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My favourite things to do as a Couple in Amsterdam

Bikes on a bridge in Amsterdam the cnaals make it a romantic city

Written by: Janine Avery of y

Believe it or not, my first visit to Amsterdam was not done willingly. I was due to visit thanks to a conference and Amsterdam wasn’t one of those European cities that was that high up on my bucket-list. To me, it was all about smoking weed, overcrowded bars, bachelor parties and ladies of the night. But how wrong was I?


Amsterdam canals one of the things I love as a couple in Amsterdam


Yes, Amsterdam offers all of the above but this city is about so much more than just this and you just have to scratch beneath the surface to discover a city of history, of beauty and of love.


Thankfully, my husband was able to join me in the city at the end of my conference for a few romantic days exploring Amsterdam. Here were some of our favourite things to do as a couple in Amsterdam:


See Amsterdam’s parks, Especially Vondelpark

Amsterdam has more parks than you would imagine. There are a few really big ones dotted on the edge of the city that provide a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of ‘down town’. My particular favourite was Vondelpark, this large park is home to several walking and cycling trails and ponds with ducks and quaint bridges. It is the perfect space to picnic as a couple and people watch. In winter, some of the parks and public spaces also transform with lights and ice-rinks, turning the city into a type of magical wonderland!


a couple in Amsterdamse bos a short day trip from Amsterdam

Marvel at the art in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to several museums and art galleries that are well worth visiting. The Van Gogh Museum, set in its modern building, was a sheer highlight of my stay in Amsterdam. The nearby Rijksmuseum is also well worth visiting but we particularly loved just standing hand-in-hand outside the building and marvelling at the impressive architecture and reliefs that adorn the façade.


view on the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Go ‘house shopping’ in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s narrow canals and skinny houses are iconic and we spent a few good hours just wandering around looking at them! We couldn’t help but picture ourselves living in one of these towering buildings, slanted slightly to the side with the narrowest of front doors. Walking from house to house in search of the smallest house in Amsterdam (and boy is it tiny), we had to imagine how the local residents managed to find furniture that fit inside.


smallest house in Amsterdam

Step back in time

Amsterdam is a city steeped in history, from royal tales to the ravages of war. While top destinations, such as Anne Frank’s house, give you a chilling glimpse into living here, a walking tour in Amsterdam was one of my favourite things to do to learn about some of the city’s lesser-known sites. We particularly loved learning about the history of Holland’s royals and seeing the Magna Plaza, a former post office and possibly the world’s most beautiful mall.



Take a Day Trip from Amsterdam

While the bustling heart of the city, is no doubt the reason to visit Amsterdam, there is also so much to see outside of the city centre. This includes umpteen windmills, beautiful tulips and exquisite countryside. In particular, I loved staying on a canal on the outskirts of the city. The pace of life was slower and quieter, yet as Amsterdam is so small, we could easily get around by walking or bus, and we really enjoyed drinking in the view with a cold Heineken at the end of a long day as a couple!


visit kinderdijk teh windels by the water

picture by: Daniel Agudelo


More about Janine Avery: Janine, together with her husband, owns 5 Star Stories– a digital marketing company offering bespoke content and social media services to the luxury and travel trade. Raised by a menagerie of artists, creatives, scientists, researchers, biologists and botanists, Janine is a lover of all things travel from basic tenting to lazing in luxury lodges. She also loves to dabble in digital marketing, spread messages on social media, and take audiences on a journey through her travel stories.