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Best Proposal Ideas in Amsterdam

Celia lightboxtales Marriage proposal tour in Amsterdam


Often when people imagine visiting Amsterdam what comes to mind for many are drinking, the red light district or smoking a joint, but in fact, it is a place that is ALIVE with romance and THE perfect city to propose. In all seasons Amsterdam is magical, in winter the streets are steeped in stillness and atmosphere and if you are fortunate enough to be here as snow kisses the pavements or even your face as you walk hand in hand with your special someone,  it is impossible to not be astonished by the fairytale beauty of the city. In Spring as you can imagine the city is filled with new life, with blossoms and tulips and trees finding their freshly budding leaves, Amsterdam and its people are buzzing with the vibrancy of the season. In the long warm days and short nights of summer,  imagine you and your loved one basking in the warm evening light with the scent of Elm as the fragrance of your visit. In Autumn the colours and sunlight are so extraordinary that they saturate the city in their resplendence; scarlet, russet, yellow and gold are everywhere, on the trees, at your feet and in the sky as the golden light pierces through the clouds. All in all, Amsterdam is the perfect location for a proposal in any season. Here are my Proposal Ideas in Amsterdam.

Oasis in the Heart of the City

Unique bridge to propose in Vondelpark

A unique bridge to propose in Amsterdam


Our first Proposal Idea in Amsterdam is the Vondelpark. A beautiful park in the centre of the city, it boasts gorgeous walks, small lakes, many majestic trees and cute places to enjoy a drink and dotted around the park, are small and charming bridges. I embarked on a quest to discover the most romantic spot to propose in the Vondelpark and there it was nestled in a quiet corner, the most elegant dreamy and romantic bridge. Imagine yourself there experiencing the beauty of the moment. To guide you to the precise location, I’ve prepared a map for you HERE.

Bridge For Lovers

Romantic bridge for lovers in Amsterdam

An iconic bridge to propose to your loved one in Amsterdam

With over 1200 bridges, Amsterdam has an abundance of choices for the most romantic bridge proposal. Which brings us to our second tip for Proposal Ideas in Amsterdam, my favourite bridge for lovers, The Skinny Bridge. An ancient wooden bridge that arches over the Amstel river still opened for larger boats even today. The legend is, if you sail under the bridge embracing your lover in an eternal kiss, you will stay together forever. I’m sure too that if you stand atop the bridge right in the centre, you will be amazed by the panorama of the Amstel river and the city that rose up throughout the ages on her banks. This spot can be the place for you to propose, a wonderful and memorable place to create that quintessential special moment.


Romance on the Canals of Amsterdam

A romantic boat tour on canals Florencia

Magic boat tour among the canals of Amsterdam


Picture yourself with your lover on a boat just for you, marvelling at the stunning canals and houses lining the edges of the waterside, as you go underneath the many many bridges, swimming dreamily in the scent of Elm trees, you know this is THE place to propose in Amsterdam. Most people love to propose on holiday, so when you come to Amsterdam and feel the desire to make the proposal a memory that will last a lifetime, why not set off on a boat? Aboard, you will hear the gentle sounds of the water lapping as you and your lover gaze into each other’s eyes, enjoying local snacks and a red rose as you listen to tales of love and romance that touch your heart.  Isn’t this the ideal moment and location to propose? Pause, savour the moment…. love pouring from your hearts, making that promise to each other.  If you would like to know more about that, please be invited to take a look at our Amsterdam Proposal Canal Tour


Romantic couple kissing on the boat canal tour in Amsterdam

The perfect date on a boat with your loved one; Photographer: Thelightboxtales


I hope these tips gave you a taste of the many possibilities here and perhaps even inspired you to choose Amsterdam as your destination for your proposal. If you like, I wrote a more extensive blog with even more ideas for a proposal here in this charming city full of beauty and charm, whatever the season. 


With Love