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A Weekend in Amsterdam for Couples

love in Amsterdam a couple almost kissing eachother

Amsterdam is the perfect destination for couples looking to spend a weekend in Amsterdam together. An incomparable city in its architecture and canals, visionary in its culture, restaurants and hotels, Amsterdam is ideal for a romantic weekend. Beguiling lovers with its relaxed romantic atmosphere, it is my passion to share this at Romantic Tour Amsterdam. To that effect, I have prepared for you a short journey through the highlights to assist you in designing a perfect weekend. 


Where to stay For a Weekend in Amsterdam 


Before I take you out into the city and its charming streets and canals, you will need to find yourselves a great hotel. The variety and the sheer number of options available are plentiful from five-star luxury hotels to B & B’s to canal houseboats to even stay in a converted windmill! My advice is when you have chosen your favourite hotel for your romantic weekend in Amsterdam, do book in advance as Amsterdam is a city bustling with life and tourists. 


A very special room for your romantic weekend in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is celebrated for its extraordinary canals, brimming over with romance and a delight to discover, so why not choose to stay upon or next to the water for your romantic lover’s nest? One superb choice is the magical Sweets hotels, a collection of 28 historic “bridge houses” that have been created into hotel suites. Originally they existed as the places of the Amsterdam’s bridge keepers, they have been re-designed, each one a unique and exquisite hotel experience. 


What is more romantic than to curl up with your loved one, drifting off to sleep to the sounds of water rippling against the boat? With 1200 bridges and 165 canals there is a cornucopia of houseboats that offer an enchanting way to stay on a Weekend in Amsterdam. Check out Airbnb for all of the options. 


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Romantic Dinner For Two


Amsterdam is a truly international city, offering mouthwatering food and heavenly restaurants from cuisines from all over the world that are perfect for a romantic dinner during your weekend here. I’d like to offer you two tips especially for you who are seeking to immerse yourselves in local Dutch culture. 


canal house with restaurant in side. Having a romantic dinner is a something you must do on your weekend in Amsterdam

picture by: red charlie


A famous Dutch speciality is Stamppot, a simple but delicious meal of mashed potato and vegetables and if you like accompanied by meatballs or sausage. This is served at a very lovely and quaint restaurant Sonneveld, unmistakably Dutch and very yummy. Say hello from me (my name is Rocco)  if you pass by that way. 


Another cuisine synonymous with The Netherlands is Indonesian food. Originally a Dutch colony, Indonesian settlers here in Amsterdam have imported their subtly spiced distinctive food and it has become a huge part of Dutch food culture. Why not experience this with a rice table, a delectable series of dishes with rice ( a little like an Indian thali). Amsterdam at its multicultural best and beautiful way to spend a romantic evening in the city. 


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Gently down the canals of Amsterdam 


Romantic canal tour in Amsterdam on your weekend in Amsterdam


Exploring this most romantic of cities is quite an experience, on the canals, by foot, on a bike, taxi or public transport, the choices are unlimited for couples looking to explore the city and all its treasures. If you’d like to know more about that here is another blog I’ve created, Best Ways to Explore Amsterdam. For now, however here are a couple of highlights for couples enjoying a weekend together in Amsterdam.


How about lingering over bridges, hand in hand taking a stroll with your loved one on a summer’s evening? Or on a winter’s afternoon walking, wrapped up close, moving through the city streets appreciating the sights and sounds discovering Amsterdam at its most intimate. 


couple after they just got engaged on there omantic weekend in amstedam


Or why not this? You are snuggling with your beloved in a beautiful little boat, water lapping over the sides producing a gentle soundscape along with the sounds of the birds when you realise the busy streets seem miles away. You open your eyes and the picturesque  17th-century buildings are your landscape for what must be Amsterdam’s ultimate romantic evening. At Romantic Tour Amsterdam, I offer both group and private romantic tours and also our hugely popular marriage proposal tours. I offer these to guide you on a gentle adventure that includes love stories, bubbles and h’or d’oeuvres that add a little magic t0 a weekend in Amsterdam. Click here to know more.


Visit a Park in Amsterdam on a weekend in Amsterdam


an empty A tree in blossom in a park in Amsterdam

For couples who are visiting Amsterdam in the summertime and would like to shake off the city and immerse themselves in nature for a while, we have some amazing parks.  You could visit the Westerpark and I’ve made a video of the park here for you to enjoy and imagine yourselves there. Also, the Vondelpark is an ideal place for lovers, right in the centre of the city, why not take a picnic, soak up the sun, a romantic kiss or two in the lush grass and enjoy the local’s life on your romantic weekend in Amsterdam. 


A Weekend in Amsterdam has to include a photoshoot 


Couple kissing in Amsterdam on there romantic weekend

picture by: Celia Almaraz


watch here a video of a great area to go for a photoshoot

What finer way to celebrate your romantic weekend in Amsterdam than a romantic photoshoot by a professional photographer? I recommend either of these two gifted photographers; Florencia Jadia and Celia from The Light Box. They both specialize in romantic portrait couple photography. Their art not only expresses the love of the couple in the pictures but includes the sights and beauty of Amsterdam as a backdrop to the gorgeous pictorial memories. A must for a weekend in Amsterdam. 


a couple happily in love after the proposal on a canal boat in amsterdam


A Day Trip from Amsterdam into the Country


taking a day trip from Amsterdam could be a great things to do on your weekend in Amsterdam


Undoubtedly, Amsterdam is a perfect romantic getaway destination with everything you need for a romantic weekend in Amsterdam, appreciating every facet of this remarkable city. 

But, if you have the time, why not take a day or afternoon out of the city? You don’t need to travel far to journey through fields alive with lush green grass and flowers, visit historic and picturesque windmills, visit some cows and discover some local world-renowned Dutch cheese. You could even take a trip to an island or what once was an island connected to the mainland via one solitary road with the traditional wooden houses lined there. In so much abundance and beauty, your romantic weekend would not be complete without a trip to the Dutch countryside. Read all about my day trips from Amsterdam.


Thank You from Amsterdam


I hope you enjoyed my highlights of a romantic weekend in Amsterdam for couples. It was a pleasure to compile, research these tips and offer my experience of Amsterdam to you. I invite you to take a look at the tours I offer both in the city and countryside, as it is my passion and speciality to share with couples unique, gentle and romantic expressions of this fair city. I wish you a wonderful visit and if I can help you with your romantic itinerary, please let me know by contacting me here.


With Love