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Best Lunch Spots in Amsterdam

best lunch spot in Amsterdam food on a table


Amsterdam for centuries has been a cultural melting pot. Originally a large harbour it was a place where international cultures mixed with local and as a result an open diverse and unique culture was born, especially in the realm of cuisine. And I’m sure if you are visiting Amsterdam you would enjoy dining in cafes or restaurants that are new and that you would not usually discover alone. So here are three exquisite luncheries that I really really love and let’s dive into my best lunch spots in Amsterdam


Secret Garden Lunch Spot

lunch in Amsterdam there are so many spots

The best lunch places in Amsterdam. Photographer: Ella Olsson


My first pick is Dignita, nestled away in the garden behind the Hermitage, a great museum to visit also while you are here. Surrounded by beautiful architecture, gardens and a large oak tree, it is a beautiful spot. What makes it even more special is that I have been here many times and eaten something different and I honestly can’t say which dish was the best as they were all so amazing. The menu is diverse, well-considered and perfect if you are looking for a healthy meal and a unique take on a lunchtime meal. Definitely worth a visit.


Spirited Approach to Lunch


3 times lunch in Amsterdam a bowl of food on a plate

take something warm like a soup lunch in Amsterdam. Photographer: Cala


Our second lunch spot is Spirit, a wonderful endeavour, a place where the owners decided that they did not want to waste food. So they gathered the best organic ingredients, created a lovely buffet of fresh and incredibly delicious food. To encourage their customers to eat only what they want and wasting no food, Spirit charges for their food by weight. A lovely place to eat lunch and take care of the planet. 


Culturally Open and Delicious Lunch 


best cakes in amsterdam close up

You can find some great cakes in Oko. Photographer: Gabriel Miklos


Our third and last stop is OKO, just located around the corner from where I live, it is an open, friendly and welcoming place. It has delicious organic lunch, but the cakes are my absolute favourite and of course inspired by the Polish heritage of the owners. It might be a little way out of the city centre, but worth the visit for a scrumptious lunch. 


couple at sunset in Amsterdam during their day in amsterdam

Explore the romantic side of Amsterdam on a romantic boat tour


Well, these are my three best lunch spots in Amsterdam where any of them would be an easy highlight of your trip to this charming city. If you are travelling here, why not have a look at the tours available at Romantic Tour Amsterdam where we bring a unique and gentle atmosphere to your journey through the city. 


With love from Amsterdam