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The Best 5 Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam for couples

a plate of food vegan junk food restaurant

Amsterdam is a city that has a lot to offer. From beautiful art that paints the rich history of the city to a romantic evening walk along the canals. After such an active day in Amsterdam, you just want to relax and enjoy a healthy meal. Amsterdam is a city where vegan restaurants are growing like mushrooms. Almost at every corner, you will be able to have a vegan dinner or lunch. In this blog, you can read the 5 best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam where you can also enjoy take-away.


Vegan Restaurant H/eart

H/eart Amsterdam is a nature-inspired restaurant. Their food plates are truly a work of art and are Instagram-worthy. They dedicate their environment to tickle all the senses through art, vegan food, and music. This place is definitely worth seeing if you like more out of the box places where they use swings as seats for example! Also, not to mention how passionate they are about being sustainable and are offering different events for the communities such as a Tai chi and Chai tea workshop and CBD&Chill. But sadly, due to Corona these events had to be cancelled and do not take place any more.  And make it more fun, they also sell their artwork through the webshop that creates awareness for sustainability and no to be harmful to the environment.
Check H/eart here


Meatless District of Amsterdam


vegan restaurant meatless district

one of the vegan restaurant in Amsterdam

If you are looking for more healthy options such as gluten-free- & sugar-free, then Organic Garden is the place to be. The meaning is also in their name, they are a conscious restaurant that offers raw, organic home-made food that’s sustainable and fair-trade. Many of their ingredients are from their own garden, so you know the food is fresher than fresh! This small and laid-back bar has a wide variety of food and drinks to offer. From herbal drinks that warm you up during the chilly winter to colourful cakes and treats that brighten your day in the spring.
Here you find more information on the Meatless district.


Vegan Junk food in Amsterdam


burger from vegan junk food restaurant

A burger from the Vegan Junk Food Bar


Now, what if you are craving some good-old-fashioned fast-food. A big burger, seasoned fried food, and a big glass of soda on the side. And what if this could all be vegan too! Let me introduce you to Vegan Junk Food bar! Grab a pink or black burger and fill your craving for junk food! Their place is a rich, colourful, and vibrant place, they will definitely cheer you up during these grey days! And if you like, they also have their own clothing line on their webshop. A cosy hoody or a handy handbag! Did I tell you already that they are a conscious company that strives for a better world by being sustainable? Oh, now you have one more reason to grab your partner and head to the vegan junk food bar! They have take-out from 15 till 22 O’clock, so plenty of time to discover Amsterdam in the meantime. Their Instagram page is a true sensation for your eyes, be sure to check it out for some nice inspiration!
They have 5 location spread around Amsterdam. So, see the link to the Vegan Junk Food bar to see which one is nearest to you.


Restaurant The Meets


Meet this cool and colourful restaurant that serves not only brunch but also dinner and local snacks!  Not everyone may enjoy vegan food, so if you’re with friends who aren’t vegan or maybe just your lover, you can visit the meets. They have a culinary concept of 80/20. This means 80% vegan food and 20% of meat and fish is served. They want to let people experience a plant-based diet by themselves without being dogmatic. So, if your partner wants some extra cheese or egg on his dish, it would be certainly possible! And last but not least: all the dishes are locally produced and are as much as possible organic ingredients that are free from refined sugars, additives. They have a menu that changes within the seasons, so you never have to get bored with it! Menu of the meets. 


Vegan-friendly restaurant: The Urban Jungle

Here’s something exotic to finish the list of the 5 best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam with. Benji’s is a restaurant that’s inspired by the tropical greenery of Bali. The green is combined with urban and natural elements and wood, giving it the well-fitted name: The urban jungle. Plants are growing everywhere creating a calm and restful environment.  So, after a long day of vibrant Amsterdam, be sure to stop here to fully recharge with the help of nature. Their menu isn’t completely vegan, so please be sure to ask for the vegan options on their menu. Also, good to know, be sure to check their website, as they have more than one location in Amsterdam.


I hope you could find some new and tasty restaurants with the help of this list! Amsterdam’s meatless district is endless, so I am certain that you will be able to find the right food for your tastebuds. Let us know which vegan restaurants in Amsterdam are your favourite!


With Love from Amsterdam

Manal Dahmani