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Best road trip from Amsterdam for couples

road trip from Amsterdam

Nothing can compare to a romantic weekend in Amsterdam with the one you love. But if you have more time at your disposal, the city only scratches the surface when it comes to the beauty of the Netherlands. My beloved country is rich with culture and has plenty of stories to tell. Below I have listed some of the best road trips from Amsterdam.

Step off the beaten track to find intimate moments away from the crowds. Discover castles straight out of fairytales and villages surrounded by vast seas. Stroll hand in hand through emerald parks and admire the rare cherry blossoms – miles from Japan.

Create memories you will treasure forever by choosing one of these road trips from Amsterdam for couples. Whether you’re searching for tulip fields, Dutch windmills or a quiet village to be alone with your partner, extending a romantic trip to Amsterdam further afield will be an intoxicating experience.



The best road trip from Amsterdam

birdsview over the tulipfields of holland


Amsterdam is not only my home, but it is also a city I love deeply and know inside out. Nothing makes me happier than showing tourists the romantic side of Amsterdam. I have many Amsterdam day tours designed to suit varied interests. But I also know of many other wonderful places further afield for couples to add to their Amsterdam itinerary.

Join me and discover a country of contrast and magic. These Amsterdam day trips will conjure up images of a time gone by.


Visiting Tulips The Keukenhof Gardens

In the town of Lisse lies Keukenhof, the “Garden of Europe” and one of the biggest tulip gardens in the world. A visit to Keukenhof is a delight for all your senses. Seas of colourful flowers bloom in spring and couples can discover the garden’s innovative design that changes every year. Explore the gardens and pose for photos with your loved one, against one of the most beautiful backdrops The Netherlands. Keukenhof gardens are only open for seven weeks of the year, so make sure to plan your Amsterdam itinerary accordingly. I offer a private tour exclusively for couples A day at the Keukenhof Gardens, From mid-March, to mid-May this is a must road trip from Amsterdam.


keukenhof flowers all over a day escursion from Amsterdam



Road trips from Amsterdam: Castle Muiderslot

 The Netherlands has a lot of castles, but you’ll have to leave Amsterdam to find them. A castle near Amsterdam is Muiderslot. It is by far the most beautiful and best-preserved of them all. And as it is only 30 minutes from Amsterdam, it is the perfect romantic road trip from Amsterdam. Visiting this picturesque castle with your partner will be like stepping into a fairytale. All the rooms have been restored to their original 17th appearance and the castle is surrounded by a beautiful moat. Learn inspiring tales of days gone by and take pictures together you will treasure forever.


a garden in front of a castle


After a day spent exploring why not return to Amsterdam to continue the romance into the evening? My romantic canal cruise begins as the city winds down and reveals itself as its most alluring. Drift beneath Amsterdam’s magnificent bridges, past 17th-century canal houses as you listen to tales from the heart. Your guide will invite you to experience the beauty of the city.  Enjoy stories of love and details of the architecture that make Amsterdam such an open-air museum. This romantic canal tour is a once in a lifetime experience to share with your loved one.



Amsterdam Forrest

 Amsterdam Forrest is less than than 30 min from the city so you can easily cycle or take public transport to visit it. A beautiful destination all year round, enjoy a walk in the woods, kayak on the waters or even visit the farm to cuddle some goats! Pack a picnic and spread out on the grass with your partner. This is a must and one of the most romantic things to do in Amsterdam for couples.

a couple in Amsterdamse bos a short day trip from Amsterdam

If you are travelling to Amsterdam in spring, then you are in for a treat. Experience Cherry Blossom season in Bloesempark in Amsterdam Forrest. These trees were gifted to Amsterdam by Japan in 2000 and these delicate flowers in full bloom are a magical sight. Cherry Blossoms signify new beginnings in Japanese culture, so taking your partner here to celebrate an anniversary or even a proposal would be an excellent choice. You can even stay in a hotel right on the edge of Amsterdam Forrest, surrounded by trees!



 Road trip from Amsterdam discovering the Art of  Van Gogh. 


This national art museum and sculpture garden are situated in Hoge Veluwe National Park in Otterlo, up to two hours from Amsterdam. Therefore, it is a great option for couples extending their Amsterdam itinerary.  Founded by art collector Helene Kröller-Müller, it has one of the largest collections of Van Gogh paintings. What makes this such a special experience is that to get to the museum you must cycle through the park. The combination of art, nature and the two of you together make this a very romantic excursion and a must-do road trip from Amsterdam



Amsterdam windmill tours


Kinderdijk ook o the best day trips from Amsterdam



Seeing windmills is usually at the top of people’s list when visiting Amsterdam. Nothing evokes thoughts of the Netherlands than our grand windmills. As there are so many to choose from, these are the road trip from Amsterdam windmill tours that are best for couples.


Short trips from Amsterdam: Zaanse Schans Windmills


windmills a great place to visit as a couple during your day trips from Amsterdam



A trip to Zaanse Schans will give you a glimpse into Amsterdam’s industrial past. The open-air museum recreates how a dutch village would have looked like in the 18th-19th century. Discover Dutch crafts and clog museums, visiting Zaanse Schans is like walking into a picturesque postcard and is only 30 minutes from Amsterdam.

Zaanse Schans is very popular with tourists so be prepared for crowds but I’m sure you can find a space for personal moments.


Kinderdijk Windmills


Kinderdijk ook o the best day trips from Amsterdam



Slightly further away from Amsterdam but well worth a road trip from Amsterdam to  Kinderdijk, a village in Amsterdam’s South Holland province. There are more windmills here and they draw fewer crowds, so it will be easier to find a romantic spot for the two of you. The 19 preserved windmills are breathtaking and have even been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At night the windmills light up to create an enchanting view.



Road trip from Amsterdam a little further away

I pride myself on being an expert on romantic things to do in Amsterdam. But romance can, of course, be found in other cities and towns in the Netherlands. The Best road trips from Amsterdam listed below will be perfect for couples who want to soak up the atmosphere and history of this beautiful country.





Zeeland sea and pols into water a great day excursion from Amsterdam



If you have longer in Amsterdam, I highly recommend travelling down to the south to the province of Zeeland. Translated this means “land of the sea”.  I grew up in the small village of Domburg and it is very beautiful.


Deltawerken in Zeeland a great way to see another part of the etherlans


For a unique and romantic Amsterdam excursion, visit Neeltje Jans, a man-made island surrounded by the ocean. A huge disaster in 1953, caused the sea to completely flood this part of the country. In response, they built huge bridges with metal gates to close off the entire sea, so the lands could never be flooded again. Couples can visit this magnificent structure and learn how it works and admire the stunning sea views. You will pass Kinderdijk on your journey so you could combine it on this road trip from Amsterdam.


visiting zeeland a must day trips from Amsterdam


Alternatively, villages in Zeeland are romantic places to visit. Streets of listed buildings and cute cobbled alleyways make for special moments with your lover. In Zierikzee, climb to the top of the historic Dikke Tower for panoramic views of the town as the sun is setting. For couples who love their art, head to Domburg a former artist colony, hosting painters such as James Whistler and Mondrian. This escape to the coast is a perfect contrast to the city of Amsterdam with beaches and seaside activities on offer.



Gouda cheese, cheese and more cheese


Stadhuis in Gouda not far from amsterdam on your day trip


I have no doubt you will have heard of Gouda, a quaint old town famous for its cheese.

Just over an hour’s drive from the city, it is a great road trip from Amsterdam to see a different destination. As well as the open-air cheese market that is well worth a visit, Gouda is home to 350 national monuments. The most impressive is Gothic Stadhuis, a gothic and magnificent building that is now mainly used as a wedding hall. Admire the vibrant tapestry and head onto the balcony for a view of the market. Gouda is not only photogenic but full of independent restaurants and cafes to spend quality time with your partner.


Short Trips from Amsterdam: Marken


Marken woman hanging wash out


Heading into Holland’s lush green countryside is sure to evoke romantic feelings. A simple 45-minute road trip from Amsterdam can lead you to Marken, a delightful fishing village. This village is tiny and the perfect place to escape the crowds. Explore peaceful streets lined with green wood-panelled houses in a place that looks like it is straight from a storybook.


Marken became separated from the mainland of the Netherlands when the Zuiderzee formed in the 13th century. This island was often flooded by the sea, which is why the houses are built on the pillars. Now Marken is connected to the land by a very pretty road. However, it still has that magical feeling of being so close to the water, with a quaint lighthouse and fresh clear air. As it is so small, an hour is enough time to explore Marken which makes it an ideal Amsterdam excursion. Love the romance of the water? Why not discover Amsterdam by boat on my romantic canal tour?



More road trips from Amsterdam for couples


People often ask me which cities are worth visiting after Amsterdam. Of course, for me Amsterdam will always be the most romantic city. However, here are my picks of beautiful places for those looking to extend their Amsterdam break for couples.



Day trips from Amsterdam by train: Den Bosch


A tunnel in den bosch a wonderful city to visit on day trips from Amsterdam



For me gliding through canals by boat with the one you love is the epitome of romance. There must be a reason that Venice and Amsterdam are such popular destinations for couples!

Den Bosch is an old city in the south with lots of canals and many houses built on top of these. I would recommend taking a canal tour with a guide to explore under these houses. Den Bosch is also home to striking medieval architecture and plenty of jazz cafes and bars, perfect for dates with your love.


Stefka a great guide and friend of mine made a great video about Den Bosch check it out here:



Day trips from Amsterdam by train: Rotterdam


Rotterdam a modern city best day trip from Amsterdam



Rotterdam is a great city to visit for a strikingly different experience. As Rotterdam was bombed when the Nazis occupied the Netherlands, 75% of the original city no longer exists. While Amsterdam is smaller and famous for narrow cobbled streets, Rotterdam is wide and spacious. Amsterdam is historic, Rotterdam is modern and innovative.


Foodhallen in Rotterdam a must visit


The city is a playground for experimental architecture. This Amsterdam road trip will only take you a little over an hour, but you may want to stay longer for a true taste of the atmosphere. Explore the city by water taxi, sample the food markets and hold hands while walking the length of the harbour.



Day trips from Amsterdam by train: Alkmaar

Alkmaar a excursion from Amsterdam



For couples, craving undiscovered destinations where they can get lost together Alkmaar is a picturesque city ready for you to explore. Only 30 minutes from Amsterdam, you can avoid tourists but still relish all the delights of a Dutch city. With canals, cheese markets and proximity to the coast – Alkmaar has it all!


Alkmaar an quant city close to Amsterdam



I hope I have convinced you to extend your trip to Amsterdam to include the wonders of the Dutch countryside and coast!  Planning a day trip from Amsterdam can be a great way to create beautiful memories with your partner. If you need any more help planning a romantic Amsterdam itinerary (or beyond), then don’t hesitate to contact me. It would be a pleasure to share the city I love with you and your significant other. I can arrange private tours, so you can escape the crowds and spend less time planning. Which means more time for just the two of you.  For me, love is the most important driving force in this world, and it should be celebrated.


With Love from Amsterdam