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20 Most Romantic Restaurants in Amsterdam

Romantic dinner in Amsterdam

Romantic Restaurants in Amsterdam are plentiful only you need to know where to find them. The city is a place of class, romance, and style. Whatever the time of the year, summer, the colourful spring or late winter. Amsterdam offers you the best places to nurture your love. Fall in love again with scenic places, hospitable people, and savoury foods.

Amsterdam is super romantic for couples dating, just married or looking to refresh their love. Enjoy your anniversaries with your partner for a memorable moment that only Amsterdam can offer. Whether you go for a romantic cruise on the canal or stroll in the Vondelpark, a tasty meal always crowns the day.  A getaway is not complete without a great meal. We offer you a choice of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Amsterdam you will love.

Here I give my favourite list of 22 Romantic restaurants in Amsterdam in and out of town to impress your loved one. You will never go wrong with quality food made with love.

No matter what your taste or budget is. I have many options for your romantic dinner in Amsterdam. You can choose restaurants with an outdoors, more intimate ones,  quietly indoors with a great view or even on the canals of Amsterdam. The options are endless. 

This is my top 22 of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Amsterdam and I hope they match your desires.



Restaurant de Kas Amsterdam


Amsterdams Romantic restaurant DE KAS


What is more refreshing than a romantic dinner made with fresh ingredients? Restaurant de Kas in Amsterdam offers only the freshest meals made directly from their garden directly on your plate. Located in the middle of a Park, in a greenhouse area, De Kas is one of its kind and definitely a worthy addition to the list of Romantic restaurants in Amsterdam. The price of Restaurant De Kas menu ranges from € 36,50 to € 67,50 depending on the number of dishes you would like to sample. 


Watch here an interview with the owner.



Michelin Star Restaurant in Amsterdam



Enjoy the popular “Pommes Tsarine,” Anjou pigeon and chocolate by Chef Dennis Kuipers and Jurgen van der Zalm at Vinkeles Amsterdam with your beloved. Vinkeles, One of the 16 Michelin star restaurants in Amsterdam serves only delicious French dishes, made in a mix of traditional French art with a modern twist. The price for a 7 course meals are between € 125,- to € 145,- but you can also order a la carte. Find out more about this Michelin star Restaurant here.



The Best French Restaurants in Amsterdam


Brasserie van Baerle


Choose a wonderful romantic experience at the Brasserie van Baerle located in an old townhouse next to the Museumplein. Brasserie van Baerle serves both traditional and modern French cuisine. It is one of Amsterdam’s top French restaurants and a very Romantic restaurant in Amsterdam. ‎With an affordable food price range between € 21,- to € 40,- Brasserie van Baerle offers seasonal picks and classic french food. The favourite meal at this restaurant is steak tartare and poached eggs with salmon. Brasserie van Baerle offers the option to sit in the garden on summer evenings.  Find out more about Brasserie van Baerle here.


Chez Georges

Amsterdam dining experience is not complete without a date at the Chez Georges hole-in-the-wall restaurant. That is why Chez Georges cannot miss in our picks of Romantic restaurants in Amsterdam. This small restaurant offers an exclusive and intimate dinner. Its foods are of high quality and very fresh. They offer a variety of choices on there  menu called “Comme Chez George,” “Gastronome,” “Gourmand” or “Cuisine DeMarche.” Chez Georges offers great French classics such as escargot, tarte tatin, jambon persillée, and frisée. An average 2-course meal at Chez Georges is € 30,- to € 45,- Read more about Chez Georges here.


Restaurant Riva Amsterdam


What about a romantic dinner watching over the River Amstel? Restaurant Riva  Romantic restaurants because you can overlook the water. Located in Amsterdam East, Restaurant Riva one of the best places to have a great romantic meal. The menu is simple and amazing. The venue is relaxing and views stunning. You can choose from stuffed pumpkin, fregola with poached egg, lobster with apricot-duck liver bonbon, or flank steak with a jacket potato for your main course and choose from a variety of deserts. The menu price varies but you can spend an average of € 39,- to € 45,- for a sumptuous two-course meal. You can visit Restaurant Riva’s website for early booking.  


We offer a Romantic Canal tour. Which can be wonderful after dinner at one of these places or before to set the Romantic mood for the evening. Find more info about The Romantic Waters Boat Tour and enjoy together an intimate moment sailing under Amsterdam famous bridges.


Proposal in Amstedam on the canals


Unique Restaurants in Amsterdam 



Restaurant Zaza’s is  based on the “Absolutely fabulous” theme. The owner comes from Ireland an dstarted this restaurant in 2003. This is a cute and small restaurant with only 12 tables. Zaza’s offers a variety of hearty meals form cod dish to ravioli. You can also enjoy fresh scallops and the tuna is outstanding. The  space is quite small, make sure to make a reservation for an intimate dinner. they offer a friendly service with a price average of € 42.- for a two-course meal. You can make your reservations online on their website.


If you are looking for romantic activities before or after Dinner o then check out my blog:  10 Fun Things to do in Amsterdam as a Couples.



De Struisvogel


Romantic Restaurant de Struisvogel in Amstedam


This selection of the most romantic restaurants in Amsterdam are also located in unique and unlikely places. What about a romantic restaurant in the basement? This is where De Struisvogel is located. De Struisvogel a cosy restaurant that offers you a chance for an intimate meal. It serves an exquisite 3 course menu. Take a choice of veal cheeks in red wine and garlic or a beef Carpaccio for a start, or the soup of the day. After that, you can have a hearty entrée of your choice. The beauty of a meal at De Struisvogel is its organic meats. Finish your meal with a warm apple crumble, cheese platter or an organic vegan pie. Their food prices are good they range from € 21,- to € 40,- for a 3 course meal. Check restaurant De Struisvogel out here. 



We offer a Romantic Canal tour. Which can be wonderful after dinner at one of these places or before to set the Romantic mood for the evening. Find more info about The Romantic Waters Boat Tour and enjoy together an intimate moment sailing under Amsterdam famous bridges.



Italian Restaurants in Amsterdam




Amsterdam is definitely not short of exotic choices. When you think of an intimate meal, think of the numerous Romantic restaurants in Amsterdam. French, English, Dutch or even Italian. Toscanini with its fine cuisine offers that Italian choice. It has a spacious dining area with an open kitchen. You can make a choice of fresh bread and pasta, Italian wines, and seafood. It specializes in southern Italian cuisine, which is its speciality. This the must go to restaurant if you love italian food. This amazing kitchen provides a 6-course menu for only € 55,- per person. Check out the menu of  Toscanini here. This very popular restaurant will need a call for reservations for your intimate meal.


Sotto Pizza

Munch with love on a delicious delicately prepared pizza at the Sotto Pizza. The sauce here is the best in town made with San Marzano tomatoes, and Buffalo mozzarella. This is the ideal place to go in hand-in-hand and enjoy lovely pizza moments. Spend only between€ 9,-  and € 16,- for the best Pizza in Amsterdam, see the menu of Sotto Pizza here.



Fish Restaurants in Amsterdam 


Stork Amsterdam


A former factory now a restaurant, Stork Amsterdam is a place to go for a great meal.  This Romantic restaurant serves lobsters, oysters, and all sumptuous seafood. Stork also offers vegetarian meals. Stork Amsterdam faces River t’IJ that gives just the needed breeze on a summer day. You can choose a spot on the terrace facing the river and enjoy your meal with an ice-cold wine or inside this completely renovated Factory. Storks, food is of high quality and always fresh. Main courses start form € 16,- up to € 45,- at Restaurant Stork Amsterdam. 


Viscafé De Gouden Hoek

Fish is a staple food in Amsterdam. It is the staple of any Dutch cuisine. Viscafé De Gouden Hoek celebrates this Dutch tradition with fresh fish incorporated with modern dishes. After enjoying a lovely romantic canal tour, you need to crown your day with a tasty traditional Dutch meal.  Viscafé De Gouden Hoek will offer you the best choices from their menu that will leave an impression on your senses.

They prepare at tasty “Kibbeling”. Kibbeling is a Dutch snack made from deep-fried white fish. They also serve tempura and Sriracha fish styles for you to sample. Their average food prices range from € 11,- to € 20,-

Go to the Viscafé De Gouden Hoek for the freshest fish with “Amsterdam’s zuur” on the side and finish with a dessert of “hangop” yoghurt and you will understand why I have chosen for you Viscafé De Gouden Hoek as one option for the Romantic restaurants in Amsterdam. find more info about Viscafé De Gouden Hoek


We offer a Romantic Canal tour. Which can be wonderful after dinner at one of these places or before to set the Romantic mood for the evening. Find more info about The Romantic Waters Boat Tour and enjoy together an intimate moment sailing under Amsterdam famous bridges.


Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary



The Duchess


Restaurant Romantic Amsterdam the interieur of the duchess


Romantic restaurants in Amsterdam boast this classy restaurant as their own. There is no way to create an impression better than having a meal with class. The Duchess is spacious, beautiful and ideal. The foods are tasty, their signature desserts are classic. Go for the sea bass Carpaccio and salt-baked sea bass at the romantic Duchess Restaurant. You will love it. An average à la carte price based on a 2-course meal at this classy restaurant is € 91,- excluding drinks. Check the details and The Duchess offers on their website.



Pompstation (Petrol Station)

The Pompstation restaurant is located in a beautiful former Petrol station. It has large brick walls and high ceilings. You can enjoy an intimate dinner on the outside on a lovely weather day or enjoy live jazz music played in the inside of the restaurant. Sip rose and munch on oysters or have a juicy steak at the Pompstation. The dinner menu is full of hearty steak dishes. Steaks are their main serving. Pick a beef style of your choice from côte de boeuf, tournedos, entrecote, or rib eye. Then you make a selection from the variety of sauces and side dishes they offer to complete your meal. Pompstation also serves an option of burgers including vegetarian burgers and lobsters. For about € 43,- you can enjoy a meal at the Pompstation. The decor is candlelit and romantic. They offer an extensive list of wine. Sample their service and make a booking here at The Pompstation



Herengracht Restaurant & Bar

In the summer, a great choice among the most Romantic restaurants in Amsterdam is the Herengracht Restaurant & Bar. It is also cosy enough in the winter for an intimate dinner or lunch. Herengracht is situated along the canal. You can also sit in their courtyard and enjoy intimate moments. Herengracht offers a mix of modern Dutch-French menu. In the Herengracht, you will find Dutch classics such as steak tartare with poached egg, chicken caesar salad, truffle ravioli, and big hearty burgers with fries. Enjoy great wines and beers, or coffee, or go for cocktails with your meal. The price at Herengracht Restaurant & Bar is € 26,- Visit the website of tne Herengracht Restaurant & Bar.





China Sichuan Restaurant


Amsterdam romantic restaurant SI Chuan

For chinese food you go to Si chuan Amsterdam.


You can also choose to enjoy intimacy over a Chinese meal at the China Sichuan Restaurant. China Sichuan Restaurant is a small friendly restaurant that serves quality Chinese meals until late at night. So no need to worry to think about what time you to go to dinner. In the Netherlands most kitchen scloses around 9:30  The cuisine is very hot but you can order something less hot you and your partner can enjoy. All meals come with a big serving of rice. Spend a decent € 11,- to € 20,- price range for a large Chinese meal at Sichuan Restaurant.


We offer a Romantic Canal tour. Which can be wonderful after dinner at one of these places or before to set the Romantic mood for the evening. Find more info about The Romantic Waters Boat Tour and enjoy together an intimate moment sailing under Amsterdam famous bridges.


Amsterdam in 2 days Itinerary



The best pancakes in Amsterdam


traditional dutch food a plate of pancakes

For the best pancakes in Amsterdam you go to the Pancake Bakery


You cannot complete a visit, or end a list of Romantic restaurants in Amsterdam without mentioning the Pancake Bakery. Have a memory of Amsterdam etched in your mind with a bite of the Dutch pancakes. The Pancake Bakery will ensure you remember our pancakes with their sweet hearty pancakes. Pick the Poffertjes with butter, sugar.  Dutch pancakes are the best you can ever have at this place. At the Pancake Bakery, you will spend € 11,-  to € 20,- for the tastiest Dutch pancakes. Check out the services of this famous pancake bakery.




Piet de Leeuw

Experience true Dutch culture in this rustic 1949 steakhouse. It is minimally lit and has all the characteristics of the charming brown cafés that are popular in Dutch culture. Piet de Leeuw offers a hearty cuisine that is mainly made up of beefsteaks. It is one of my favourite pick in this list of Romantic restaurants in Amsterdam. Piet de Leeuw serves hearty beef steaks alongside rich red wine sauce and fries. You can also have a Piet de Leeuw’s unique horse steak. Pork and fish are also available if beefsteak is not your preference. Reserve your space at Piet de Leeuw for an average price range between € 21,- to € 40,-



Dutch Restaurant in Amsterdam 

This is another classic pick for my list of Romantic restaurants in Amsterdam. At the Bistro Bij Ons, Dutch history is alive. Pick a spot at the terrace overlooking the canal enjoying “raasdonders”, a dish of field peas, onions and bacon, and a glass of the homemade liqueur. Bistro Bij Ons’ menu is a typical Dutch cuisine with rare choices such as the “raasdonders” and fried chicken livers. For dessert, try the “wentelteefjes” or fried egg-dipped bread. Visit Bistro bij Ons to familiarize yourself with their menus and offers. Their prices are fair at an average of € 25,-


After a dinner at this restaurant go for a walk through the Jordan:




Long Pura

Amsterdam is home to some of the best restaurants, and there are so many romantic restaurants in Amsterdam for you to enjoy with your significant other. Home to a fusion of delicious foods, you can enjoy some world-famous Indonesian food at Restaurant Long Pura, and order a rice table for two, for you to share with your partner at this famous Indonesian kitchen. P The traditional and lovingly cooked meals at this romantic setting are authentic and refined, and the hospitable staff makes sure that your evening is as good as it can be! Long Pura is one of the best romantic restaurants in Amsterdam, and the atmosphere in the booths means that you can enjoy some quality time with your partner. prices at Long Pura are usually around the € 30,- per person, but it’s always a luxury meal for two in an intimate setting, with a dish to suit every palette.




Conveniently located opposite the central train station, Loetje is a paradise for meat lovers everywhere! If you or your partner is a lover of meat, you can have a romantic meal in this acclaimed restaurant known for their excellent steaks. Based inside a wonderful building with a great terrace, Loetje provides a wonderful view that looks absolutely stunning during Christmas time, when the restaurant is fully decorated. During the cold months, when it’s cool and frosty outside, Loetje is a romantic place to go inside and warm-up, where you and your partner can enjoy a wonderful slice of meat – ‘the Loetje steak’ which is a Sirloin steak.

Besides that, they also have  “Bitterballen” Dutch meatballs (that are very popular with mustard) and keep the cold out. If you or your partner is vegetarian, you can still enjoy a romantic meal for two at this famous restaurant! Loetje offers veggie-friendly options made with beetroot and carrots, that taste absolutely delicious and just as good as their meat dishes. Prices here vary between € 9,- and € 30,-  and they have a great menu with options for everyone, from burgers to salads to juicy steaks. Loetje also offers great desserts such as apple pie for just under five euros, ice cream in various flavours for just over two euros per scoop! A visit to this long-standing restaurant is a must-do in Amsterdam, and you can check out the menu of Loetje.


Are you in the city? Are you looking for the ideal Romantic getaway in Amsterdam? Let us make your stay in Amsterdam complete with something every couple should experience. 


private canal tour Amsterdam


We offer a Romantic Canal tour. Which can be wonderful after dinner at one of these places or before to set the Romantic mood for the evening. Find more info about The Romantic Waters Boat Tour and enjoy together an intimate moment sailing under Amsterdam famous bridges.  Love songs and stories, that reveal the hidden romance of Amsterdam. You can choose the company of four other couples or choose a private tour. We will let you feel the Romance and Magic of Amsterdam on this tour. 


With Love