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Coronavirus: Things to do in Amsterdam during the Covid-19 outbreak

Visitor taking a picture at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

The unthinkable has happened. You’ve arrived in Amsterdam for a romantic getaway and to immerse yourself in its magical culture and nightlife. But, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), all of the restaurants, many shops and museums are closed. What do you do? To help you through this time, I have created for you a list of amazing things to do in Amsterdam that can (mostly) be enjoyed in your hotel room, whilst still absorbing the culture and romance of this beautiful city. 



Explore the city and nature surrounding the city


Several Boats on the canals in Amsterdam

Marvellous canals of Amsterdam. Photographer: Eirik Skarstein


If you are in the city and the weather is lovely, why not take a walk around your neighbourhood? There are some beautiful streets in the city with amazing architecture. One area is the Amsterdam Canal Gordel, a stunning place for couples to walk together next to the canals. Now that many of the shops and all of the bars and coffee shops are closed and the streets are very quiet, a wonderful place to visit is the Old District of Amsterdam the Red Light District. 

Why not hire a bike from your hotel and travel through the parks and nature areas in the city. On the way, you can pick up some take away or bring your own food and drinks. There are so many lovely places to enjoy a picnic! 


People on bikes cycling in Westerpark, a park in Amsterdam

Cycling in Westerpark, the biggest park in Amsterdam. Photographer: Eirik Skarstein


Visit Westerpark on the bike:







Amsterdamse Bos








Two people holding hands on a bike at a sunset

Bike with your love one in Amsterdam and feel the magic of a sunset. Photographer: Everton Vila


If you’d like to travel a little further outside of the city, why not visit the beach? You can still use public transport (if you want to). Or you can hire a car, my recommendation is Nedcars to take a short journey for a romantic walk along the beach.


Amsterdam houses and boats reflected on the canals

The canals of Amsterdam reflecting the dancing houses perfectly

Christmas time is a time where the city becomes dark around 5pm and all the lights in the city will turn on and create it a magical and romantic city. I created a map with the best Christmas lights of Amsterdam which you can see during winter. One route (dark red)  is best seen on a bike another route (yellow) best seen from the canals. If you like to see the lights from the canals this is the Evening cruise I offer.




Zandvoort Aan Zee 

A great beach easily reached by train or car. About 30 min from Amsterdam. Check train times here.


people walking on the beach during winter in schoorl beach, the Netherlands

The sandy beach Strand Bergen aan Zee during the winter season


Bergen Aan Zee

A more quiet beach and with wonderful walking routes.

My personal favorite beach and dunes is Schoorl. If you enjoy long walks and a place away from the crowds this is the one to go to. It is about 45 min from Amsterdam. You can go by car or take the train and the bus.


And another place closeby with very quaint and typical Dutch-style windmills is Zaanse Schans. Remember that the museum, shops and windmills are closed, but you can still take a walk in this picturesque and captivating location just perfect for couples.  


Dutch Windmills and houses in a small town in Netherlands, Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans gives you the authenticity of Dutch Windmills Photographer: Moritz Kindler


And of course, please stay as safe as you can. I’m sharing here the regulations now for COVID-19 specifically in Amsterdam by the local authorities. 


Take an audio tour through the city

One amazing tip if you had planned a tour through the city, but can no longer enjoy this due to COVID, let me share with you the izi travellers app. Why not download it and take a tour of the city, either by foot or from the comfort of your hotel room.


Do a Private Romantic Boat Tour


romantic mini boat tour amsterdam a couple smiling and being in love

Explore Amsterdam Canals during a romantic canal tour through the waters. Photographer: Ronald Kempff

At the moment we are not allowed to offer any tours, but if you purchase a gift card now we give you a 15% discount and you can us this whenever you want. Simple use Love2020 when you purchase one and you get the discount – Be aware only available untill the 26th of May 2021.

There are few things you can do in Amsterdam, but what is possible if you are looking for something really romantic. Is doing a private canal tour. The canals are quiet, peaceful and magical especially now since almost no tourist are there. I believe that if you haven’t seen Amsterdam from the Canals you haven’t seen Amsterdam. I created a romantic canal tour especially for couples and love to take you around and let you feel the magic and romance of Amsterdam. I will share romantic stories, show you some highlights around love and romance and let experience it through all your senses.  Especially during Corona, I created a Romantic Private Canal tour that is still affordable for every budget. Go here for more info about what I offer even during corona. Or float underneath the many bridge with lights during the Romantic Night Canal Cruise in Amsterdam time.


Cheese and beer tasting in your hotel room


Different type of cheese with tastes in amsterdam

The Dutch produce 650 million kilos of cheese every year.


Dutch cheese and beer are world-famous, from Gouda to Heineken and beyond there are so many delicious ways to immerse yourself into dutch food culture without visiting a restaurant.

As the smaller shops may be closed why not visit a supermarket? In Dutch supermarkets (Albert Heijn you can find them all over the city) you can buy Dutch cheese. You could buy a few different kinds of cheeses and make your own cheese platter, we have different flavour strengths, young, medium and old. It is lekker (dutch word for yummy) and to enjoy the cheese with a local beer enhances the experience. Brouwerij ‘t IJ is a lovely local beer and can be found also in our supermarkets. 

if you want to make A truly local visit My favourite organic market: De Noordermarkt and buy your local cheese here.

Another heavenly Dutch delicacy is the stroopwafel (caramel waffle). A personal tip that I love to share is to take your waffle, place it over a steaming cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee and allow that steam to melt the caramel. If you have a love for sweet, this is an exquisite and really romantic way to enjoy Dutch food.  


Take a moment to share with a loved one


A post card written by hand many years ago, 1918

Vintage postcard, Happy Christmas 1918. Photographer: Annie Spratt


It is a challenging time for so many people at the moment and for you, it could be an opportunity to spread a bit of love and connection from your trip to those loved ones at home. One magical and thoughtful way is with a postcard, you can buy postcards from your hotel or close by perhaps showing the beauty of the city and sending a message to your friends and family. You can also find postcards and stamps at our local post office here


Amsterdam a city of romance


Two people hugging and looking at each other in love on a beach

Love is the most powerful feeling in the Universe. Photographer: Christiana Rivers


As you can see, Amsterdam is, even in these uncertain times, a place to relax, discover the city and be together even within your hotel room. I hope these tips make your stay more enjoyable and the passion, art, beauty, romance and culture will invite you back to visit us again in different circumstances. 

And if you do return, as a passionate local guide, I organise both romantic group tours and bespoke tours to help couples fall in love with Amsterdam and each other – all over again! I also have helped plan many anniversaries, honeymoons and marriage proposals in this beloved city. I’d be delighted to help you arrange a romantic surprise, whatever your needs or budget. Come with me and uncover a side to Amsterdam you’ve never seen before! 

If there’s anything I can help you with please get in touch at [email protected] and me and my team do whatever we can in these challenging times.

For now, I wish you a special stay in Amsterdam and stay safe and healthy.



Creator of Romantic Tour Amsterdam