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What to do in Amsterdam during Corona

wat te doen in Amsterdam tijdens corona

Who could have thought it would ever happen that everything is shut down due to Corona (Covid-19). To help you through this time I created this blog and I will share with you a list of online activities you can still do from your hotel room or own house and discover this great city. I hope this list of activities during corona lockdown will help you indulge in what Amsterdam has to offer.


Explore a museum online

For many of us, a walk through a museum with our loved ones, enjoying time together, being inspired by art and history in a new city is a must. And even more so in Amsterdam, being home to so many famous artists throughout the ages. The city and its buildings, canals and museums are alive with this rich history.  Although Museums are currently closed again (hopefully they will open soon) you can also visit them from the comfort of your hotel room or home through a virtual tour. We have a couple of suggestions to fill your senses and inspire you.


Van Gogh Museum Virtual Tour


Visitors looking at Van Gogh picture at the museum in Amsterdam

One time life experience is to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Photographer: Jean Carlo Emer


Perhaps the most famous Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh has made an incredible contribution to the world with his paintings. Through this virtual tour you can experience the art, but also learn about his love life, his relationship with his brother, his life and inspiration.

Van Gogh Virtual Tour


Rijksmuseum Virtual Tour


three girls looking at the painting in Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam

Visit Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is totally worth it. Photographer: Christian Fregnan


Amsterdam’s iconic museum showing many Dutch masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer has partnered with Google to show you over 150,000 art pieces, from paintings to sculptures, all online. Together in the comfort of your hotel room, you can discover the museum, zoom in on details and get to know the art like never before.

Rijksmuseum Virtual Tour

Tip: If you want to visit a museum, make sure to reserve your ticket and timeslot beforehand. Due to corona they only accept reserved entrance tickets.


Museums can open safely and responsibly, as evidenced by the experiences of 2020 with the 1.5 meter protocol. In addition, seventeen museums will open in the week of April 19 for a pilot with fast tests. People with a Museum card can visit these museums if they reserve a ticket for this period and show a negative test. This quick test can be taken for free at participating test centers. More about which museums open here.


Best books about Amsterdam 


A written page from Anne Frank Diary in Amsterdam

The diary of Anne Frank can be found in Amsterdam. Photographer: Cris Toala Olivares


One amazing way to absorb yourself into a new city and culture is through reading about it. There are many books, both fact and fiction that capture the essence of Amsterdam or a moment in history that still touches us today. In the city, there are many English bookstores on the Spuistraat, but if you can’t get to them, you can have them delivered to your hotel room.


The first and most known is The Diary of Anne Frank. Learn about the life of Anne Frank, a Dutch Jewish girl hiding from the Nazis in wartime Amsterdam. There is also a love story connected and in its essence is a snapshot of the life and people of this unforgettable moment in our collective history.


Would you like to discover the true soul the city “Amsterdam,  a brief history of Amsterdam“, traced through history? “is an amazing guide, sharing stories of what made Amsterdam what she is today. Written by a famous Dutch writer, Geert Mak.


My favourite book about the city is Amsterdam a history of the World’s most liberal city.  known throughout the world for its liberal heart, Russel Shorto’s seminal work Amsterdam is here to reveal its origins.


Best movies shot in Amsterdam from your hotel room

What is more cosy and romantic than a movie night cuddled up with your loved one? Here are a few beautiful movies (with links to their trailers) that were filmed or based in Amsterdam that you can watch together and laugh, perhaps cry and be thrilled together.


The girl with the pearl earring painting by Johannes Vermeer

Girl with a Pearl Earring is an oil painting by Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer.


A Girl with a Pearl Earring

A dreamy and romantic imagining of how Vermeer’s famous work came to be.


At Eternity’s Gate

A beautiful and artistic study of the mind of Vincent Van Gogh


Ocean’s Twelve 

Filmed largely in Amsterdam, showing the city’s architecture and nightlife, this witty heist movie will entertain you with a very funny scene in a coffee shop.


A Fault in Our Stars

A moving and romantic story of two teenagers battling serious illness, filmed partially in Amsterdam. In the movie, there is an iconic scene on an Amsterdam bench where the male lead Gus reveals he is sick again. Heartbreaking and beautiful.


Heineken beer museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Kidnapping Mr Heineken is a true story about the 1983 abduction of Alfred “Freddy” Heineken in Amsterdam.


Kidnapping Mr Heineken

A famous true story of a kidnapping of the owner of the famous beer brand, filmed in Amsterdam.


The Hitman’s Bodyguard

An action-comedy, filmed partly in Amsterdam.


For a Netflix series that could be quite scary for some is the Dutch series, Ares. Shot in various locations around the city, it is an opportunity to watch a series from the Dutch perspective and language.

Here is a list for you if you would like to watch more movies filmed in Amsterdam.

Are you tired of sitting and home and what to go out and explore Amsterdam. Read then my blog: Coronavirus: Things to do in Amsterdam during the outbreak which is full of outdoor activities in the city and around Amsterdam.

Hopefully, we can open soon and when we can come and join our romantic canal tours. Here is a short impression from this tour:



Still enough to do even tho Corona limits us. I hope this list helps you explore the city from the comfort of your own home or hotel room.



With Love Rocco