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Private Historical Canal Tour Amsterdam

Private Tour Everyday except Saturday

Learn Amsterdam’s fascinating history on a private canal tour!

Looking for a more personal way to visit Amsterdam? Do you want something more than a standard group tour? Then our Private Canal Tour Amsterdam is perfect for you. Discover Amsterdam during an intimate journey along the canals.

Besides providing a stunning backdrop to the city’s historic center, floating down Amsterdam’s canals is one of the most memorable ways to discover the city’s sights and attractions. Whether you’re a first-time or frequent visitor, everything in Amsterdam seems a bit more magical when viewed from a boat.

The history of Amsterdam is intimately connected with water. Its 165 canals were created over the centuries to stimulate trade and transport and reclaim land to expand the city. They continue to define the city’s landscape and in 2010 Amsterdam’s canal ring was recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

On this private canal tour of Amsterdam, we will be visiting the main highlights of the city from the water.

Private Canal Tour Amsterdam Highlights:

  • Explore the River Amstel. The only river running through the city.
  • Sail beneath the famous seven bridges, a unique view in the city.
  • The Canal Ring (or Grachtengordel) carries more than 400 years of history and was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2010.
  • See the Anne Frank House from the Canals.
  • The Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge), an iconic bridge.
  • The 17th century-old canal houses on the Herengracht, named the Golden Gurdel.
  • The historic Jordaan neighborhood.
  • Sail beneath the famous seven bridges, a unique view of the city.
  • Discover some of the quieter, hidden canals.


Private Canal Tour Inclusions:

  • Expert Tour guide and skipper: Your captain is also your guide.
  • Private: only your private company
  • Liquid refreshments: your journey is accompanied by a big bottle of Bubbles, some soft drinks, and water. (special requests are possible)
  • Delights for your tastebuds: including local cheese, crackers, grapes, and Dutch waffles (special requests are possible)
  • A silent small electric boat: with a retractable roof and windows. In spring/summer and with nice weather the boat is open. In autumn/winter or bad weather, the boat can be fully covered
  • Blankets and heated seats so you can snuggle with your partner and heated seats, so we can keep you warm and comfortable at any time
  • Especially for winter, we have heating onboard that keeps you nicely warm.


Private Canal Tour Amsterdam Details:
  • Duration: 90 min. This can be longer.
  • Language: English, Spanish, and Dutch (inform us before which language you would like).
  • Meeting point: Herengracht 124
  • Pick-up can be arranged with an additional fee. The fee depends on where the pick-up is. Be aware that there needs to be a docking spot nearby.
  • Amount of Guests: Up to 10 people. Price is for max. 4 people contact us if you are more?
  • The time slot will be in agreement with the guest and can be between 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening.
  • Booking: This tour is only available on request please email us at: with your preffered date and time and we get back to you as soon as possible.


Expand your Private Canal Tour Amsterdam with our additional options such as:
  • Bouquet of 11 red roses: €35,-
  • A big bottle of Prosecco: €19,-
  • 375ml Boucche Pere Et Fils – Cuvee Reservee brut: €35,-  (big bottle is also possible)
  • 375ml Veuve Cliquot Brut: €45,- (big bottle is also possible)
  • Polaroid picture: €4,-

Do you still have questions? Click here to see our FAQ or to contact us directly.

Very memorable!

Our Early Morning Private Canal Tour Amsterdam with Rocco was wonderful. It was so peaceful to be on the canals and seeing the city of Amsterdam before most people were up and about. He was considerate to accommodate us in this way. Very memorable.

– Julie Pence U.S.A.
A most wonderful tour!

A beautiful way to see Amsterdam. Our tour guide and boat captain was a super host - he provided drinks and bites to eat which made the experience even more enjoyable. We learned much while experiencing the canals and the vibes of Amsterdam. All our needs were met. We highly recommend this Private canal tour Amsterdam.

– Debra Shrout
5 stars

The Bettison family had two tours - boat and walking - with Rocco last Wednesday and would rate him 5 stars! He was well prepared, extremely knowledgeable and a very lovely, kind person. We would recommend him most highly and hope to meet him again on a future tour of the city he brought to life for us.

– Aidan Bettison Canada
Rocco was the best guide!

He made us feel so welcome and gave us great information! This evening tour was incredible and I have never seen Amsterdam so beautiful. I would recommend this tour 100%

– Paola Duerden Mexico

What will you see on this Private Canal Tour Amsterdam?

Have you imagined yourself immersed in the history and architecture of Amsterdam, passing under the many bridges in a private canal boat just for you and your guests? During your time with us on our Private Canal Tour Amsterdam, we will pass underneath many of Amsterdam’s 1200 iconic bridges with stories from other ages to inspire and astonish you. What’s more, experiencing the city from your boat in the quietness of the canals will give you a completely different view.

There, stillness and peace are palpable, almost as if you could touch it in the air around you. As we travel, we will enter some of the smaller and more hidden canals; the mysterious seven bridges which you can only see from the canals. Then we pass over the River Amstel where you will see the iconic skinny bridge with a legend shared on the boat tour and traverse the golden Belt, where the wealthy 17th-century Merchants lived.

We will also float by the famous and charming Jordaan district. We will see the old city centre and journey alongside the Modern city hall where The First Gay Marriage in the world happened. If you like, we can customize the Private Canal Tour to your wishes. Be assured, the beauty of Amsterdam will amaze you beyond your expectations on this Private Canal Tour.


Why did we create this Canal Cruise in Amsterdam?

We felt it was time for a tour that shows a more intimate side of the city presented in a very personal way and with an expert guiding you around. This is why all our skippers are experts of Amsterdam, are locals living in the city and love to share with you their city.

This Canal boat Tour will give you and your private group a real in-depth idea of the main highlights of the city seen from the canals. If you have any special landmarks you really want to see let your skipper know at the beginning of your Boat Tour through Amsterdam.


What is included in the Private Canal Tour Amsterdam?

Do you want to have a special local beer, champagne or some soft drinks? On the canal cruise through Amsterdam, you can add anything you wish. Perhaps you would love some different dutch delicacies onboard, flowers or your personal photographer? Simply let us know and we are happy to arrange it for you.

Nothing is too unusual for us and we love to make it special for you. We normally have Prosecco, Orange Juice or Tea onboard. The local snacks we have are Crackers and Local Cheese, Grapes, chocolates and some nuts, but whatever you wish for we will do our utmost to locate it just for you.


When is the best time to book the Private Canal Tour Amsterdam?

This Private boat tour can be booked all year round any time a day. If the agenda does not show any availability please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a suitable time and day. Perhaps you ask, when is the best time to book the Private Canal Cruise?  Well, I say that ANY time is special in its own way. Each point in the day has its own special ambience and quality and one, in particular, might resonate with you.

To explain further, in the morning the Amsterdam Canals are very quiet and peaceful. During the afternoon you can see the buildings really well and it could fit very nicely within your schedule. In the evening just before sunset, you are treated to the ‘golden hour’, an amazingly bright and almost golden light that light up the canal houses in its glow. After sunset in the mystery of the night all the lights are gently flickering all over the canals.

The bridges are lit up and reflect in the mirror-like canals of Amsterdam. You feel the magic all around you. On a practical note, make sure to check the time of sunset when you travel as it can vary a lot from summer to winter. We are delighted to welcome you on the Private canal Tour Amsterdam.