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11 Romantic Getaways in Amsterdam


Known for its artistic heritage and elaborate canal system, Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and is both culturally and architecturally impressive, with a vast number of hidden romantic getaways. This impressive city is an amazing place to be, with incredible sights, wonderful hidden gems, and is one of the most romantic places to escape for a weekend with your significant other. You can choose to experience anything you like in the city; you can go for an Amsterdam boat tour, indulge in the darker side of Amsterdam, or escape into secret venues that are lesser-known gems.


a romantic getaway in amsterdam

Do you want to escape the routine of your daily life? Visit Amsterdam! Picture by: Adrien Olichon

Amsterdam is an unknown romantic getaway

Whilst the sheer number of tourists may seem intimidating initially, I’ve cultivated several guides on where the best locations for dates are. I know that everyone likes different things, but from drinking to having fun in alternative venues, to wining and dining in high-class environments, Amsterdam has it all. There’s always something to do when you come to Amsterdam for a romantic escape, which is why I’ve compiled this Amsterdam guide: to help you find some brilliant places to lose yourself in, places that are tried and tested by myself, and places I’d consider to be some of the most intimate romantic getaways in Amsterdam. With a mix of genuinely stunning scenery, quiet escapes and things that are incredibly hidden, So especially for couples this is a great starting point for your adventures in Amsterdam, so take a look, and let me know what you think.


Are you visiting Amsterdam during Corona I created a blog with Things to do during Corona in Amsterdam.

A must visit the Keukenhof

If you’re visiting in the spring, Keukenhof is a beautiful place. It’s stunning during the spring when all the flowers bloom. It’s vibrant, and it’s one of my favourite romantic getaways in Amsterdam, because of all the wonderful colours. As a garden, it is exceptional. As a place to escape from the city, it’s incredibly beautiful and a place where you can chat and explore to your heart’s content, and Keukenhof is renowned for the beautiful tulip gardens that bloom each year. Keukenhof can sometimes resemble a painting – the vivid colours are a sight to see! It’s like you are walking in a painting of Vincent van Gogh. Two years ago I went in search of a Tulip named everlasting love watch here and see if I found it.



Why not visit a park

Another one of the many beautiful, romantic getaways for couples in Amsterdam is Oosterpark. Oosterpark is a wonderful place to stroll, and features wonderfully bright green grass, a playground, and more. There are also aerobics classes to participate in if you as a couple are feeling athletic. During the evening, you and your partner can take a quiet stroll along the well-lit paths and stop to take a look at the wonderful statues around the park. Personally, I find moonlit walks peaceful, and they’re the perfect time to bond with your loved one.


Amsterdam romantic getaway

Hold the hand of your love and walk through the parks of Amsterdam.


Hidden garden

Did the two parks above not satisfy your itch for beautiful scenery? Get yourself over to Droog. Droog is an innovative space, and the beautiful ‘fairy tale garden’ is certainly a sight to see! They’re wonderfully cultivated and have become a haven of biodiversity. The layout of the garden is wonderful, too. The nature of the garden is contrasted by synthetic turf, which allows you to quietly walk through the gardens, which creates a sense of stillness. This wonderful garden could be the perfect place for you as a couple to escape for some quiet intimacy, even if you just want to take in the intimate scenery! Droog is also special for a different reason. It took me some years to find out about Droog, and not many people know about it! If you’re looking to explore a place without many tourists, or even locals, Droog could be the place to be and they offer some great cakes too.


Amsterdam in the night romantic getaway in Amsterdam

Amsterdam in the night is a totally different and unique experience to celebrate your love.


If there’s some shopping on your mind, you can take yourself down De 9 Straatjes, or the nine streets. These quaint streets are situated on either side of Amsterdam’s grandest canals, and you can shop until you drop with boutiques, cafes, and more, and find some wonderful gifts for yourself, or your partner. There are some truly wonderful eateries on the nine streets, too, so if you feel a little peckish, you can grab a bite to eat. If you’re not quite satisfied with some of the lovely cafes here, you can take yourself over to any of the amazing restaurants in Amsterdam, such as The Stork, Zaza’s, and more check out my list of the top twenty-two romantic restaurants here!With countless Michelin Star dining establishments, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, whatever your budget or preference.


Romantic getaways in a dinner in Amsterdam

Cosy Amsterdam cafe in the Jordaan area in Amsterdam.


Try some Dutch Food

One of my personal favourites when it comes to eating in Amsterdam is Café Sonneveld. This café is traditional, with an outstanding menu and with a fantastic, calming location. It makes for an exceptionally romantic getaway in Amsterdam, and Café Sonneveld will give you an authentic taste of some of Amsterdam’s best cuisines. The place boasts impressive service, great food, and a fantastic view of some great prices. 


Best romantic getaway in Amsterdam

A’dam Lookout is perfect for a romantic getaway for you and your love.


Stunning View

A little bit different, a little bit dangerous, the A’DAM Lookout is another place you can escape to. This place features outstanding views of the wonderful canals of Amsterdam, and you can grab something to eat inside the Panorama Restaurant & rooftop bar. It’s one of the lesser thought of romantic getaways in Amsterdam, but don’t let that put you off. The food is incredible, and you’ll be dining with one of the most phenomenal views in the world. If merely dining with the views isn’t enough, why not experience it? You and your partner can take a swing on Europe’s highest swing on the A’DAM Lookout sky deck – it’s just a little something that can get your heart racing!


A cocktail with your love Romantic Getaway

Be creative and show your love by experiencing a cocktail in Amsterdam.


Drinking Cocktails

After having some great food, you might feel like checking out some of the amazing bars around the city. Whilst there are tons of venues to go drinking, there are some lesser-known escapes that you can utilise, such as grabbing some cocktails at the Andaz Hotel. You can opt to vanish into an intimate corner, or silk into comfy sofas around the venue to watch the world pass you by. If you want to see the action up close, you can even join Head Bartender Martin at the bar. Whether you prefer drinking handcrafted cocktails with your significant other or enjoying some coffee on an early morning date, you’ll find that the Bluespoon Bar inside the Andaz Hotel is a perfect escape, whatever time of the day it is. You can also grab something to eat off their bar menu, which features some incredible snacks and traditional Dutch bites to keep you going for your next adventure.


Private Boat tour in Amsterdam 

If traditional food has made you feel an urge to explore Amsterdam’s famous waterways, you can always go for a boat tour. In my opinion, a canal tour a must-do for couples and one of the most romantic getaways in Amsterdam. We specialise in the Romantic Site of the city and let couples feel the Magic and Romance of Amsterdam. Have a look at the Romantic Waters Boat tour here, and see if you can be inspired, too.


couple at sunset in Amsterdam during their day in amsterdam

Explore the romantic side of Amsterdam on

When you’ve finished on your Canal tour through Amsterdam, you may want to check out Museum Van Loon. An exceptionally well kept historical site, some people say it’s a must-see. A beautiful house that offers an insight into the lives of the Van Loons, it’s an essential for anyone with an interest in history or any couple that would love to explore more of Amsterdam’s history! Museum Van Loon is a step back in time that’s easily missed, but a place that should be on your radar if you’re looking for romantic getaways in Amsterdam that sate your passion for beautiful decoration and history. For couples with an interest in gardens, you’ll be able to see the wonderful gardens during the day, filled with absolutely outstanding hedge art and more.


Visiting Markets

Another slice of history comes in the form of  Albert Cuypmarkt. Since 1905, the street market has been a permanent fixture of Amsterdam, and provides not only tourists but also locals, with hours of entertainment in the form of shopping and browsing. If you and your significant other are looking to find typical Dutch treats (think of raw herring or freshly made stroopwafels), then you could find a bargain on the Albert Cuypmarkt. There are 260 stands where you can discover Amsterdam’s typical sense of humour, and immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere.


A night out to the Theatre

If the Albert Cuypmarkt hasn’t entirely sated your appetite for Dutch tradition, why not check out the National Opera, Home of creativity, outstanding shows and a blend of old and new, the National Opera is one of the best romantic getaways in Amsterdam and is a sure-fire way to embrace the fascinating culture of the city with your partner in a way that allows you to see an incredible show at the same time. With everything you could wish for, from old-time classics to vibrant new displays of culture, you can find a show to interest both of you.


A cute house

Another great way to explore the fascinating culture of Amsterdam is by taking a trip to the Smallest House. This house is impressively narrow, standing at a minuscule 2.02 metres wide and only 5 metres deep at the front. It’s a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city to explore something unique, something that not many people think of. As a date idea, it’s great – you get to explore the city with one another, and take time to enjoy the culture of Amsterdam, as well as looking into the history of a wonderful city with a cup of tea! It’s a modest bubble of privacy for you as a couple, to unwind and enjoy a small meal, so why not check it out?


So there we have it: some of the best romantic getaways in Amsterdam, with a little something for everyone type of couple. I’m absolutely positive that you and your partner can escape into this wonderful city and find intimacy and passion with one another. Whether you’re fans of wining and dining or prefer a little something different, I think this list positively encompasses everything that Amsterdam embodies, and I’m certain you’ll be able to carve out your own memories in this exciting city by using these places as a starting point.  Over the years, I’ve been lucky to have experienced these escapes myself, and I’m happy to be sharing them with you today! I am happy to answer any queries you may have about this wonderful city, and I’m positive that I’ll be able to set you off on your own romantic journey. I made a Free Guide for Couples in Amsterdam, so I hope that with my help, your romantic getaway in Amsterdam will be full of magic.


man en vrouw die elkaar zoenen on boot in amsterdam

ronald kempff fotografie

During your city break, did you take the time to indulge in a Romantic boat tour? Canal tours are a wonderful way to see the city in peace, as well as learn more about the city with a dedicated guide. Why not check out my Romantic Waters Boat tour to see where the city will take you? After all, a break in Amsterdam isn’t quite finished with out experiencing the renowned canals first hand!

Or watch an impression here from the boattour:


Did you find these resources helpful? Have you personally explored the places mentioned above? If so, I would love to hear about your adventures, so feel free to let me know where you’ve been, and how your experiences were!


With Love