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Amsterdam Breaks for Couples

Visit Amsterdam with your couple and kiss on the Skinny bridge.

What comes to your mind when you think of  Amsterdam breaks for couples?


Hold on, I can feel the preconceptions coming. Yes, the red light district, Cannabis and Beer? Let me help you debunk these ideas because on most occasions, they are half true, they are what everyone says about Amsterdam. To be honest, Amsterdam is way more than just the red-light district, beer or Cannabis; it is Venice of the North. It actually has more Canals than Venice. Hold on, you still don’t believe me? Let me show you how the city has the perfect Amsterdam breaks for couples.

In this blog, I will share with you the little well-kept Amsterdam secrets that no- one really tells you about. The places that only a local and true expert knows about. Sometimes, even the locals have absolutely no idea of these places.

Here come my favourite Amsterdam breaks for couples to spice up your visit to Amsterdam.



Amazing places to hang out; De Jordaan, Botanical Gardens and parks


There is nothing quite like hanging out in the serene ambience of Amsterdam`s little-known spots.

De Jordaan is more than just a charming, silent, serene neighbourhood. It is more like the Greenwich of Amsterdam. Nice, 17th century buildings looming above you, restaurants whose menus are as diverse as the span of your love, and the walks. Yes, the walks are the epitome of all this. It is just the kind of place where you can hold hands, walk hand in hand by the canal as everyone lovers love to do.


Watch here my video on the Jordaan


Amsterdam breaks for couples de Vondelpark


Another Magical place are the botanical gardens in the east, It has plants from all over the world and a must-see is the Butterfly garden. There are numerous parks strewn across Amsterdam, the most famous being Vondelpark, will leave you asking for more time to hang around Amsterdam. They are the perfect definition of “romantic spots”. Those where you can just sit somewhere, close to your loved one and savour the Amsterdam Romantic Breaks for couples. You might even kiss if you want to because they just force you to concentrate on the heartbeats near you, and the bloom of flowers. That’s just part of the joy of the Amsterdam breaks for couples.



Romantic Boat tour: UNESCO Canal Belt.


Amsterdam has the best boat tours in the world. Everyone can get onto the boats at the canal. In fact; it’s just the perfect way to start your Amsterdam breaks for couples.

Throw in a couple of blankets for a closer snuggle, not your blankets. I give that to you! Then the low whirr of a solar-powered boat that lets you talk and cuddle as much as you want. To cap it, you get a nice refreshing drink, on the romantic boat ride.


Amsterdam Breaks for couples the Canals


I can confirm this one thing, right from the bottom of my heart. There is no joy beyond this trip. If it doesn’t awe you and your partner, then it revitalizes your love.

Follow this link to book yourself a boat ride before it is sold out. 



The City. Yes, you heard me right! The city


Let me tell you a small Amsterdam secret. It’s not the ambience that makes us fall in love with the city, it’s the City itself. They don`t sell you the city on standard tours to Amsterdam.


Amsterdam breaks for couples st. Nicolas Church Amsterdam


I like to refer to the City as a complete meal waiting to be served. From lighting up your taste buds with Netherland`s unique chocolate, visiting the City`s very romantic cinema, to share your love as you get enthralled with the tulips, right from where they were first grown. That’s not enough yet? Then we should experience the over 77000 elm trees that the city has and the ambience of Amsterdam. Are you curious to see and hear of this and much more.



Romantic Walks through Amsterdam


I earlier did talk about walking beside the canals. It is a must I believe that you and your loved wouldn`t have tasted the love if you don’t explore Amsterdam on your feet. Walking in Amsterdam will exhilarate all your five senses, trust me.


Amsterdam breaks for couples go for a night walk


I always think that the best part of walking in Amsterdam is not the walking, it’s the experience you have when you walk. You slow down and the impressions of the city come to you more slowly. Places like the De Magere Brug (skinny bridge) over the Amstel River. It’s not just a bridge. For those who know better, the bridge is a sanctum of romance! Yes, many people believe that couples, who kiss on the bridge, remain together forever!

And if that doesn’t satiate your love hunger, then walking across the city, by the canals, sometimes across the many bridges, will definitely do it! This Amsterdam breaks for couples just got more interesting, didn’t it?



Cycling in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a cycling city. Needless to say, we all use bicycles to move into the city and out of it. Ever wondered why we all look this fit? Well, there is our not so well kept secret, it’s cycling. 


bikring in amserdam is really great thing to do


Walking might take you into the depth of the city, but cycling will take you to the heartbeat of the city. From the hotels to the museums, to the parks, the canals and the markets, cycling is definitely the most romantic and easiest way to move around. Well, you can’t carry your loved one on a bicycle as you would probably want to. It brings out the competitive edge in your love and gives your body the much-needed exercise. Wanna really make it romantic go rent a Tandem a cycle in perfect tune together through the streets of Amsterdam.


Go with me on a bike tour online here.



Amsterdam museums. Find the old love!

Since we are already into experiencing love, how about we get to experience the rich heritage of Amsterdam?


Amsterdam breaks for couples Library Rijksmuseum


There are so many places to see, but I will only sample a few of them in this post. Rijksmuseum, with its 800-year of Art history, the epitome of Dutch heritage. Then we can go on to Van Gogh, the only place in the world you will ever see a collection of over 200 of the master`s artwork. Experience the love stories between Anne and Peter at the iconic Anne Frank House. And to wind up Amsterdam breaks for couples, the Royal Palace, the bedrock of all Dutch love and heritage. Had enough?

You can`t do all the museums in one trip. You definitely have to join the Amsterdam breaks for couples some other time.



The best hotels Netherlands offers. They are worth a visit too!


For a couple like you seeking the perfect Amsterdam breaks for couples, then staying in a hotel worthy of your love is a must.

There is a wide selection of Romantic hotels you can stay in. From the famed Andaz (top of the line) and so many others.

In the same breath, these hotels offer top-class services with top classrooms for you, depending on the abilities of your pockets. And if you want to get a little closer to the Amsterdam lifestyle, then the boutique hotels will also enthral you.


Eat at the most romantic restaurants in town!


If you and your loved one are into tasting exquisite cuisines, then your taste buds are in for an adventure on my Amsterdam breaks for couples.


Amsterdam breaks for couples Restaurants


First, you should try the traditional Dutch meal called Stamppot, Moeders (best typical dutch restaurant around) and Sonneveld (great local cuisines). Then you should get a taste of Indonesian food. Indonesian? Yes, we are the second-best country in making Indonesian food, after Indonesia!

You can sample the wide array of restaurants, and the unique cuisines as your tour in Amsterdam goes along. From the local cuisines to ones that you have never experienced like the Peruvian one. You might just turn this romantic break in Amsterdam into a food haven altogether, for you and your loved one. Curious about more restaurants check out my 22 Romantic Restaurants in Amsterdam.



The Amsterdam markets. Let’s go shop!


The Amsterdam markets are famed. They are a perfect way, to sum up, your tour, by getting souvenirs to remind you of your romantic break when you go back home.

Needless to say, the list of markets is almost an endless one. But we can take the best, can’t we? The flower market does it for your souvenirs, and gifts to go home with. Albert Cuypmarkt, the food market is probably the best place to shop for ingredients for your perfect romantic meal. Noordemarkt; my personal favourite offers the best organic food around. And Nieuwmarkt, with the best fresh organic food in Amsterdam, just about wraps up my personal favourites in the city!


 Wonderful Beaches

couple picknicking in the dunes

Amsterdam breaks for couples are a great way to experience the city of Amsterdam intimately and enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is home to some wonderful beaches and taking a romantic break in Amsterdam can help you to break the stereotypes of Amsterdam and enjoy special moments together. There are lavish beaches in Amsterdam that contrast the stunning forests, making Amsterdam perfect for long walks in the autumn. You can enjoy watching the sunset over the water with warm hot chocolates from the beach cafes and sit by the fire in autumn and winter. One of my favourite things to do is to walk along kilometres of dunes, as it gives you a real sense of space! The train is easy to find at the central train station towards Zandvoort, It is just 30 minutes and goes every 30 minutes.  So your next adventure together is never far away.


Amsterdam During Winter


amsterdam during winter


Winter is a beautiful time of year that can be intimate and romantic, and Amsterdam is not short of romantic breaks for the Christmas period that can add a little extra magic to the festive season. Though many people think of Germany when they think of Christmas markets, Amsterdam hosts many beautiful markets during the season, including the wonderful Ice Village. To truly enjoy your romantic break in Amsterdam during Christmastime, it’s essential to take a visit to this market and go ice skating. If you don’t have a pair of ice skates handy, don’t worry – you can rent a pair of ice skates for a romantic date on the ice and experience the ‘Christmas Village on ice’. To warm up after some skating, you can enjoy a lovely hot chocolate and traditional Dutch Fluffy pancakes with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, that are small, fluffy, and very tasty! You can also discover gift shops at the market, where you can browse and purchase great Dutch gifts for your partner, and to remember the magic of a Christmas in Amsterdam for years to come. Couples in Amsterdam shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to visit any of the wonderful Christmas markets during the winter season, but my favourite is definitely the Ice Village, as ice-skating is a fun and romantic date idea that you are bound to fall in love with.



Amsterdam by night. The real Amsterdam


Ever wondered what Amsterdam felt like at night, when you are with your loved one? Well, here’s a chance you should jump into.


Amsterdam breaks for couples by night


On your Amsterdam breaks for couples, the magical boat tour is a perfect way to wind down from a busy day. Also plain old walking in the city at night. It is magical; in fact, it is the best way to feel the love of Amsterdam. Amsterdam by night offers the kind of ambience that makes you feel to ask your loved one for a walk every night. It is way beyond magical.

Are you interested to learn more? Then you should probably download my guidebook for a more feel of what the Amsterdam breaks for couples are all about. Go here to download my FREE Romantic Guide for couples

Fall in love with Amsterdam when you come for your Amsterdam Breaks for couples. Get in touch with me if I can help you with anything to do with romance and Amsterdam. I love to help.


With Love from Amsterdam