our website. Our tours are an intimate journey of discovery, and they’ll provide you with a wonderful, personal escape that’s far more intimate than the big group tours. Over a thousand happy guests choose to see the city with us, and we’re rated in the top 10 boat tours in Amsterdam, according to TripAdvisor.



A romantic thing to do in Amsterdam is kissing under a bridge.

Kiss your love and make a wish which will come true on the waters of Amsterdam


The journey begins only a few steps away from Amsterdam’s only sculptural dedication to love, so you know that you’ll be getting a romantic escape for two, and a visit to Amsterdam is never complete without our tours.  Even if you’re just staying in Amsterdam for a brief weekend escape, there are always amazing things to fit in and do, and all these romantic things to do in Amsterdam are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so many secrets, hidden gems around the city, and there’s something for everyone. Even if you’re into quirkier things, there are even ways to get off the beaten track and visit retro arcades for an hour or so, if that’s more your style, or there are ways to enjoy your weekend in pure luxury with the brilliant restaurants and hotels, and high-end shopping outlets. Have you been to any of these places? Did you prefer them to the traditional ideas? There’s always more to do in the historical city, so why not check some of these out?

With Love from Amsterdam