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What are the costs for a canal cruise in Amsterdam?

couple at sunset in Amsterdam during their day in amsterdam


Before I tell you about the different costs are for a canal cruise through Amsterdam, I want to let you know why I think that every visitor who comes to Amsterdam should book a canal cruise. Amsterdam is a city known for the Red Light District, Heineken and of course the weed. I personally believe that Amsterdam has a hidden treasure of beautiful, special and intimate places. This is the reason why I started Romantic Tour Amsterdam. On my tours I like to let people feel the romance and magic of the city.

 If you come to Amsterdam as a couple, alone, with friends or with your family, you have to see Amsterdam from the canals. I believe that if you have not seen Amsterdam from the water you have not really visited this city.

What you see from the water is truly unique. On a boat in Amsterdam you are about a meter lower when walking. This gives you the chance to get a totally different perspective of the city. You sail under picturesque bridges and past beautiful old canal houses. From the middle of the canal it is the ideal distance to the buildings, so you can really see them well since you have enough distance from them which is not the same when you walk. 

Are you interested in doing a canal tour now?  

If the answer is YES, you may be wondering: what are the costs for a canal cruise through Amsterdam?



Prices for a canal cruise through Amsterdam

 Prices for a canal cruise vary from €13,- to €500,-. It depends on what you want. Below are a number of options of the various canal cruises through Amsterdam. I have also listed the advantages and disadvantages of each canal cruise.



The cheapest canal cruise in Amsterdam


rondvaart prijzen amsterdam

One of the starting points of the Big canal cruises in Amsterdam

This is the cheapest I’ve found. The ticket price is €13,- for adults and €9,-  for children. It is about 60 minutes on a large tour boat. The boats are authentic and sometimes a bit old-fashioned. It is a closed boat, so sometimes the view is limited. Because the boat is a bit large, it cannot enter the smaller canals. An ok tour with audio guide, but not one I recommend. Similar tours are at Lovers, Blueboat and Stromma, but more expensive than De Kooi. So if you are looking for a cruise on a large boat for a low price, this is the cheapest option. I believe that if you really want to experience the canals you should go for another option.\



Good and cheap cruise through Amsterdam


This is a new player on the Amsterdam canals that wants to keep canal cruises affordable and mainly does tours on open canal boats. The team is usually a skipper and a hostess. Most of the people who work here are students and have a cheerful and friendly appearance. This boat tour is recommended and has a competitive price of €18,- for 60 minutes.


prijzen rondvaart amsterdam

Amsterdam seen from a bridge.


Recommended Canal Tour


This is a tour company set up by two guys who want you to experience the open minded and free feeling of Amsterdam on a boat. Many of my colleagues work here. Great guides with a lot of energy and a good knowledge of Amsterdam and they also know how to tell stories. A fun 90-minute cruise with a live guide and on a small boat with a maximum of 10 people. For €27.50 per person for a group tour and €275,- for a private tour.


wat kost een rondvaart in amsterdam

Going under the Amsterdam bridges is quite something.


Romantic Canal cruises in Amsterdam


Romantic night cruise in Amsterdam


Something about Romantic Tour Amsterdam. We believe that Amsterdam is a beautiful romantic city. Unfortunately, Amsterdam is not always seen that way. If you have made a trip with us, you will immediately know what I am talking about. We let the romance and magic come to life by telling stories about love, creating a romantic atmosphere on the boat, listening to music and all this with local snacks and a glass of bubbles. You can book a group tour or a private tour and we also offer special tours for a Marriage Proposal. The group tours start from €39,- per person and private tours from €90,- per tour.



Dining on the canals


Are you looking for something very exclusive and super romantic then I recommend the Romantic Dinner tour. This is a dinner on a beautiful Authentic Saloon boat. You sail on the canals for more than 2.5 hours and dine a 3-course a la carte menu. There are max. 10 tables and you are guaranteed to be seated by the window. A special night out and it costs only €125, – per person.


I hope that I have given you a number of options for different canal cruises through Amsterdam. And that there is the right one for you. I wish you a lot of fun on the canals. Are you a couple and looking for a special night out, then of course I hope that you will sail with us sometime. Feel free to contact us for more information.


With Love from Amsterdam.