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Historical Walking Tour

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Journey through Amsterdam

Isn’t it wonderful to discover a new city together? Finding the special spots and getting to know the local people, their history and unique culture? We will take you on a personal journey through the famous streets of Amsterdam. Telling you the little stories behind the big events of the past, that make Amsterdam such a special city today.

Houses behind trees on Canal in Amsterdam

Charming Bridges

Imagine walking over the charming bridges along the canals, passing by old churches and vibrant squares, entering narrow passages that lead to hidden courtyards. And while you slowly get lost in the beauty of the city, your guide shares many funny and touching stories.

Historic houses on canal corner in Amsterdam

The beginning of Amsterdam

Learn how Amsterdam in the 17th century grew from a small fishermen’s village, into the most important trading city in world. A place where artists made their masterworks, philosophers were free to speak their truth and foreigners were welcomed with open arms. A city where freedom and harmony has always been of great value.

Bikes on bridge over canal in Amsterdam

Embraced by Amsterdam

Find answers to all your questions, about the Dutch love for bikes and the World famous Red Light District. Discover a secret side of Amsterdam, where people have been falling in love over the ages.

We promise, after 3 hours you’ll feel embraced by the city, almost like you became part of if.


  • 800 years of history and culture
  • Explore hidden courtyards, the tucked away treasures of Amsterdam
  • Find the oldest church and a secret church of Amsterdam
  • Learn how the Dutch developed a love affair with the tulip
  • See the house of Rembrandt, the greatest Artist of the Golden Age
  • Hear the tragic story of Anne Frank and her passion for life and love
  • Taste some local Dutch cheese from our favorite shop
  • See the Red Light District from a local perspective
  • How Marihuana is legal and illegal at the same time

The Grasshopper Grand Cafe Damrak Amsterdam

Your Historical walking tours includes:

  • An expert Local guide
  • A tasting of some dutch cheese

Quick Details

Absolutely wonderful

“Rocco was absolutely wonderful and very accommodating! Look no where else and be sure to also book his romantic canal tour!“

– Brian Lenihan
Very informative

“Rocco was professional, on-time and very informative. He was everything that we wanted and needed in a tour guide.“

– Tim Rodgers
Great Tour!

“Great Tour! Rocco was a great guide and we really enjoyed the walking tour. Highly recommended. Also, before the tour Rocco was very responsive, he arrived promptly, and was courteous and professional.”

– Rebecca Foote