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Romantic Boat Tour Amsterdam

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Romantic Boat Tour Amsterdam

Looking for a more personal way to visit Amsterdam? Do you want something more than a standard group tour? Then our Romantic small group boat tour is perfect for you and your partner.


Discover the magic and romance of Amsterdam’s iconic canal district on an intimate small boat tour. (max. 8 people)


Imagine being on a small boat in Amsterdam. You are sitting on a small boat with just a few other couples next to you your special someone. Waves are flowing against the sides of the boat. The sound of their ripples echoes as we sail below the arches of Amsterdam’s breathtaking bridges and bask in the magnificence of its well-preserved 17th-century canal houses. The romance of the gorgeous canal district is unveiled before your eyes. You feel connected to all the couples who have lived their love in one of Europe’s most romantic city.

For the heart to open, silence is ideal. To ensure this we sail through the small, hidden canals on our silent solar-powered boat. This small boat tour will show you the most famous canals and also include the less-traveled, but certainly more intimate and charming corners of the city Amsterdam.

This small group tour in Amsterdam’s beautiful historic centre is a fantastic choice for a special occasion such as an anniversary, honeymoon or celebration and makes for a truly unforgettable experience of Amsterdam!

A unique blend of love stories carefully researched and compiled by your guide is the backbone of this one-of-a-kind experience. This is the original Romantic boat tour. The full 90-minute duration allows for just the right time for you to sink deep into the romantic atmosphere of Amsterdam and makes it possible to visit locations such as the oldest defense tower, all Seven Bridges of Love and the old harbor. We highly recommend booking this original experience as it is undoubtedly the one our guests enjoy the most!


Highlights of the Romantic Small Boat Tour Amsterdam

  • Romantic Stories
    Experience all stories of the Romantic tour, including the hidden message of love in Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Night Watch.
  • The Seven Bridges of Love
    Get a breathtaking view of all Seven Bridges of Love and find out what happens when you sail under all of them.
  • Skinny Bridge
    Experience the glory of the river Amstel and sail under this historic wooden bridge with a romantic story.
  • Monet’s Bridge of Love
    See the best view of the Bridge of Love captured by Claude Monet in one of his most famous paintings.
  • Hidden Canals
    Experience the quieter hidden canals, including a spot from a famous movie.
  • Floating Houseboats
    kearn what it’s like to live on the water on a traditional houseboat.
  • Oldest Defense Tower and Historic Harbour
    Learn the bitter-sweet love story of the last remaining defense tower of Amsterdam’s historic center and get an open view of where the old harbor once was.


Inclusions on the Small Boat Tour Amsterdam

  • The tour is led by a passionate romantic storyteller who is also your captain.
  • This small boat tour is group tour with maximum 8 guests.
  • Your journey is accompanied by a small bottle of prosecco.
  • Enjoy a carefully selected platter of Dutch cheese, Dutch cookies and crackers which satisfy your tastebuds.
  • A silent small electric boat: with a foldable roof and windows. In spring/summer and nice weather, the boat is open. In autumn/winter or bad weather, the boat can be fully covered and includes heated seats for guaranteed comfort.
  • Blankets and heated seats so you can snuggle with your partner. And heated seats, so we can keep you warm and comfortable at any time.


Details of the Small Boat Tour Amsterdam

  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • Language: English
  • Meeting point: Herengracht 124.
  • Time slots: Flexible. All up-to-date availabilities are on the online calendar.
  • Price: Please consult the online calendar.
  • Capacity: Max 8 guests or 4 couples.  I fyou like a more private experience contact us below for options.


Additional info

  • You will share this romantic canal tour Amsterdam with other guests, we have space for 8 guests or 4 couples. Expect to be sitting close together. We choose this to offer a personal and intimate experience that allow us to really merge with Amsterdam and it’s canals.
  • Everyone above 14 years is welcome to join the tour.


Private Canal Tour Amsterdam 

Do you want to propose to your loved one? Or are you looking for a more private tour: this Canal tour is also available as a private tour: contact us for possibilities.



Great Experience

“Such a great experience! Rocco is super nice and the trip is very romantic“

– TripAdvisor

“What a delightful, special and relaxing way to start off our trip.“

– TripAdvisor

“This was a terrific experience and probably our favorite of our entire honeymoon.”

– TripAdvisor

“I cannot recommend this enough. It’s perfect for couples. We did the night tour and it was fantastic.”

– TripAdvisor
Loved this

“I loved this small boat tour of the canals of Amsterdam. It was able to go down canals that the larger boats cannot travel.”

– TripAdvisor

“A lovely cruise with a charming host. The food and drinks were very good.”

– TripAdvisor