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Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary

Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary


Are you travelling to Amsterdam for the weekend and looking for a comprehensive guide to what to do with your loved one? I’ve prepared for you a 2 day itinerary for Amsterdam for couples. Covering both Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be including delicious and intriguing places to eat, wonderful museums, lush parks by the water, romantic canal walks and of course a drink or two. I hope my choices are both informative yet share the unmistakable romantic atmosphere of Amsterdam in all its diversity. Here is my Amsterdam in 2 days itinerary. 


In this video, I explain why I believe Amsterdam is a Romantic Getaway:


Amsterdam 2 day itinerary first day: Saturday

Before I take you out into the city and its charming streets and canals, you will need to find yourselves a great hotel. The variety and the sheer number of options available are plentiful from five-star luxury hotels to B & B’s to canal houseboats to even stay in a converted windmill!  Please take a look at my blog Where to stay in Amsterdam it will give you an abundance of ideas for all tastes and budgets. 


Breakfast first in Amsterdam 

Now, let’s start the day with an exquisite breakfast, at a very romantic restaurant Dignita, set in a magnificent garden. It serves Breakfast and brunch all day and the food is both healthy and delicious and is the perfect choice for couples looking for a romantic breakfast in Amsterdam. 


Visit a Museum in Amsterdam


Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary 


Our next stop on our Amsterdam in 2 days itinerary is the Rijksmusuem, an astonishing museum in a city with the most museums per square km. Full of works from the Dutch master painters, like Rembrandt Van Rijn including the famous ‘Nightwatch’, it is a delight to experience especially on a romantic morning together in Amsterdam. And, if you have been to the Rijksmuseum or you would like to visit another one of the spectacular museums in the city, you can check out my blog The Best Museums for Couples in Amsterdam.


My favourite Organic Market


Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary


As you leave the Rijksmuseum, why not travel to the Noordermarkt? A particular favourite of mine, the Noordermarkt is open on a Saturday and I visit there myself almost every week for the gorgeous organic food. Imagine yourselves there hand in hand, tasting out of this world cheese, meat, fish and vegetables from some of the best producers in the country. Why not then take a picnic basket and fill it with some of this delicious food for lunch? Shopping for some lovely fresh bread, traditional Dutch cheese, figs, fruits, artisan drinks and preserves to fill your basket and take a walk to your next destination. 



Picknic in the Vondelpark

And with your lovely food, we travel to the next stop on your Amsterdam in 2 days itinerary, the Vondelpark. Located in the centre of Amsterdam, this is a great place to sit, open your picnic basket and enjoy a romantic lunch together in the sun. Remember to find yourself a spot by the water,  relaxing on the soft grass for your afternoon in romantic Amsterdam. And on the way there from the museum, why not stop at the love locks bridge? Check out a picture here It’s one of the must-do romantic activities in Amsterdam. Before you go put the padlock on the bridge, engrave your names and the date. At the bridge fit the lock and throw away the key in the river, sealing there your eternal love. 



Romantic Restaurant in Amsterdam 

We slowly enter the evening after a full day relishing the romantic city of Amsterdam and it’s time for dinner. My top recommendation for a meal in a romantic restaurant is the exotic flavours of Indonesia. Indonesia was in the past a colony of The Netherlands and is the second-best place in the world to experience this flavourful cuisine. Long Pura is a great example of Indonesian food and culture, right here in the heart of Amsterdam. When you are there why not enjoy a Rice Table, a platter of different dishes served with rice, perfect to share. 



Walking by the canals of Amsterdam


Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary


No 2 day itinerary in Amsterdam would be complete without mentioning an evening walk back to your hotel through the Jordaan? As you leave the restaurant, you can stroll by majestic old Dutch houses, charming streets, elegantly lit bridges and the glistening gentle canals as your backdrop. Picture yourself there arm in arm soaking in the remarkable romantic atmosphere of Amsterdam. 


Cocktails Special

If you feel like a cocktail on the way home I recommend Labyrinth. It is loved by locals and a real gem in the city. I know the owners and they are so passionate about what they do. Inspired by Afro Caribbean flavours, the cocktails are created lovingly in house. Labyrinth also hosts food and poetry evenings. A perfect ending to the first day of your Amsterdam in 2 days itinerary



Amsterdam in 2 day itinerary day two: Sunday

Pancakes for breakfast


Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary


Waking in your hotel after a great night’s sleep, I recommend an early morning pancake breakfast! A Dutch perennial favourite, we eat them for breakfast and lunch and most often dinner with all kinds of toppings hot and cold, fruit to meat and back again, the Dutch love pancakes. You can eat them in a traditional Dutch canalside warehouse Pancake Bakery to enjoy the quintessential Amsterdam breakfast. 



Experience Amsterdam on a Bike

After your delicious breakfast, why not combine a little exercise and see the city by bike? You can collect bikes for hire at Mac bike at Centraal Station and they are great quality and at a low price.


Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary


You have two choices where to go? You can take your bike, hop on a ferry and travel to the North of the city and cycle in the countryside. The second option for a bike ride in Amsterdam, as it is Sunday morning, you can cycle around the city. At this time of day it is so still, calm and magically silent. A wonderful opportunity to discover Amsterdam before the city comes to life.  I designed a route for you Here.



Lunch Go traditional dutch

What is next on your Amsterdam in 2 days itinerary? Why not experience a traditional Dutch meal? Stamppot is a simple but delicious meal of mashed potato and vegetables and if you like accompanied by meatballs or sausage. This is served at a lovely and quaint restaurant Sonneveld, authentically Dutch and very yummy.



Some shopping in the Nine streets

Afterwards, if you like you can cycle on to the Nine Streets for some shopping. 9 picturesque little streets in the canal belt of Amsterdam very close to the centre of the city. Full of unusual, high quality and one of a kind shops with designer or vintage clothing, souvenirs and quaint cafes, the nine streets are an enjoyable way to discover Amsterdam where the local’s shop. 


Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary


If you are searching for souvenirs that speak Amsterdam, you could also visit the Flower Market, held every day. You can buy flowers, tulips, Dutch ceramics and many dutch souvenirs there, definitely an entertaining place to visit and buy gifts. Be carefull not to buy your flowers here. The quality is very bad. A good alternative is to buy them at the Tulip Museum in th Jordaan. 



Dinner time in Amsterdam

Now it is time for dinner, I would love to recommend a very cute and romantic restaurant looking out over the Herengracht, De Belhamel. Stunning location, beautiful interiors and heavenly food, what a wonderful way to celebrate each other and the weekend here in Amsterdam. And if you are looking for more inspiration for a romantic restaurant in Amsterdam you can read about that on my 22 Romantic Restaurants in Amsterdam blog. 



Romantic canal tour Amsterdam


Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary


Now for the last stop on your 2 days in Amsterdam itinerary,  a Romantic Canal Cruise in Amsterdam. Imagine this, you are snuggling with your beloved in a beautiful little boat, water lapping over the sides producing a gentle soundscape along with the sounds of the birds when you realise the busy streets seem miles away. You open your eyes and the picturesque 17th-century buildings are your landscape for what must be Amsterdam’s ultimate romantic evening. At Romantic Tour Amsterdam, we offer both group and private romantic tours and also our hugely popular marriage proposal tours. I offer these to guide you on a gentle adventure that includes love stories, bubbles and h’or d’oeuvres that add a little magic to a 2 day itinerary in Amsterdam


Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary


Well, thank you for taking the time to travel this journey of Amsterdam in 2 days with me. It was my pleasure to share with you some of the highlights of a romantic weekend in Amsterdam with you. I invite you to take a look at the bike tours and walking tours in the city I offer. I would be delighted to share my knowledge of the city and its culture and history with you again. 


With love