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8 Romantic things to do on Valentines Day in Amsterdam

Valentine's day in Amsterdam bloemgracht when it snows


What to do in the romantic city of Amsterdam this February 14, Valentines Day? My name is Rocco Vermijs, a seasoned tour guide and a local who makes his living from knowing the atmospheric streets inside out. I am also the founder of Romantic Tour Amsterdam.

Here are my favourite 8 things to do for Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam. 

1. Explore Vondelpark as a couple

One of the most beautiful parks in Amsterdam is Vondelpark, also known as ‘the Central Park of Amsterdam’. The variety of trees, ponds and birds is incredible. We even have our own lovebird: a ring-necked parakeet that, according to some stories, escaped from a cage and somehow survives the Amsterdam winters. Explore the park and try to spot the Dutch lovebird!

Romantic Park in Amsterdam great during Valentines in Amsterdam

Vondelpark can be a perfect romantic place for your Valentine’s Day


2. Walk by the canals together while the sun is setting

Go for a stroll with your loved one by the canals. The city centre and the canal belt were built in the 16th and 17th century. The houses are absolutely wonderful, and the setting is so scenic that you feel like you are walking in an open-air museum. If you go out for a walk at night, be sure to pay attention to the romantic street lights that keep the city illuminated, they emphasize Amsterdam’s unique atmosphere.


Romantic Amsterdam have a walk on valentines nay in Amsterdam

Holding hands with your love on the canals of Amsterdam is a pure magic experience. Photographer: Miroslav Petrasko


3. Visit the Amsterdam Waag, ‘weigh house’ in Dutch

Originally built in 1488, this characteristic building in Nieuwmarkt used to be a city gate and later a weigh house for traders that brought their products to Amsterdam. These days it houses the restaurant-café “In de Waag”. The inside has a beautiful (still party medieval) interior and a great atmosphere. The restaurant is lit entirely by candlelight. This could also be a lovely place to have Valentine’s Dinner. If you are looking for more tips for Romantic Restaurants go here.


Romantinc De Waag for Valentines Day

De Waag Amsterdam Romantic Restaurant for Valentines Day in Amsterdam


4. Watch a film in the most romantic cinema

Cinema Pathé Tuschinski was built in 1921, and its exterior and interior are a spectacular mix of styles: Amsterdam School, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. It is one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a double “Love seat” on the balcony or a “Private box”, where you can even order champagne! Visit Tuschinski for more information. When you book here make sure you book for the old theatre Cinema.


Valentine's day at cinema in Amsterdam

Cinema Tuschinki can be a perfectly unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam


5. Cross the Magere Brug (“Skinny Bridge”)

The  Skinny bridge over the river Amstel is the most famous in Amsterdam. Located just next to theatre Carré. It is said that those who kiss on the bridge will stay together forever. I cannot guarantee that of course, but I do guarantee that the bridge is breathtakingly romantic at night! This could be a great spot for a Romantic Proposal on Valentine’s day. It is one of the two most popular spots where people ask there loves to marry on our Romantic Marriage Proposal Tour. Read more here about some incredible spots to propose.

The skinny bridge in winter with frozen canals in Amsterdam

Kissing your love under the skinny bridge in Amsterdam is a must-to-do on Valentine’s Day


6. Go on a Romantic canal cruise on Valentine’s Day


Canal cruise with drinks in Amsterdam

Make this Valentines day special with a canal tour on the waters of Amsterdam


Amsterdam is often referred to as “the Venice of the North”, so it’s imperative to take a canal cruise during your stay in the city! A very romantic time of the day to go on a cruise is at sunset when you get low, warm sunlight shining on the 17th-century houses. Another truly magical moment is at night when all the little lights are reflecting on the water.   

Romantic Tour Amsterdam is offering a special Romantic Canal Tour on February 11, 12 13, 14 and 15.


7. Have a drink in Café de Sluyswacht

Amsterdam has many funny looking leaning houses, but one of these stands out from the others, and that is the historical “Sluyswacht” (lock keepers house). Just a few weeks ago, I was enjoying a drink here with some travellers, while indulging in this café’s unique atmosphere. This is especially palpable on the first floor! It is a warm and distinctive place with stunning views over the canals. 


view of Cafe Sluyswacht next to a canal romantic cafe to visit in Amsterdam

Explore the Dutch Authenticity on Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam


8. Take a photo in the Canaldistrict.

The Canal District. One of those places that are not to be missed! The best pictures of Amsterdam are taken here, near of the bridge. You can find it in the heart of the picturesque and charming Canal district. A photoshoot on Valentine’s day here I highly recommend. One of my favorite photoshoots is with Mirte Groos. Check out her amazing romantic pictures here. if you like to book with us a photoshoot contact us now.

a person walking across a bridge over water


9. See a special spot from the movie “The fault in our stars” 

Just to give you two more! “The fault in our stars” is a touching movie about two teenagers that fall in love while they’re both fighting cancer. A big part was filmed in Amsterdam. The young couple shares a very special moment on a bench located near the intersection of two beautiful Amsterdam canals, the Herengracht and Leidsegracht. If you’re a fan of the film, sitting on this bench will for sure to give you goosebumps! On our Romantic Waters boot tour, we will pass by this bench.


famous bench of fault in our stars filmed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The famous bench from the Fault in Our Stars (the left one)

10: Rijksmuseum

In the Rijksmuseum (definitely a museum you must visit when coming to Amsterdam) are some special artworks around Love and Romance. They have a special online selection of artworks related to love which you can check out here they also have some special stories for Valentine’s.

They offer many different ways on how to discover the museum from the comfort of your home. Have for example an online tour through the museum.

If you’d like to discover more romantic stories, join us on the Romantic Canal Tour during the day time or during night time when it is extra romantic. On February 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15  and fall in love with Amsterdam! For more information and to reserve your spot. 

Hope these tips will help you create a magical Valentine together in Amsterdam and that the love will flourish between you together.

If you want some tips on what to do with your lover during the corona pandemic go here for my blog. Things to do during covid 19.

With love,