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11 Romantic places in Amsterdam that No-one will tell you About

a row of park benches in a city

You are visiting Amsterdam, but have no time to acquaint yourself with that romantic places in Amsterdam that only a local would know, but don’t know where to look? I’m here to help you navigate planning your romantic itinerary. When most people think of the most romantic city in the world, the top places that spring to mind are Paris, Barcelona, Venice and even, Athens. Amsterdam is not often at the top of that list. But Amsterdam is a truly romantic city.  It has more canals than Venice, it has around 1,200 bridges and the city is surrounded by nature and parks, with more than 1,2 million trees where you can enjoy a picnic with your loved one.

I set up Romantic Tour Amsterdam as I saw that couples visiting this captivating city, full of romance and allure were not being shown this wonderful facet in the regular tourist offerings. The Amsterdam I know is full of charm, quaint streets and canals, unusual cute locations that reveal Dutch life and culture at it’s very and most gentle best. I have selected for you,  the cities best and little known romantic places in Amsterdam and will share best ways to explore this city: by foot, on a bike, by boat, with public transport and by private bike taxi.



Romantic Picnic in Vondelpark Amsterdam


vondelpark tree a romantic place in amsterdam

Visit Vondelpark a wonderful place for a picnic


What is more romantic on a warm day, than to collect a basket, fill it with champagne, lovely Dutch cheese, nuts and berries and lounge and lay together in the park, enjoying each other in the sunshine? Amsterdam is a city full of verdant nature, with majestic trees, water and parks around the city, perfect for couples on a romantic getaway.

One easy to find and beautiful park is Vondelpark, right in the middle of the city. It is the Central park of Amsterdam, filled with flowers, hidden corners, trees, ducks and the sound of birds, making a soundtrack to your romantic afternoon. I love this park and to help you a little, I’m sharing a map, here with my favourite romantic spots for a picnic in the Vondelpark. If you are curious to know here a hidden lovelock bridge I wrote a blog about it.



Explore Amsterdam by Foot

The heart of Amsterdam, including the old city and the main canals, are small and best explored by just strolling around. You can see everything easily this way, stopping when you want, appreciating the small details. You can walk certain streets over and over and see and discover new things every time. The best time to explore the city on foot is early in the morning, especially on a Sunday, before the rest of the city wakes up. Sunset is also a magical time in Amsterdam and exploring the city after night is extremely safe to do.


by foot romantic places in amsterdam

Walking through Amsterdam is a must do for couples

The best romantic places to explore on foot include the parks, the canal belt, alongside the Amstel river and the Jordaan district – an expansion of the city completed in the 1600s with tiny, beautiful houses. What better way to discover Amsterdam than walking hand in hand with your partner? If you want to see the city come alive in front of your eyes be sure to book a walking tour with a guide that will provide you insight into some historical sites.


A Romantic place for Cakes and Coffee in Amsterdam


old church with canal romantic amsterdam places


Are you enchanted by historic love stories and atmospheric locations? Well, this romantic place is a must-see in Amsterdam for lovers. Nestled away in a spot right in the centre of the old city lies the Oude Kerk (Old Church), next to the church is a charming cafe. Climb up to the attic at De Koffieschenkerij or sit in the sweet little garden overlooking canals, enjoying great coffee and the best cakes in the city. It is a perfect place to while away the hours with your loved one on a romantic rainy afternoon in Amsterdam.

And as you are at the church, why not visit the gravestone of Saskia, the wife of painter Rembrandt? At a certain time of year, the light streams through the stained glass window, sunlight flooding the gravestone, giving a poignant radiance and atmospheric remembrance to the artist’s great love.  One of Amsterdam’s most romantic places.



A Romantic bike ride through Amsterdams Parks

Amsterdam is home to 1.2million bicycles and 863,000 people – meaning that every person that lives here owns more than one bike! Immerse yourself with your lover in the local culture by seeing the city by bicycle. With a variety of bicycle paths, it is easy to explore the city by bike but with so much two-wheel traffic it can get a bit dangerous! It is thus recommended to do a bicycle tour of Amsterdam, where you can learn about the city and see the best spots in the city easily. This Amsterdam tip also allows you to see some of the highlights that lie outside the centre – be sure to buy a picnic so you can stop and relax on the way as a couple.


bike ride through amsterdam a romantic place


If you decide to go on your own romantic place to cycle through in Amsterdam is Flevopark. An incredible park in the eastern part of the city, full of wild untamed nature and wildlife, a rarity in this part of the Netherlands. Explore the forested areas, listen to the birds and relax on the lush lawns next to water and even have a swim. This is a wonderful place to travel on a romantic bike ride together. Why not rent a bike and go there with your loved one? When you are there you can also visit this adorable and quaint brewery t’nieuwe diep and taste the delicious beer there or even enjoy a tour.

When exploring different places in Amsterdam by bicycle, be sure to avoid early morning rush hour and around 5 pm when the locals will be commuting home from work by bicycle. Be sure to check out our best cycling route in Amsterdam city. If you want to see the Dutch countryside, you take a ferry from the back exit of Centraal Station, you can find your way to one of the most romantic place to visit in Amsterdam North- Nieuwendammerdijk. Originally a medieval village, the sea was continuously flooding the residents’ homes. They decided to build one long street on the top of the dyke to keep their houses safe and dry and this street exists today. The buildings are in so many eclectic styles and colours, it is an extraordinary street, so scenic and unmistakably Dutch. On this street, there is one cafe, Cafe ‘t Sluisje overlooking a canal lock, which is manually opened. In the summer months, it is gorgeous to sit outside and watch the boats come and see the lock open. A slice of real Dutch culture in this romantic place in Amsterdam.

Besides this cute street there are windmills, rivers, lush, lavish fields of green grass and forests of elm trees.  If you want to hire a bicycle, check out Mac Bike. They might not be the cheapest but their bikes are of good quality and extremely reliable.

Secret cellar below a church in Amsterdam

I stumbled upon this amazingly romantic place recently. Deep beneath the Nieuwe Kerk, a church built over 600 years ago, where you mysteriously enter through a cookie shop and kitchen, down some stairs to the magical, tiny ‘the wine cellar’. Opened by an Argentinian man, whose passion and love for wine is flowing abundantly from him, you can enjoy a tour, buy wine and sample a delicious wine tasting there. One of those places to visit in Amsterdam that is both romantic and a secret hideaway from the busy city streets.



See Amsterdam from the Canals


small boat on the canal amsterdam romantic


Imagine seeing the city of Amsterdam from 1 metre below street level. See this place as you have never seen it before as the houses stretch skywards above you. Relax with a drink with your partner, as you tuck together in a cute little silent boat and enjoy into delicious Dutch cheeses and nuts – the perfect honeymoon experience in Amsterdam or the ideal place to propose!


Proposal in Amsterdam on the canals

A couple enjoying a boat trip in Amsterdam after there Proposal


The best time to do a boat tour of Amsterdam is early in the morning when the water is still and quiet or around sunset. Be sure to book a tour of at least 90 minutes if you really want to enjoy and appreciate the experience. Head underneath the seven bridges of the city, hear some romantic love stories of the city and discover the small canals – the perfect activity to do as a couple in Amsterdam! in my opinion, this is a must. We love to show you around or another boat tour company in Amsterdam. Simply makes sure to see Amsterdam from the Canals.



Creative & Sustainable Amsterdam  


a group in amsterdam romantic places ceuvel


In the northern area of Amsterdam is an area that used to be an old shipyard, De Ceuvel was originated and developed by architects and visionaries committed to sustainability. Building a raised ground made from houseboats from all over the Netherlands, this is an inspiring place, full of creative expression. It has a cafe, events of all kinds and in particular my friend who curates fantastic live performances on a houseboat. A perfect place to go to in Amsterdam, not often frequented by tourists and perfect for couples who are looking for things to do in Amsterdam that are creative, artistic and unique. Read here more about my what to do in Amsterdam at Night.



Island Paradise

A must visit place in Amsterdam for lovers looking for a romantic stroll in Amsterdam, that is a little off the beaten path. Close to Amsterdam’s central station, Prinseneiland is a little urban paradise. Connected to the main city by three narrow bridges, there you can make your way past 16th and 17th Century buildings, marvel at the colourful boats and the artist’s studios dotted around. You can even swim here, it is so quiet and relaxed! If you are looking for an authentic Amsterdam neighbourhood, with a hint of romance and intimacy, this is a wonderful place to discover.



Public transport in Amsterdam 


public transport amsterdam romantic places tram


he public transportation system in the Netherlands is very well organised. There are trains, trams, metros and busses. The public transport is easy to use and one top-up card allows you to use any form of transport to get to wherever you want, easily and quickly. Public transport also allows you to stay at a cheaper hotel outside of the city, but you can easily get into Amsterdam within 20-30 minutes. Exploring the city by tram is also a quintessential local experience in the Netherlands! this is a cheap and truly local fun local tip.

My favourite tramlines are  2, 4 and 14 all starting at the central train station. See all tramlines here.

Old Amsterdam Canalhouse Hidden History


hidden church romantic amsterdam places

picture by: Arjan Bronkhorst

For lovers of places full of romance and history, Museum Our Lord in the Attic delivers both. Originally built in the 1600s for Catholics who in that time were not allowed to worship. Built to be hidden, secretly in the attic of a german man’s home it has survived for 450 years. Picturesque and exquisitely preserved, it is now a museum. And to perpetuate the mystery, as you pass by the building on the busy city street you would never guess what a hidden gem exists there. Here, Amsterdam reveals her true poetic beauty, a must visit place for lovers.


Amsterdams Houses as they used to be


museum van loon Garden romantic places in amsterdam

museum van loon Garden a Romantic place in amsterdam

For art lovers, you may know about The Golden Age, the 16 and 17th-century Dutch art and architecture’s most beloved era. There are very few places where you can really experience what it would be like to live in the opulent luxurious homes that existed then in original condition. One such place in Amsterdam to discover is the Museum Van Loon, a house that will delight you in its beauty; grand staircases, breathtaking decoration and furniture,  enchanting gardens with a stable on the premises too. A must-see place for those couples who love to transport themselves to the romantic decor of another age.



Horse Ride of Your Life

Can you imagine that in the very centre of Amsterdam there is a riding school? One of the city’s best-kept secrets is just next to Vondelpark.  De Hollande Manege, a surprising discovery,  this activity while usually rural, so centrally located. A must-see place for horse lovers and those couples who would like to experience a romantic horse ride together in the heart of the city. Linger there, enjoy a cup of tea, shake off the tourist queues and live like Amsterdammers.




Take a Bike Taxi in Amsterdam

The ultimate romantic experience – be chauffeured around the city in a bike taxi! Explore the city with your partner as the driver provides some details of things you will see along the way. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey! A bike taxi can even be quicker (and of course cheaper) than a normal taxi as this small city is not easy to explore by car. See our recommended bicycle taxi tours here. Something unique in this romantic place named Amsterdam.

If you want to explore further afield to see windmills, cheese factories and clog farms, then hire a private car. Nedcar is our preferred supplier for private car rentals, they have great rates and offer a fantastic service. For tips and tricks and things to see and do, be sure to visit my blog Best Roadtrips from Amsterdam.



Natural Art in Mediamatic


romantic places in amsterdam mediamatic


Do you dream of visiting galleries where art, creativity, nature, food and biology are delightfully merged together into its own unique creation? Well, the curators of Mediamatic have done just this. Organically united in a special museum, you can discover how to make kimchi, eat together in the restaurant, look at ancient flower art or take a look in their herb garden together. And all of the other fantastic exhibitions and workshops on offer. A romantic place in Amsterdam for couples visiting.



I hope you have enjoyed this list of truly special, little known romantic places in Amsterdam. I have taken great care and pleasure in curating this list and hope you find value in it as it can be a challenge for couples discovering new ways of creating beautiful memories in new cities together. If you need any more help planning a romantic Amsterdam itinerary (or beyond), then don’t hesitate to contact me. It would be a pleasure to share the city I love with you and your significant other in of our romantic tours. I can also arrange private tours, so you can escape the crowds and spend less time planning. Which means more time for just the two of you.  For me, love is the most important driving force in this world, and in this city, it can be truly celebrated.


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