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Where can I find the Love Lock bridge in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam love bridges with sunset


Many visitors, especially young lovers are curious and ask Where can I find the Love Bridge of Amsterdam?  In Amsterdam, we have many bridges. You might ask, is this the love lock bridge, or the love bridge? In this blog, I’ll illuminate for you where the official old love lock bridge is, where the many bridges related to love are, and where the new, tucked-away love lock bridge is. I invite you to read on and come with me on a journey under the romantic bridges of Amsterdam


Find all the love bridges in Amsterdam on this map:

History of the Bridges of Amsterdam


Amsterdam historical bridge with church in background

Historical bridge in Amsterdam

Before we traverse the picturesque bridges related to love in Amsterdam, I will share with you a brief history of why there are so many bridges in the city. To answer that, we have to look at why are there so many canals. Around 900 years ago, Amsterdam was under sea level, with wetlands, rivers, and water, the city would constantly flood, so only fishermen would live there. Slowly over time, more people came to the city and they realized that creating the canals was an ingenious way to transport goods. By the 1600’s Amsterdam was a thriving port and the city pooled its resources and built an amazing system of canals. 



How many bridges are there in Amsterdam?


Amsterdam wooden bridge

One of those ancient wooden bridges


Over time there were built around 235 canals to allow a trade to enter the country, to divert the water and stop flooding, and to provide a sewage system. Now we have about 165 Canals. Many of them were closed and became streets. And upon those ancient canals, more than 1200 bridges were raised in Amsterdam. In the beginning, most of the bridges were wooden bridges. There are not many wooden bridges left in the city but the ones that are are the true love bridges of Amsterdam.


Skinny Bridge Amsterdam for eternal love


Amsterdam skinny bridge during day time

Skinny bridge on the river Amstel with a love legend

I’d like to begin with one of Amsterdam’s most iconic love bridges, The Skinny Bridge. As you can see in the picture this is an exquisitely made wooden bridge, still functioning, opening when big ships pass through here on the Amstel River. Most importantly for us, this Amsterdam love bridge has a romantic legend. It is told that if you sail under the bridge with your lover and kiss, you are destined to be together forevermore. On our Romantic Boat Tour Amsterdam, we sail underneath and if you are desiring to seal your eternal love with a kiss, why not join us? You are warmly welcomed.


Amsterdam skinny bridge durning the day

Skinny bridge on the river Amstel during the night



The Seven love bridges of Amsterdam 


love bridge Amsterdam


Imagine yourself in a beautiful boat, gently gliding along the canals of Amsterdam. You come to our next iconic destination, the Seven Bridges of Amsterdam. Full of charm, atmosphere, and a little mystery, you sail under seven low, close-together bridges that magically transport you through what seems to be a tunnel of love. As you pass under that final bridge you feel different, the beauty of Amsterdam has captured your heart. We travel under these bridges on our very popular Romantic Proposal Tour. All the way to the end, it offers lovers the quietest and most enchanted place to propose. Please contact us if you would like to know more. 



Read here more about: 11 romantic getaways in amsterdam.


The Old Love Lock Bridge in Amsterdam


Amsterdam love lock bridge with a couple kissing

the official love lock bridge, but be careful putting your lock here.

Our third and perhaps the most famous love bridge in Amsterdam is the old love lock bridge. Forever memorialized by Claude Monet (who visited Amsterdam three times) in the foreground of the Monet painting ‘De Zuiderkerk’ (the south church). This charming wooden bridge is the official love-lock bridge of Amsterdam. However, in the last years, the Amsterdam city council has begun to remove the locks and will continue to do so whenever there are more than thirteen locks on the bridge. Ever creative, Amsterdammers and visitors have found another bridge….

here a Facebook site dedicated to this bridge


love lock bridge of Amsterdam with a couple being in love

the many locks on the love lock bridge of Amsterdam


Romantic Love Bridges Amsterdam


love bridge of amsterdam

Amsterdam has many love bridges


Before I share with you the ‘new’ love lock bridge, I’ll share with you some of the love bridge highlights of Amsterdam. The first beautiful ones are the bridges of the Brouwersgracht, where you can enjoy the peaceful, wide bridges, where fewer feet travel over in what is a lovely place to visit. Also in Prinseneiland, there are many narrow pedestrian bridges that you can stroll over situated in this charming neighborhood. Or you can walk the charming streets and cross another series of bridges that I love called Bloemgracht (the Flower Canal), I invite you to visit there and enjoy the romance of the city. If you would like to know more romantic bridges and amazing places to propose in the city, you can read all about this in my blog Where to Propose in Amsterdam.

You can find on this map all the bridges I mentioned in this blog:


The New Love Lock Bridge in Amsterdam


amsterdams new love bridge

Amsterdam has a new love bridge in the Vondelpark


And now we find ourselves at the end of our journey, the new love bridge Amsterdam… Secreted away in the heart of the city in the Vondelpark (I’ve enclosed a map for you below) you find the bridge. On your final steps toward the bridge you are surrounded by trees and as you pass by the quaint circular open-air theatre, you turn and discover the new love bridge Amsterdam. This is the place where lovers find themselves placing their padlocks and declaring their undying love. They like to engrave their names and the date on the lock and at the bridge surrender the key dropping it into the water, symbolizing their love that will last forever. 



love bridge vondelpark

in the middle of the Vondelpark, you find the new love bridge


If you are planning to propose in the Vondelpark it is filled with romantic spots For example nearby a beautiful spot under a weeping willow. We have a new service that takes care of it all and allows you to have an intimate Boho picnic by the water. Read more about the marriage proposal we offer. And if you are looking for where to propose in Amsterdam this blog is filled with wonderful spots.


a close amsterdam picknick huwelijksaanzoekup of a tree

Amsterdam Picknick marriage proposal Picture: Mirte Groos


This bridge is nearby the proposal spot and is wonderfully romantic

a tree in a forest

Romantic bridge in the Vondelpark  picture: Mirte Groos


To help you explore the Vondelpark even more I created a romantic walking route in the park.


Experience the Amsterdam bridges differently.


Amsterdam canals proposal

Amsterdam canals proposal


Thank you for taking this journey with me over and under Amsterdam’s bridges of love. It was a pleasure to share my knowledge with you. As you may imagine experiencing these bridges are often more special by the water beneath. That is what you will discover if you take a Romantic Canal Cruise with us.



For those of you drawn to stroll over bridges together with your loved one and experience the city that way, I created a romantic quest to explore some beautiful parts of the city while solving puzzles. It is my passion to offer unique romantic experiences in what I believe to be one of the most romantic cities to visit. Enjoy your visit to Romantic Amsterdam


With love from Amsterdam