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Romantic Private Morning Luxury Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Private Tour for 2 people

Discover the silence of the canals in Amsterdam before the city awakens on this luxury private cruise.

Romantic Private Morning Luxury Canal Cruise Amsterdam


Whether you come for the first time or have been many times, everything in Amsterdam seems more magical when you discover it from the water and especially in the morning. Because of the silence you experience everything even more intensely and the city is the most peaceful. The peace and quiet in the morning, before the city awakens is truly magical.

You will see the perfect reflection in the water of the canal houses, the morning sounds of birds singing and the locals slowly awakening. Start the day with a unique experience.

While you are sailing on the silent, electric boat, it feels like you are the only ones on the canals. Snuggle up under warm blankets and float along the impressive 17th-century canal houses, under the famous Amsterdam bridges and see how life takes place on the houseboats.

As you listen to the sound of the lapping water, your captain will tell you heartwarming stories. Discover Amsterdam’s legends and love stories, fascinating details about the canals, and the unique architecture of this city. In between, enjoy specially selected music which completes the experience.

Sailing on the Amsterdam canals is a special way to experience Amsterdam. The picturesque bridges, historic canal houses, and unique buildings that you see from the water make it a must-do in this romantic city.


Highlights of the Luxury Canal Cruise Amsterdam

  • Experience the silence of the morning
    Amsterdam is quiet and peaceful in the morning before the city wakes up.
  • The Seven Bridges
    During this morning’s luxury cruise we sail under Seven Bridges, only visible from the water.
  • Narrower canals
    The small boat allows us to sail through the narrow canals where the big boats cannot come.
  • Stories about love
    Hear stories of love and romance linked to the historical highlights along the route.
  • Unique perspective
    Amsterdam is a completely different city from the canals. Experience it for yourself.
  • Skinny Bridge
    This iconic long wooden bridge is a must-see with a small love legend.
  • Smallest house
    The narrowest house in Amsterdam that is only 180 cm wide.
  • Floating houseboats
    See the authentic houseboats up close and discover how people live there

Private Luxury Canal Cruise Amsterdam Inclusions

  • Your private captain is also your romantic storyteller.
  • This private canal boat tour is completely private. Nobody else on board but you, your partner, and the captain.
  • Your journey is accompanied by a glass of hot thea, orange juice and water.
  • Dutch cookies, crackers, and delicious Dutch cheese are the perfect addition to your drink.
  • With a retractable roof and windows, our fully electric canal boat can be adjusted for any weather.
  • We offer cozy blankets and heated seats, so we can keep you warm and cozy as you snuggle up next to your partner.
  • The boat is equipped with electric heating for the winter months.


Expand your Private Luxury Canal Cruise Amsterdam with our additional options such as:
  • Bouquet of 11 red roses: €35,-
  • A big bottle of Prosecco: €19,-
  • 375ml Boucche Pere Et Fils – Cuvee Reservee brut: €35,-  (big bottle is also possible)
  • 375ml Veuve Cliquot Brut: €45,- (big bottle is also possible)
  • Polaroid picture: €4,-


Details of the Romantic Luxury Canal Cruise Amsterdam
  • Duration: 90 minutes.
    Language English, and or request Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese. Please inform us which language you prefer in advance.
  • Meeting point: Herengracht 124
  • Time slots:  Limited, click on the agenda for availability.
  • Price: Available in the online calendar.
  • Capacity: Fully private so a maximum of 2 people on the tour. The group can be extended to up to 10 people.