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The best places to propose in Europe

best places to proces in europe athens


Best places to propose in Europe


Europe has some of the most romantic cities in the world for a wedding proposal. I selected 5 cities I believe are the best places to propose in Europe and asked local guides to give the best spots in there cities to propose to your loved one. I hope this guide will help you make it a memorable moment for you and your lover. Let’s discover the Most Romantic Places in Europe: Athens, Venice, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam.


The best spots for a proposal in Athens


best places to proces in europe athens


Athens, the city of Gods and Goddesses. The Birthplace of philosophy and democracy and rich in; culture, ancient history, architecture, nature and stunning beaches. Regardless of its extraordinary features, I think that my city is rather underrated as a romantic destination. Many couples skip the city altogether and head straight for the dreamy Greek islands like Santorini, but I say don’t! There are so many wonderful experiences to share as a couple and an enchanting cuisine to indulge in on those intimate nights! In particular, Athens has some of the most unique and spectacular landscapes in the whole of Greece providing the perfect backdrop to your proposal!


Where to propose in Athens

Athens, the city of Gods and Goddesses. The Birthplace of philosophy and democracy and rich in; culture, ancient history, architecture, nature and stunning beaches. Regardless of its extraordinary features, I think that my city is rather underrated as a romantic destination. Many couples skip the city altogether and head straight for the dreamy Greek islands like Santorini, but I say don’t! There are so many wonderful experiences to share as a couple and an enchanting cuisine to indulge in on those intimate nights! In particular, Athens has some of the most unique and spectacular landscapes in the whole of Greece providing the perfect backdrop to your proposal!


Lycabettus Hill 

best places to proces in europe athens

Enjoy creative flavours at the highest point of the city with a visit to the restaurant, Orizontes. Nicknamed “the terrace of Athens”, this fine restaurant sits upon the lush green Lycabettus Hill. It promises stunning 360° views of the whole of Athens and the finest Mediterranean cuisine. With its striking surroundings, it is the perfect spot to propose to your loved one and afterwards to enjoy a fine dining experience.

Monastiraki & The Acropolis

best places to proces in europe athens 

Probably the two most iconic landmarks in Athens are Monastiraki Square and the Acropolis. The famous Monastiraki Square, literally known as “little monastery”, is one of the principal shopping districts in Athens. It is known for its sun-kissed cobbled streets and its jumble of little shops selling; souvenirs, handmade sandals and sweet-smelling soaps. The gentle

hum of a bouzouki and the smell of freshly baked koulouris fills the air daily and really captures the buzz of city life in Athens. This is a great spot to shop hand-in-hand for a souvenir of your trip together or perhaps to get down on one knee and ask the question.

Nothing is more romantic than the magnificent view of the sun setting behind the Acropolis as you sip a glass of champagne. So take a walk to Monastiraki at night and find the rooftop bar Anglais. With its secluded location and stunning scenery, this is the perfect setting for a proposal.



best places to proces in europe Athens

Charming winding pathways lead you through street decorations, strung fairy lights and lines of quirky cafes and candy stores; the district of Psirri looks like a scene straight out of a fairytale. It is the best spot to share a dessert or a box of sweets such as bougatza and rolled ice cream and by evening a magical location to relax with a cocktail, share some Greek meze and ask your lover to love you forever.



best places to proces in europe athens

Hop on the bus to Pireaus and head down to the seafood restaurant Varoulko on the Mikrolimano marina. Another idyllic location for a proposal with; sea views, a fresh salty breeze and some luscious seafood. This elegant restaurant boasts succulent fresh

fish, renowned fish soup and excellent wines, but most importantly, a dreamy atmosphere for an engagement.



best places to proces in europe athens

Known for its islandic beauty, the district of Plaka is a hotspot for tourist couples and locals alike. Visit this quaint district to enjoy a romantic stroll in the shadow of the Acropolis whilst observing extraordinary views of Athens. Sidewalk cafes such as Yiasemi provide an oasis for enjoying a full breakfast buffet with all the trimmings or a cool homemade lemonade on a hot Athenian day. Vines, flowers and decorations engulf the area making this little neighbourhood a breath of fresh air. Perhaps this mystical location is your ideal setting for a proposal, or even for a romantic post-engagement drink.


Sounio & Voulagmeni lake

best places to proces in europe athens


The ideal escape from city life and an exotic landscape for a proposal is the geological phenomenon of Voulagmeni lake in the district of Sounio. This natural lake offers thermal springs with curative properties, underwater labyrinths and lush vegetation that create a paradise for all the senses. Snorkelling, swimming, massage with aromatherapy and outdoor fitness are just some of the rejuvenating activities to enjoy together. The all-day restaurant/bar offers fresh juices and homemade sodas, as well as fresh salads and elevated bar food to enjoy between swims. After enjoying the lake, prepare yourselves to experience Greece’s famous sunset from the best viewing point in Athens. Voulagmeni Lake with its dazzling scenery is a definite choice for an unforgettable engagement!



best places to proces in europe athens

A food tasting tour in the historical city centre)- If you are looking for a unique and fun proposal, then I recommend a food tasting tour of the historical city centre. Receive the opportunity to tuck into authentic Greek specialities like loukamades and bougatza within the backdrop of Athens’s landmarks. Stroll through Systagma Square and stop off for a freshly baked tiropita, discover The Athenian Trilogy whilst sharing rolled ice cream made of fresh, local milk and explore Varvakios central market, filled with local; meats, fish, fruits and vegetables, as well as cheeses, seeds, nuts and much, much more. Witness at first-hand traditional cooking techniques by local chefs and speak with local shop owners to learn more about the origin of Greek produce. Finish off the food tasting tour by sharing Greek mezze and ouzo with the locals and perhaps getting down on one knee to an audience! Your partner will never see it coming!


Best Places to propose in Europe Venice

This enchanting pearl of the lagoon is there, witnessing the passing of time. Still capable of provoking devastating emotions and offering constant surprises to our eyes and souls. Venice is an audacious city, founded by valiant people on islands in the middle of the biggest Italian lagoon, so proud of being there; despite all perils and difficulties, they enlarged the community building new land, the islands, throughout 10 centuries. The city of Venice gives to visitors, travellers, students, hurried workers and its own citizen’s everyday surprises and views that force the inattentive eyes to stop and admire a detail, a sculpture, a façade, a garden, a narrow alley, a piece of marble, a group of bricks or a water glare. Venice is considered a romantic city for its allure, turns to poetry daily life and routine with its eternal fascination. So it has to be included on the list of best places to propose in Europe.

Enchanting spots to propose, contemplate that bridges are more or less 436 and as a touristic city they can be busy very soon during some periods of the year, not on all of them is possible to stop for a romantic moment, it is much more appreciated a proposal on a gondola floating under the bridges (consider 2 choices, charming and predictable or unusual location depends on the customer’s expectation and personality) could be:

best places to proces in europe venice


Charming and predictable spots to propose in Venice

Garden Grand Hotel Dei Dogi: a true rarity, the hotel with a private green area of more than 2000 sq.m. Sinuous paths, Trompe d’oeil of rocks, caves, false ruins and fountains add serenity, an oasis of beauty and peace to take refuge and recharge the spirit.

Gondola on Grand Canal and lunch/dinner at Gritti Palace or at Aman Hotel: the gondola ride in itself is a romantic moment for a couple to propose after the gondola can be unexpected instead of ending at the gondola park to surprise your partner with a beautiful restaurant on the Grand Canal.

best places to proces in europe venice

Brunch or dinner at Roof Top Terrace Hotel Splendid or Hotel A La Commedia: a proposal on the water is a nice opportunity but also a proposal facing the sky surrounded by breath-taking views of the city.

Restaurant Locanda Cipriani on Island Torcello: an exclusive location now, founded in 1934 by Giuseppe Cipriani who took over a small and modest resale of wine and olive oil, and turned it into a “inn”, with few but delightful guest rooms and a pleasant room for the restaurant, surrounded by a garden of flowers and vegetables, overlooking the unparalleled views of the churches of Torcello. The Inn was consecrated as a literary myth for having hosted Ernest Hemingway in the fall of 1948 and many other celebrities.


Unusual places to propose

On the island of Giudecca where there were vineyards and orchards until the beginning of the twentieth century some gardens have been renovated and brought back to a new luxuriant life. Documents describe the nature of these places, bounded by brick walls and communicating with each other through little doors leading into long, narrow plots lying in a north to south direction to get as much sun as possible and create the best micro-climate for vegetation. Subsequent changes parcelled out the long allotments and new buildings started being put up in the 1940s, this work continuing up to our own time. These 3 places are Courtyard of Monastery Redentore, Courtyard of Factory Fortuny, Garden of Hotel Bauer Palladio.

best places to proces in europe venice

Bike wandering on Sant’Erasmo island among orchards in the middle of the lagoon. It is an island made up of fields and vineyards that supplied greens and fresh garden products (like the famous purple artichoke) to the entire city of Venice. It has maintained its agricultural calling up to today, with its few inhabitants carrying on the old traditions. It is funny and sporty to explore the island by bike until you find the famous fortified Tower or discover isolated and romantic corners. You can stop and rest at the beach and have a picnic under the shady trees.

Gourmet lunch/dinner at Restaurant Da Celeste on Pellestrina island, the boundary island of the southern lagoon, you can reach it by a long cruise using public boats or have an exclusive arrival on private boat/taxi and enjoy breath-taking lagoon sunset…..the best for a proposal!


Where to Propose in Paris 

best places to proces in europe Paris

Paris is a favourite destination for romantic getaways in Europe and especially when it comes to proposals. In my opinion it is the best place to propose in Europe, but I am biased because I live here.  For me, the best place to propose would be along the river. Not only do the banks of the Seine feature some of the loveliest views of the city, but it’s also quieter and thus you’ll be able to cherish the special moment together. Some of the best riverside places are the Quai de la Tournelle with a backdrop of Notre Dame, the Right Bank stretch from Pont Neuf to Pont des Arts for its gorgeous views and the Eiffel Tower can be seen towards Pont des Arts, and down by the water or on Pont Alexandre III, the most magical bridge in Paris and with views of the Eiffel Tower.

a group of people walking down the street

Perhaps you would like a more unique view of Paris, there are all kinds of romantic spots around Montmartre from where you can see the city, like in this article, plus the proposal could take place at the end of a romantic stroll in the area. There are also lots of romantic parks in Paris, the Luxembourg Gardens is terribly romantic or the Buttes-Chaumont Park is more original, plus on a rocky outcrop, there is the Temple of Sibylle, a sort of love temple with great views. For smaller parks, I would recommend the Square Saint-Gilles du Grand Veneur, a hidden garden in the Marais tucked in behind some historic private mansions and with lovely climbing rose trellis. With such settings… how could he or she say no?

best places to propose in europe Paris

My favourite places to propose in  Barcelona

Barcelona is the perfect city to propose! Enclosed between the sea and the mountains, Barcelona is that vibrant, colourful and shiny city you would want to savour with your ‘media Naranja’ (your other half or ‘half-orange’ in Spanish). Many might say that the Park Güell would be THE location for proposals. Designed by the world-famous architect, Antoni Gaudi, the Park in itself is pure art from which you can see all sights of Barcelona. It’s a classic! If you love the Spanish vibe and the warmth of the people and the country this gives a unique setting and definitely belongs on the list of best places to propose in Europe.

best places to propose in europe Barcelona

Though, Barcelona offers many more options. The Labyrinth Park of Horta is the city’s oldest conserved garden. Once Neoclassical, with a slightly Italian look, it later adopted a Romantic style. In the centre of the labyrinth, you will find a statue dedicated to Eros that appears in the movie ‘The Perfume’ from Susskind’s best-seller. And what to say about Cervantes Park! Known only by a few, it hides the biggest and most beautiful collection of roses of the city. Probably the most romantic garden Barcelona possesses!

best places to propose in europe Barcelona

If you are looking for a 360° view of Barcelona, then go uphill to the terrace of the Hotel Florida on Tibidabo hill. Surrounded by the Park of Collserola, the landscape will bring you to tears! You can choose as well to go to the Montjuïc hill. With its castell built-in 1640, all about it is magic. You can have a walk on its many gardens: the botanical garden, the Cacti garden – the loveliest of all cacti gardens in Europe -…

best places to propose in europe Barcelona

If you want to propose at sundown, go to the Bunkers! Barcelona is surrounded by mountains. Hanged on the side of the mountain, the Bunkers offer an incredible view of the entire city and where your eyes will encounter the horizon, they will also meet with the sea!

best places to propose in europe Barcelona

You would rather propose in the historic heart of the city? The rooftop of Saint Mary of the Pine church offers the best view of the Old Town. If you reserve in advance, you will be just the two of you. And if you want to have a toast, the rooftop of Hotel Colon next to the Cathedral of Barcelona or the rooftop of the NN 1898, The Isabella, next to the famous Rambla are a dream. If possible, Barcelona is a city to fall in love even more.

An undiscovered city for lovers Amsterdam 


Amsterdam canal houses am cut see in your weekend in Amsterdam

As a guide offering romantic tours of Amsterdam, I believe that Amsterdam is an undiscovered city for lovers. When most people think of Amsterdam, they think of coffee shops, drunk people and of course, the red light district, but there is a real magic and romance to the city. This is a true city of love and one of the best places in the world to propose!

Amsterdam is a very old, historical city with beautiful houses, lots of water and filled with parks and natural spaces. Amsterdam’s narrow streets, built in the 16th and 17th century, are quiet with few cars and lots of bicycles. There are plenty of secluded cobblestone corners and canal-lined alleyways to enjoy with your loved one!

Here are 3 places to propose in Amsterdam


Pop the question in the park

Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has some incredible parks, but one of my favourites is Vondelpark. Here you will find beautiful trees hanging over ponds, surrounded by grass, with birds and ducks and lots of magnificent flowers. Find a spot by the water and enjoy a picnic with some local cheese and wine as you go down on one knee in Amsterdam!


Propose on a bridge in Amsterdam

A authentic wooden bridge in Amsterdam. one of the many places to propose in Amsterdam

With around 1,200 bridges, Amsterdam has a variety of places that you can propose. One bridge that is very romantic is at the crossing of .. and … This is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset over a wide canal and it is generally very quiet so is a great spot to propose. A second bridge I really love is the Reguliersgracht, the location of the Seven Bridges of Amsterdam, where you will have a beautiful backdrop for pictures of your proposal. My third favourite bridge is at the spot where you can see the Zuiderkerk or the southern church of Amsterdam. This old wooden bridge features in Monet’s paintings and is the official love lock bridge of Amsterdam. Click here to discover more of the best bridges for popping the question in Amsterdam.

As an extra some beautiful spots to propose in this video about the Jordaan:


Amsterdam canal tour proposal

a person sitting at a table in front of a building

Are you looking for something really special and an original proposal idea in Amsterdam? Enjoy a private moment on a small electric boat as you are guided through the canals of Amsterdam. We specialize in offering proposal canal boat tours and have had more than 100 couples propose in Amsterdam. We personalize each tour to your needs with your favourite songs, even organizing a photographer or live musician on board, and will share some of Amsterdam’s best love stories with you during your cruise. What a special way to get engaged!

I hope these 5 best places to propose in Europe gave you some inspiration. Feel free to get in touch with us directly to help you create a special day for you and your lover.


The writers of this blog


Athens: My name is Anna and I am the founder of Athens Food on Foot and more recently, Live the Greek Life. My fondest memories as a child were those spent with my family cooking in the kitchen. No matter who was cooking or what the dish was, I was there on my tippy toes peeking over the kitchen worktop, learning everything I could. Now as an adult, my knowledge and passion for food and traditional cooking techniques have only continued to grow and now I spend my time searching for delicious, authentic foods and unique food experiences. I aim to share these precious eateries with you, as well as combine them together with striking locations to provide you with an all-round memorable experience. I hope you fall in love with my city as deeply as you have with your partner.

Venice: My name is Chiara and I am a Veneto native, born on the mainland, someone described me as an amphibious creature because my father’s family comes from the city of Padova and the agricultural countryside, from my mother side I come from the Island of Pellestrina, a fishermen island. I took my degree at the University of Padova, studied languages, literature and history of art, lived in England, Spain and Germany for a while both for study and work reason. In 2013 I became a licensed tour guide in Venice. As a tour guide, I bring also years of experience as a school teacher, working with families too. I lead tours in Venice that are tailor-made when is possible to discuss with customers and travel agents preparing the travel program. I am a local insider, ready to focus tours of the artistic and cultural heritage of Venice with 3 special interests: the history of art, protection of lagoon environment and……….get lost with my customers inside the city heart looking for amazement!

Paris, My name is Lily and I am a writer, tour guide and romantic expert based in Paris. My writing has been featured on  The Huffington Post, Business Insider,, Frommer’s,, Fodor’s, TravelAge West, among others. In addition to sharing the best of romantic Paris on my website, Je T’Aime, Me Neither, I lead tours in the most romantic places in the city.

Barcelona: My name is Chloé and  I was born and raised in Belgium. I have a Master degree in History. I have mostly worked in International settings and lived in 10 different countries on 3 continents. Being a Tour guide is the job that gathers all my talents and qualities. I love it! Through my tours, I always try to present History as the Story that binds us, that connects us, more than it divides like we have been taught.  I’ve worked as a guide in Belgium, Italy and Argentina and, since 2017, in Barcelona. I choose Barcelona for its beauty, its history, its landscape, its weather and above all because Barcelona is one of those cities where you travel without travelling: here, the World comes to you! Travel Barcelona with Chloé

Amsterdam: My name is Rocco and my passion is helping curious travellers to visit Amsterdam with fresh eyes. I believe Amsterdam is one of the most romantic places in Europe. I draw on my experience as an artist and dancer to choreograph creative, intimate tours that transform the pavement into a stage and reveal stories behind every stone. I believe tourism can have a heart. But I know how impersonal and unrewarding large-scale tourism can be. That’s why I offer a spontaneous, authentic, intimate, and artistic form of guiding building a relationship with you as a traveller. I don’t want you to see the city. I aim to make you feel the city. Come with me, Visit Amsterdam as you’ve never seen it. Let’s start exploring these magical streets together! If you are planning to propose in Amsterdam see what here how we can help you create a magical proposal in Amsterdam